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  1. Hi guys. Really, this is both an interest check and a gm search, as I dont think I could run a roleplay like this, but have a lot of the ideas plotted for it. Anyway, without any further adeu, here is the basic consept. Still a little unrefined, but open to suggestions.

    In their efforts to eliminate wars amongst world superpowers, the United Nations met to put together a team of American and Japanese scientists, they working together to build newer, better security systems for homeland defense. The work was costly, however, and ended with the project being scrapped only a year in, leaving all of the contributing nations weak in monetary value, and in a vulnerable state. They all turned to reinforcing their defenses and revitalising their own economy, at times searching for natural resources to sell to other countries. Some, however, turned to conquest. Secret cells of trained operatives were planted inside of the societies of the major superpowers of the known world, undetected and free to sleep with a new identity till the time was right. They dawned disguises in the finest of forms when they would be sent their anonymous missions, finish their job, get paid, and go back to normal life. Many of them even had families who had no clue as to what was going on. That all changed when one got caught. There had been a series of assassinations, people dying in the middle of the night with very little evidence left to attest to how they died or to whos hands it was. This caught the attention of a man named Tsunara Farland, a teenage kid who had graduated school three years early and ended out with nothing but a life of boredom, leading him to the internet, and eventually, hacking. He took what little information there was and linked the victims together with the most obscure of connections, that being that they had all at one time or another been designers and technicians for the most well known surveillance companies. According to the order of people, he was able to predict the next death. The police didnt believe him at first, that being their downfall, but they went anyway, arriving only a minute too late to prevent the death of the next technician, but they did arrive soon enough to apprehend and execute the perpetrator. Now seeing the value in those that were once seen as criminals, a select few, the best of the best in the hacking community, were called out to by Tsunara under the guidance of the chief of police for his small town. They responded, reluctantly, and were enlisted to become 'heroes' in an unseen war, the secret initiative being called LifeHack.exe. Not even the government knew about the new assembly at this point, but with the assembly, crime and death rates lowered, and general economy was boosted as a result. The players can be government investigators, hackers that will be recruited, civilians, or sleepers. The time line starts within the vicinity of a week before the invite is sent out.
    credit to LifeHack by tomska

    Tell me what you guys think!!
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  2. I think it seems like a cool concept. I'm not absolutely certain about jumping in on it until I settle into another large rp that is just getting off the ground, but I'm in college for computer science; it's right up my alley, almost. I'm not quite in cyber defense, but I have a general idea of what's what.
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  3. 5:50 in the morning. I'll try to offer more constructive criticism when I get some rest.
  4. Thank you. And might I say, such truthful doctrine in your signature xD
  5. Ah, yes, that. Something my friend Calvin always says. "Pics or she's probably got a dick" is another. I'm thinking about swiping a line from someone else's note, though. "Shadows we hate and shadows we need, to hide out lust and hide our greed." Anyhow, off to sleep. Talk to you in the afternoon. Night.
  6. Interesting concept. Interested in rping, but I can't be full time gm. Possibly co gm though.
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  7. That's great! Thanks for showing the interest! Tell anyone else you meet about it too please!
  8. Hmmmm I guess I'll keep my eye on this one. Sounds like you have an interesting concept.
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  9. I'd love to join something like this
  10. : D
    Its great to see this thread alive (kinda) again! Thanks for the interest!
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