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  1. Tl;dr: 1 year per day, character background-making game from baby up.


    Life. We experience it every day, but seldom do we ever truly think about it and observe it. We take it for granted until something happens to threaten it. Perhaps it is because it is so familiar that it is so difficult to write about. Yet life is not necessarily dull or boring. It is filled with little moments, precious memories, dreams and goals, tragedy and comedy, sorrows and joys. In celebration of this precious part of each one of us, here is a place where you can start a completely new character and bring it through each stage of life.

    You all start as infants, then progress one year in-world per day outside. Time flies by as you progress from year to year, so value each meeting with other players! The setting will be a modern city and suburb, and for the sake of convenience you will all begin in the same neighborhood and go to the same schools as you grow up. As we go past primary/elementary and secondary/middle schools, we will slow down to one year every other day, and then finally to a moderate one year per week schedule for the first year of university. It will be up to players how life progresses for each of your characters.

    I will play the NPCs if necessary, but this is YOUR game and YOUR life. You have my permission to play your own siblings, teachers and parents as minor characters, but your main character will be the child who is growing up. Use it as a tool for creating a character with a developed background. Feel free to have failures and victories. Be normal. Live each day to its fullest extent.

    For this is Life.


    GM has final say and can change rules whenever necessary
    GM may choose assistant GMs
    Humans only.
    Everyone starts as an infant.
    No powers.
    You MUST progress each day. One day is defined as 24 hours of real time. Year transitions occur at midnight according to PST. (why? because I live there, and it's convenient for me. Google is your friend for a converter.)
    Please post at least once a day.
    Please make your posts count. Remember, time flies.
    No sex, drugs, or violence beyond a light shove that causes at most a bruise/scratch. You start in a peaceful middle-class suburb.
    No controlling anyone else's character.
    No flamewars in OOC.
    Keep OOC questions, comments and concerns in OOC, and use it.
    No extreme "early maturation". If your character is still a toddler, he/she does NOT know quantum physics.
    Be respectful to other players in OOC.
    Please keep swearing to a minimum.
    Please sign up and wait to be accepted before playing.
    Any new sign-ups after start will start as an infant and progress at the rate everyone else progresses. This means that new children will be eternally younger than older characters.
    Add new information to your biography and sign-up character sheet as you progress. I will put up a list of characters and their players and gender, but it is your responsibility to put up anything else.


    Current Characters:



    Age: 0 years
    Appearance (eye color, etc):
    Personality (arrogant, tempermental, shy, etc):
    Background/Biography: Just born.
    Inventory (tools, weapons, toys, money, etc): None.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:
  2. Name: Qwail Millers
    Age: 0 years
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Chubby, grey eyes, bald, Caucasian with a ruddy complexion.
    Biography: Just born in hospital to a middle class working family.
    Inventory: Plastic bracelet with basic details for identification purposes in the maternity ward.
    Rule Check: Yes
  3. accepted, Qwail! Welcome to Life!
  4. This sounds really cool! I don't know that I'd be able to devote the necessary time for it, though. When were you thinking of starting?
  5. when there are at least three or four players. The RP itself was suggested by Kawaki, although it seems he has not signed up yet. If you could PM him about this thread, or if someone could find others interested and with enough time, I'd be really grateful.