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  1. Just a random question.
    What's five thing you think everyone should do at least once in their life?
  2. Talk to people from other countries! Because how you live in your country can be really different from how people live in other countries. O_O You can learn a lot of cool things.

    Travel somewhere that requires a plane flight! Because traveling to a place you've never seen before is cool AND being up in a plane is a cool thing to do too!


    .... I can't think of five things. c______c
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  3. 1. Travel!
    2. Fall in love.
    3. Experience a heartache.
    4. Do something out of your comfort zone! (Honestly, you can accomplish so much doing this.)
    5. Let loose for a day/night and just have fun.

    Those are my 5. :)
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  4. 1. Contribute positively to a stranger's life - anonymously.
    2. Set long-term goals and reach them.
    3. Take a trip by yourself.
    4. Take a leap of faith.
    5. Forgive something unforgivable.
  5. 1: Do something you're terrified of. If you're scared of heights, go jump out of an airplane. Remember the parachute.
    Why? Because daring yourself to do something you are scared of will help you overcome that fear. It will make you a stronger person.
    2: Travel. For a long time.
    By a long time I mean more than a month. My brother went to Nepal for three months back in late January. He has grown so much on the journey and learned a lot of things.
    3: Hit rock-bottom.
    By that I mean you should experience what living in poverty is like - how it is to barely scrape by and work your arse off just to get food on the table. It will make you a stronger person and in most cases teach you to appreciate what you do have.
    4: Own a pet.
    A pet, especially a dog, will teach you a lot about unconditional love and friendship. And pets are cute.
    5: Do you have a really good friend? Yes? Now, get them black-out drunk and make sure they wake up with a terrible hangover. Stay sober. Next week, switch the roles and do the same.
    Why would anyone do something so stupid? Because people needs to experience the terrible hangover AND experience how annoying it is to take care of drunk people. That'll make them think twice before going out and getting drunk. Hah. Serves you right, drunk people. I'm always the unlucky person stuck with taking care of drunk people...
  6. 1. Be born
    2. Eat food
    3. Sleep from time to time
    4. Poop
    5. Pass away with as much dignity as you can muster.

    Keep your expectations low and you'll never be disappointed!
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  7. I knew someone would state the most simplest things that you HAVE to do everyday ever since the day you were actually born.....
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    1. Row
    2. Row
    3. Fight
    4. The
    5. Powa'
    Life has been alright.


    Uh oh. On mobile the spoiler buttons gone. Can't make this tiny little anecdote without typing the code myself. Ugh.

    Show Spoiler
    That was painful to type. But kinda funny. Someone, somewhere, would say that and be serious.
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  8. I figured I'd spare you the anticipation. I'm nice like that. ;D
  9. Excuse me Voldemort, they're called unforgivable curses for a reason. :[
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  10. 1. Dance like nobody's watching

    2. Reach a long term goal

    3. Climb a tree

    4. Play in the rain

    5. Overcome a fear
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  11. 1. Praise the Sun
    2. Have a Revolution
    3. Shit Post
    4. Be a General
    5. Have a Wooper
  12. 1. Travel oversees
    2. Learn 3 different languages
    3. Jet fuel can't melt dank memes
    4. Only eat Chipotle for a whole entire day (Or Taco Bell) ;)
    5. Scuba-dive in an underwater cave
  13. 1: Break away from your parents, realizing that your ideals are different from theirs.
    2: View life from other people's perspectives, especially of those you don't always agree with, and keep an open mind.
    3: Go on a journey of self-discovery, which doesn't always require you to leave home.
    4: Express yourself, share your emotions, let people know who you are even if you're not so sure yourself.
    5: Step outside your comfort zone every now and again, don't be afraid to try new things.
  14. 1. Spontaneously go to some random foreign country.

    2. Get over my fears of needles, blades, and my own blood.

    3. Go to the Comic-Con in San Diego.

    4. Write a play, and see it on stage.

    5. Get a Pilot's license.
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