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    OPEN after a ridiculously long break.
    Welcome to my little corner of the forum.
    Don't be afraid to send a message my way. There's a lot of people looking but saying nothing.

    My main thing seems to be dystopian and apocalyptic settings. Generally fucked up, macabre settings and plots. I have a preference for playing male characters though sometimes it'll vary to spice things up. For my partners I don't really care what you play as far as gender goes but please no over-powered magical beings. I don't want to make a hard-line rule of no magic, because it can be used well but if your character's abilities/race isn't remotely important to the plot or your character's personality then I'll probably say no. I'll also probably not do much slice of life unless your character is interesting or I get to use my character who's a really shitty person. I like to have a conversation for a bit before launching into roleplay or even starting to discuss it so that we have some mild understanding of each other and hopefully feel more comfortable.

    I'm going to do an about me paragraph or two, even though it feels really narcissistic to do. I'm a 19 year-old full-time uni student with at least 30% of a full social life so I'm fairly busy a lot of the time. I'm also from Australia (+8:00 GMT) so I'm in an awkward time zone for a lot of Americans. If I had a catchphrase it'd probably be "Life's a scream." or just screaming. My favourite pastimes include reading, Netflix, being not sober, trying new things, being dead on the inside, petting dogs (especially my dog and fluffy dogs), being constantly tormented by other people's ability to experience happiness, making spaghetti while drunk at parties, crying, and listening to some rad tunes. Sometimes at the same time. Fun fact: Human babies scare me more than spiders and my inevitable death.

    Everything under this point isn't new, but is still probably relevant.
    I don't want to read it because I hate everything I've ever written.


    1. I obviously expect you to actually read these.
    2. Use proper grammar. This is kind of a no-brainer. I will not respond if you don't at least use proper capitalisation and punctuation. I understand the occasional slip up, none of us are perfect. Just please at least try.
    3. I expect you to have decent comprehension skills. If your post contradicts something major in my post it seems like you're not even paying attention.
    4. Each post should be at least a decently sized paragraph, preferably more. If it's a conversation heavy post then a lot less is understandable. I don't want either of us to feel pressured to force unnatural actions in if our characters are just talking.
    5. Don't be pretentious. It's really noticeable if you try too hard with your post. Forcing long words in, using metaphors for everything. It doesn't improve the post, it just makes it harder to read and understand.
    6. I will not roleplay anything overly sexual. As soon as it becomes 'intimate' I would rather fade to black. If it suits our characters to sleep together that's fine, but I'm not going to roleplay it.

    7. Please understand I can't be active. I have other commitments and suffer often from writer's block. I want to give you a decent reply so I'm not going to rush it and give you a piece of shit. If you prefer speed over quality tell me because I will oblige, but I'd rather take my own time to give you something decent.
    8. I play side-characters and expect you to as well when it's relevant.


    Instead of specific plots I have a few settings which I hope interest you. They better, after I spent all this time typing them out all nicely. If one interests you feel free to message me and I'll send you some of the more specific plot ideas I have for it.

    Dystopian Future

    The year is 21XX, probably. I don't like getting specific when it comes to the future. Just like all those damn books foreshadowed, the government now has too much control. Most standard citizens experience a moderately comfortable life with a six day work week Curfews are strict and there's little time for social interaction. Eugenics is heavily employed and romantic interests are often disregarded. There's is very little outwards unrest from the people due to a mixture of propaganda pasted everywhere and the fact that all who step out of line even slightly are incarcerated.

    What kind of dystopian future would this be without brain washing and "reeducation"? A piss poor one, clearly. The government doesn't waste its resources on just anyone, it focuses on the particularly disobedient scum who dare oppose their glorious regiment. The average citizen simply gets scared straight, but the rebels face a fate far worse than death. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration but being forced to join those you'd been fighting so hard against probably isn't that fun, especially if they're extra sadistic and force you to hunt down your ex-friends. Fortunately the process of reeducation tends to wipe most memory so at least you won't remember who they were to you.

    Fantasy Apocalypse

    The world and her all her nations had been thriving just days before but now the earth has been torn asunder. Many are dead and more are dying as natural disasters are occurring on an unheard of scale. The ocean has become a writhing mass sure to swallow up any who dare set sail. The very ground beneath the citizen's feet is tearing itself apart, opening rifts so large whole towns have been swallowed up. There are even rumours of beasts coming forth to wipe out those who've survived so far.

    Most fear the gods have now forsaken us and that this is the end of days. Many are trying to head for the temples in hopes of appeasing the gods. Those who're brave enough are making the long trek north to where the gods are said to reside, though the path there is especially treacherous now that the world is decaying. Is this truly humanity's end or will a band of brave souls make it? Can the gods even be convinced to spare us?


    Technology and science have stagnated for so long that humanity has forgotten what true innovation is. Morality has degraded and so have the classes. The lower class now lives in true poverty, crime is the only practical way of surviving without risking life or limb in the factories. Cannibalism and culling the weak are expected practices. The rich are cold-hearted and prefer to live on in their bubble of luxury where all that matters is status. The most popular way to show of one's money is by getting the latest surgery, fashion having now evolved past mere clothing. There's now a layer of leech like surgeons living off the upper class, always trying viciously to come up with the next "fashion statement", even going so far as to trial their projects on whoever they can drag off the street.


    This one is considerably less serious. I was literally joking when I made it up but I thought it'd be fun to try so here it is. Basically, a world-wide apocalypse caused by either an accidental release of some chemical warfare weapon or perhaps it comes from the Earth. Who knows? It really doesn't matter, what matters is what it does. Everyone who's not on any substances? Dead. The substance could be just about any drug from prescriptions to alcohol to crack, as long as it's a high enough dosage they survive it leaving the world with a bunch of mostly poorly adjusted individuals desperately trying to get another fix or to just have some fun. Maybe they'd form clans based on their preferred drug. Potheads are a peaceful, chilled out group eating way too much of the food supply. Those on pingers are free to party where they please. Severe crack addicts are like the zombies of this apocalypse.

    I have other ideas which I'll add here later. I'm also completely open to creating something new or going along with something else someone's made.
    Why're these damn things going to the left?


    Asher / Depressing Druggo Man
    (This is actually fairly short and simple considering the rest of my characters. They were made for a specific roleplay and it's a bit hard to write about someone who mostly pretends to have a personality.)
    Name: Asher Merlot
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Orientation: Would fall for a hat if it complimented him but then run away from it.

    Asher as expressive deep blue eyes like the sky just after the sun has set, though considering how often he’s high that’s all they really convey. When he’s sober they mostly say “I wish I were dead.” He’s quite pale, especially considering he tends to be out mostly at night and then sleeps through the day. He has a faded smattering of faded freckles across his nose, cheeks, shoulders and arms with a few random outliers elsewhere.

    His hair is dark brain with cherub-like curls long enough he can brush it behind his ears but not so long it quite touches his shoulders. It’s also more often than not an absolute mess. His face is on the androgynous leaning side of masculinity, sitting somewhat in the middle of a well-defined and angular structure, and a softer round structure making it somewhat mundane. It has a hint of too-thin hollowness to it and the shadows under his eyes are almost constant. He’s an average sort of pretty. Not someone that’d be considered ugly but not someone that’d be considered stunning. The second choice when the first more attractive choice doesn’t work out.

    He stands at 5’11” but due to his quite thin build and light weight it can make him seem taller. He doesn’t lead the most healthy life but the shitty dancing seems to help balance out the awful diet, leaving him slightly underweight. As far as muscle definition is concerned he has very little outside of the natural low-effort effects of testosterone.

    Under the constantly shifting mask Asher keeps up is still a sensitive child that was constantly the outcast. The one that couldn’t make a connection and so tried desperately changing to fit in only to feel even more distant. He fills the space he feels between him and others with whatever substances he can get his hands on, though he tries to avoid psychedelics. They don’t tend to be very forgiving to him.

    Outwardly he doesn’t have a distinct personality, being something of a mirror, reflecting people’s mannerisms back at them hoping they’ll like him for it. He does have an almost default setting which is fake it ‘til you make style confidence. It’s basically overcompensation incarnate. He’ll pretend he’s comfortable in whatever situation is thrown at him but internally he’s probably screaming and confused. Years of practice have certainly paid off, though. He’s typically quite sociable but pulls back very quickly if someone actually expresses any interest in him back. He’s very careful about keeping people at a distance where he won’t fall apart around them because after that point he becomes a nervous mess of mixed signals; torn between a desire to be close but a deathly fear of it.

    Asher was always fragile as a child and seemed unable to develop any emotional protection. He’d cry often as a child over the littlest things, but he’s also smile bright over nothing. It was like he experienced the world in a more sensitive way. Not just in the way adults all believe children see the world, but furthermore to the point it seemed to hurt him. Unfortunately, the world isn’t designed for such people and children are cruel. He was the odd one during primary school. The one people didn’t want to play with. The one they’d come up with elaborate plans just to avoid him.

    As he grew up he formed a shell around himself, a weak attempt to stop himself from hurting by pretending outwardly it wasn’t happening. Burying within himself his own emotions to the point he wasn’t always sure what he was feeling. What was right to feel? How was it right to act? He couldn’t trust the way he was naturally so tried on masks. Something all teenagers do but none fit. He didn’t feel like anyone. At least faking it meant he was able to have relationships. Friends, lovers, but none felt close. Sometimes he’d manage to open up but then he’s just hate himself, regret it, try to take it back, try to distance himself, punish himself in a downward spiral. He still felt just as much with now the added pain of trying to bury it and feeling ashamed of it.

    It was somewhat inevitable he’d discover the grand world of illicit substances. At quite a young age, too. Alcohol was his first love made official at the age of 13 by his first binge, though there was a long history of milder use before that when he could sneak small bits of his father’s liquor away. Through his teenage years it naturally developed as did he. From weed upwards eventually finding his place in stimulants, anything from simple prescription drugs to speed. By the time he was 18 he’d practically decided he was going to throw his life away. He didn’t have aspirations for school and hardly went. He didn’t feel worthy of love, not even his father’s which lead him to moving out and cutting off almost all contact. He assumed he’d die within the next few years from either an accidental or intentional overdose, but for now he’s have fun.

    These days he intentionally surrounds himself with toxic people, thinking they’re all he deserves. Most of the time he’ll be spending it out partying at houses, clubs, raves, anywhere he can get to. Otherwise he’ll be high at a friends’ or passed out in an alleyway or underpass. He makes his money from helping friends deal but most of that goes right back into supporting his habits. Food can be stolen, drugs cannot.

    Other characters include:
    Magical hobo that travels from universe to universe to outrun his problems.
    Your casual, everyday necromancer whose skeleton dog has to tell not to try selling his soul to Satan for ice cream.
    A vindictive cannibal who keeps accidentally relapsing. "Oh, whoopsies, how did this human flesh get in my mouth? Silly me."

    Okay there's literally a character sheet in my folder that just has "fuckface" as the name, but he's like some fantasy guard or something?
    A fuck boy, but a really detailed fuck boy. His sheet is like 9 pages long, what the fuck?
    A victim of brainwashing that unsurprisingly gets a lot of cliche headaches.
    The meta-character that likes worldbuilding
    Apparently I made a slime character literally because the thought of someone being solid one moment and then melting into a puddle of emotions seemed hilarious.
    A merman that'll probably eat your pet cat or dog
    A spooky ghost

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