Life under Her Majesty's Tyranny

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  1. (@NorwayFOO, thanks for joining! Varya will get to Cadmar soon! =] )
  2. ((I'm afraid I have to be heading off until tomorrow, so I'll reply then! Sorry for the wait.

    Also, would any of you guys be interested in starting a Plot / Discussion topic for this RP? To plan things amongst yourselves / me? =] ))
  3. ((A discussion thread would be good. I think it could be helpful when figuring out which way we want the story to go or maybe twist in the plot that we want implemented. =D))
  4. Agreed! And so does a certain mod (thanks Cammy!) who made this nice little topic for us. :D

    Now we can spin our plot all we want!

    P.S.: Won't be on 'till later tonight, but feel free to keep going! =) Remember: you can have as many characters as you want so long as you can feel you can play them all well enough! So if you get stuck somewhere, just make another character and jump in with someone else!
  5. :D Look I found our OOC thread. ^^

    I'll probably be spinning a new character soon so that I can be back where everyone else is. ^^
  6. Or get caught by my guy for a bounty then finding out your going to be hung he let's you escape by 'mistake' and he losses the bounty because of it xD makes sense I think =D
  7. Ooooh man. How are you such a genius?!
  8. Lol just comes to me :P lol
  9. It's probably why Cadamar is still alive and paying off his debt whereas Joris is running around not knowing what to do. =P
  10. Hehe, sounds like a good plan! =P

    I'm beginning to think up a few spins myself; particularly some involving the three Beaugarde siblings. But I haven't ironed out all the kinks yet, so I'll put it up here once I figure it all out. Also loving how all the siblings have names with 'V' in them. :P

    Also.. expect some interesting twists for Varya coming along whenever the mood is right. ;) But those are secret!

    Loving all the characters so far, everyone! <3
  11. Oh, just saw this.

    Sorry guys. Like I said, I'm new here and we do things waaaayyyy differently where I'm from. Sorry if Vince is messing up any plans you may have--I'm the type of person who starts losing control of their characters so please tell me if you want something specific for yours so that Vince doesn't screw it up. Like--if you want them to get caught or something.
  12. No problem! =) You've done nothing wrong, so no worries!

    There might be some more specific planning later on, but for now, I like Vince as he is! The kind of rebellious younger brother... who can actually do something, if he wanted, as opposed to Vallerie who likes to get under her skin but couldn't really win in a fight or do anything of particular consequence... so this should be interesting! I'll let you know when the bigger plot twists start happening though, because I'll need the siblings to at least know what's going on. :)
  13. If Vince pays though, I'm not sure what my character would do hmm... well he shows up daily, so I could probably play something off of that. Any suggestions?
  14. If Vince pays for him, then Cadmar could easily take the money and go -- might set a nice stage for a little later, when I think we might run a few scenes outside of the castle as well as inside (with the siblings and their lives away from the High Throne and those related duties.), so he could bring the story of what happened to him back into the Capital or to whatever village he ends up going to. Until then though, you could always draft another peasant, become a guard, or anything, really. Be Varya's cat or something. :P You could even make one of their parents, just remember that Varya would still have the power.
  15. Maybe he would become best friends with Vince? Then they could hang out all of the time. And when the plot starts unfolding Vince might need his help. Not my best idea but I'll try to think of more.
  16. Actually, I think I have just come up with how I'm going to introduce the first major plot twist -- it actually isn't much, but more of an insight as to Varya and how things might not necessarily be what they seem. ;) Vincent and Vallerie will be pretty key for a while, even though they won't find out why for a little while more.

    As for Cadmar, I think that would be an interesting twist -- Vince seems to me like he's much more of a man of the people than Varya could ever be, so it makes sense that he might want to include himself amongst the common folk.
  17. Well no royal blood would be aloud to hang out with commoners, so Cadmar would have to reach the spot of blue blood. He could do that if his dept was paid or by becoming a war hero and, because they are in the process of changing rulers where they don't quite have a king or queen yet, it would be an ideal time for an attack.

    For those who don't know Cadmar has two meanings, which is why I use it, the first one being 'From the East' which was my intentional purpose for the name figuring he could be from the east but as a backup in case something happened, which is inevitable in a role play with kings, queens and men with swords, it could also mean brave warrior/fighter. So we could do a small invasion where all the peasants would be given a sword to defend the castle with the guards being caught completely off guard, only few survived and one is Cadmar who killed dozens of enemy's or save the princess or something that would make him a war hero >=]
  18. Hmmm, that would be interesting. XP Especially considering you don't know the plot twist too~~

    Though I would like to set up that scene (which will happen once throne-time is over and the siblings return to their normal lives in the castle) before anything else major happens. After that, though, have at it!

    Also, will be getting off for now. Have some work to do. Later! :)
  19. Bye Bye Yurrei!
  20. I think I'm going to wait until we get one more post from Vince and/or one more commoner before closing off that scene and transitioning. Exposition inbound!
    [MENTION=3536]Rufia[/MENTION] I will need Altenna for that exposition scene, so make sure she doesn't get too far from Varya, at least for now~ :D