Life screws you over.

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If so please vote.

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  1. Yes i have ( Please explaine what and how it was stopped )

  2. No i haven't

  1. Have you ever wanted to be with somebody but have been stopped by some other force such as another person or the government ( In my case )?
  2. This is a strange poll. >> It makes me think sneakiness is a foot. But then your loved one could just be in jail and not be painfully underaged jailbait...

    I have never been in a case where something has prevented me from being with someone! Except maybe distance, but I didn't count distance cause that's not an unstoppable force. >>;

    I DO have a sister whose BF is in jail though!
  3. You just have to understand that in our day and age it's not socially acceptable for a human and a fox to get married. Not yet.

  4. Um, well, I have had crushes on people who already had a boy or girlfriend if that suits your question at all. There was a girl I knew who was just perfect to me. She was madly in love with her boyfriend though, so I couldn't do more than dream about being with her. Nothing I offered was better than what he did for her. I had no choice but to forget her and see where else I could belong.

    Things happen that are out of our control. We just have to move on and find happiness somewhere else if the future can't make any promises, you know? That is easier said than done, yes... But that's life. You'll never be happy if you don't make changes where they're needed.
  5. You want a list?
    - Taken
    - Not gay
    - Not straight
    - Moved elsewhere
  6. No. I have never wanted to be with anyone that hasn't gone out of their way to be with me, so i don't think or worry about that kind of stuff.