Life Realizations, and a Final Return and Stay To Iwaku

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Hello friends! It is I, the swaying tree of the willows come to tell you a tale! A one of hardship and triumph, for a girl who could never fail. You see, on the 30th of October, this girl was hospitalized for something so dreadful, a curse of the illness, that is considered mental. She had feared she would lose, the battle in which she fought. Inside her head, the demons were calling; summoning to naught a place of happiness and lively merriment, but one of sorrow. At the very tick of the clock, she was summoned far away from the edge of the balcony. Instead taking her life into her hands and requesting it be fixed, by the very hands of the clock-maker in which holds the girl's heart. She returned to their love nest and called out in fright; "Please darling, help me; my mind is not right."

He did what any good soul mate would do, and sent her away to the get better. In which this girl did, and was released not a day after the 6th of November. She was changed for good; the final battle was won. She knew where she belonged and it was right here on earth. She would live, not only for herself; but for the support system she had. Those were the people who mattered most to her, and she would never let them down again. She defeated the poison that muddled her brain, through use of prescribed medication and a good thought train.

But this tale isn't quite over, as you might expect. Because upon fate's wish, this girl was granted the ability to see her little sister again. A thing she never thought possible, until the days after her visit. Even the father, who destroyed her inside-- she had forgiven. Something to help her in her journey and master plan in life. She would become a better person one day at a time. Everything was falling into place, and who you might ask, was this girl? This twas I, the whispering willows of the south, a girl who bares many demons but doesn't let them out.
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