Life Under Size (Sign up, OC, and plot discussion)

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  1. Plot: The plot is primarily open and interchangeable. But It goes something like this; Camp Little lake is a Youth camp for Teens and kids ages 5-18. You are either a newcomer or a common-goer to the camp this summer. Unlike last years something strange happens and the Teens and children who go to the camp Suddenly shrink where 2 inches tall is about the tallest height. Though Something strange throws everyone off guard in the process, though you shrunk, your clothes did not.
    You are now a naked and clueless adolescent between the sizes of half an inch to 2 inches spread across the forest grounds of Camp Little Lake.
    The Ultimate Goal is survival, But other goals can be made by individuals/groups as well. But The question is can children and hormonally imbalanced teenagers survive their summer camps forest grounds at 2 inches tall.
    But on top of being abnormally small all of a sudden you, the campers, find strange abilities which you will later learn to classify. (plot here will be discussed before actually performing it in role play.)

    This is not meant to be a pornographic role-play, however character romances and light, and I mean light, Romantic intimacy is allowed. And don't romanticize characters under 8, or you will be kicked from this roleplay. we don't need pedophilia in here.

    Wait at least 2 minutes between a post so that everyone has a chance to catch up before continuing.

    Character creation:
    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Sex (Gender):
    • Newcomer or On-goer (This will require plot discussion for camp related back stories.)
    • Class (Read below)
    • Appearance
    • Clothes (This will be developed after the intro whether or not your character chooses to make clothes out of surrounding materials)
    • Personality
    • Starting location:
    You, The campers, define classes based on insects due to the relatively new size you are at as an Ironic semblance. Choose one!
    • Ant
      • Ants are pretty much super strong, they can carry twice their weight with ease.
    • Spider
      • Spiders are similar to ants, but their strength is all in their legs, they can jump higher and further than anyone else and have a higher sensitivity to vibrations in your surrounding areas.
    • Butterfly
      • Butterflies are unique and hard to explain. You, the campers, don't know how it works but Butterflies can heal small wounds with a magic-like aura surrounding your hands.
    • Mantis
      • The Mantis is fast, and they somehow know their enemies weaknesses, they can quickly find and utilize their surroundings to make useful tools for their situation for nearly any scenario.
    • Ladybug
      • Ladybugs have a strange ability, they can communicate with some insects, not all, and gather information, or just have a nice chat. However creepy it may be.
    Class does not define a leading role.

    Starting locations:
    1. Old Oak tree
      1. The old oak tree is a large tree in the middle of camp, it has holes all along it and it is nearly dead but it is a common place for the campers to hang out at to relax in the shade.
    2. The Outhouse
      1. The outhouse is literally what it sounds like. the restrooms of the camp is another common place for campers to be due to business they may need to take care of.
    3. The Co-eds
      1. The Co-eds are the camps cabins, campers had the choice before summer started to sign up for a co-ed cabin, or a gender separated cabin. The co-ed cabins have 2 changing rooms separated by green shower curtains, without showers. These cabins were ideal for curious teenagers who wanted to learn a bit more about the other gender, however a camp counselor was assigned to overlook the cabin at all times to prevent inappropriate behavior amongst the mixed genders. this was to prevent uncomfortable occurrences, and romances as privacy here is minimal and up to the campers. Rules were placed that disallow campers to be without underwear initially in the cabin.
        1. Though the cabins are called co-eds not all of them are co-ed, and parents ultimately decided whether or not their child could participate in the co-ed cabins.
        2. Cabins 1 and 2 are Co-ed. 3-7 are segregated
        3. Cabin 3 is technically co-ed but is for the children 5-8
        4. cabin 4 and 5 are female, 6 and 7 male.

    I'll start with my character:

    • Name: Chris Morlan
    • Age: 16
    • Gender: Male
    • Newcomer - No previous camp history.
    • Class: Spider
    • Appearance: Chris is naturally 5'8", he is average build with a bit of a belly, but not too much. he has brown hair and green eyes. He has a diamond shaped face with a greek nose and roundish almond shaped eyes, His chin is lightly dimpled and he has very few very light colored freckles sort of hiding across his face. He has sort of average arms with a little bit of muscle from helping his dad change tires at his auto shop. His "Thang" is medium length and surrounded by hair. (keep the Male body part on a simplified scale of small/medium/large, if mentioned at all.)
    • Clothes: After The Conclusion of decency/modesty is made, he chooses to wear a simple grass leaf loincloth.
    • Personality: he is usually pretty confident, though the shrinking without clothes has dwindled his spirits a little bit, he still try's to act like he's untouchable and cool. When things come down he loses his sense of humor, though when the calm down he's usually the first to crack a joke.
    • Starting location: Co-Eds : Cabin 2 top bunk taking an afternoon nap before dinner.
    RP Members:
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Belle Dandy

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female


    Class: Ladybugs

    Appearance: Despite her age, she is 1.75 metres tall and has a slender, curvacious figure, and she has a bust size of B. Her skin is most fair. She has a grand, long, black hime-cut that is about 40 centimetres below her neck.

    Clothes: After walking around naked for a while, she uses a rather small four-leaf-clover to barely cover her frontal loins, and her long hair to veil her chest. This might change later.

    Personality: Belle is rather shy about many things, and externally, she is rather timid about many things. However, being faced with out-of-this-world situations excite her, unless she's the victim, then she'll be pretty frightened until she realises how to make the best out of the situation. The situation has given her... quite a fright now, and she will attempt to regain herself.

    Starting location: Co-eds: Cabin 1 bottom bunk.​
  3. I'm more of a centimetres person so... what insectoid steeds are big enough for ladybugs to ride?
  4. Haven't really gotten that far yet, But I'll be sure to let you know later. But I enjoyed reading your character, I'll make an accepted list now.

    Edit: There is now a list of people in this RP thread.
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