Life or death

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  1. This role-play is about a young 16 years old girl from Russia who sneaks into the army for revenge of her father, dressing like a young 14 years old male. During this she meets a boy slightly older then her that is from ((Whatever country you would like ^-^)). Right there they hate eachother but later he finds out she is female and start to care for one another and grow love feelings.
    PM me if you would like to role play this! ^-^ (~'^')~ then we can chat about the setting and more of the plot on there~
  2. Daemon Kogi
    Deep brown eyes, black hair, fair skinned, with a lean muscled body.
    Smart, quick reflexes, master in weaponry and martial arts.
    Loves to play guitar and think.
    Is a bit protective and hates liars. He joined the Russian army to get a better military education and to help keep peace between Japan and Russia.
    He's serious but when off duty he become your best friend and easygoing guy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.