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  1. Been think about this roleplay for awhile. I don't have a lot the details. But the basic idea would be a group of kids that work together to survive life on the streets. Drugs, theft, prostitution, ect. Everything that could happen on the streets of a be city.
  2. Some people are born differently. These different kids are often unwanted. Many of them are abused by their families because of their differences. On the outskirts of a large city there is a huge orphanage. But this orphanage isn't for ordinary unwanted children. It is for those who were born differently. The orphanage is operated by a housekeeper for someone only known as the benefactor. It is said the benefactor might have been the first of these unusual kids and now that he has made a place for himself in the world he wants to do the same for others like him.
  3. I loved the books as I kid. I like the idea of a group of people trying to survive in a world that is bigger than they are. Life as a Borrower would be no picnic. Around the house and yard there would be mice, rats, spiders, roaches, bees, ants, crickets, birds, squirrels, a cat, a dog, etc. The Borrowers that live in the back or front yard are considered wild by those that live indoors and rather than borrowing what they need from humans they hunt insects for food and make their clothes from plants and the hair of animals (like mice or squirrels) that they hunt annually as a kind of community ritual and they frequently use insect exoskeletons as armor during these hunts.
  4. This is a spin off of a book series I love so credit goes to the author Gena Showalter.

    Long ago, immortals warriors – each more dangerously seductive than the last -- stole and opened Pandora’s box, unleashing the evil from within. Now they carry that evil within themselves. The Lords of the Underworld Violence, Pain, Death, Disease, Disaster, Misery, Doubt, Promiscuity, Defeat, Lies, Secrets, and Wrath. When a powerful enemy returns, they will travel the world in search of a sacred relic of the gods – one that threatens to destroy them all.

    You wake up one day to discover you are not alone inside your head. One of the Lords of the Underworld has taken up residence inside your head.
  5. Believe it or not there is a school for the future Gods and Goddesses of the Universe. The sons and daughters of the Gods and Goddesses need to learn how to control their powers, how to gather followers, how to pick a champion, and other things powerful beings need to know. There is a treaty allowing all the children of the Gods and Goddesses to go to the school without worrying about being attacked.
  6. The world of fairly tales is a pretty quiet. Everyone knows how their stories will end. But what happens when key elements of those stories go missing? Essental pieces are disappearing and no one seems to know how or why. Now the stairs that have been the same are becoming unraveled. Can the characters of these stories step out of their comfortable stories to find the missing pieces? Will doing so change the world as they know it? Do they really have any choice with their world disappearing one piece at a time?
  7. For as long people can remember their have been Gods and Goddesses to answer their prayers. Now all the God & Goddesses have vanished. No one knows where they have gone or if they will be back. A prophesy says that when the Mighty God and Goddesses disappear humans can enter a contest to try to take their place. Those who are successful will be given ambrosia so that they can become immortal and have the powers of their chosen God or Goddess put inside them.
    God & Goddess of the Sun-God & Goddess poetry-God & Goddess of music-God & Goddess oracles-God & Goddess of Wine-God & Goddess of Agriculture-God & Goddess of Love-God & Goddess of Hunting-God & Goddess of Animals-Goddess of Flowers-God & Goddess Spring-God & Goddess of Fortune-God & Goddess of Doors-God & Goddess beginnings-God & Goddess endings-God & Goddess of Marriage-God & Goddess of the sky-God & Goddess rain-God & Goddess of War-God & Goddess of Commerce-God & Goddess Finance-God & Goddess of Wisdom-God & Goddess of the City-God & Goddess of Education-God & Goddess of Science-God of the Sea-God & Goddess of the Underworld-God of Harvest and Agriculture-God & Goddess Beauty/God & Goddess of the Hearth-God & Goddess the God of Fire-God & Goddess the Forge and Blacksmiths-God & Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity-God & Goddess the God of Health and Medicine-God & Goddess of the dawn-God & Goddess of childbirth-God & Goddess of forgiveness and mercy-God & Goddess of the sewers-God & Goddess of agreement- God & Goddess of the Earth Mother-God & Goddess of Discord-God & Goddess of food-God & Goddess of children-God & Goddess fame-God & Goddess of rumors-God & Goddess of loyalty, God & Goddess of strength- God & Goddess of dusk-God & Goddess military honours and chivalry- God & Goddess of envy or jealousy-God & Goddess of rainbows-God & Goddess of justice-God & Goddess of youth-God & Goddess of freedom-God & Goddess of death, corpses and funerals-God & Goddess of the moon-God & Goddess of silence-Goddess of destiny- God & Goddess of revenge-God & Goddess of Fertility-God & Goddess peace- God & Goddess of duty-God & Goddess of fruit trees-God & Goddess of Keys-God & Goddess of Grain-God & Goddess of sleep-God & Goddess of hope-God & Goddess storms-God & Goddess peace and tranquility-God & Goddess of magic-God & Goddess of victory-God & Goddess of pleasure-God & Goddess Forest-God & Goddess of Chaos-God & Goddess of Stars and Comets-God & Goddess of fear-God & Goddess of Nightmares
  8. The scientist have found a way to blend human and animal DNA. The government has agreed to fund this experiment. The question was where to get volunteers. After much discussion it is agreed to offer the option to young criminals as away to avoid jail and turn their lives around. As one of these young criminals you will have to learn to control your animal instincts and learn to change at will. If you survive the training you will became a solider defending the United States.

    The teens are kept an apartment complex that was build under ground. The idea was to give them enough space not to kill each other. It was understood that the teens would do exactly what they were told or they would be destroyed. They would be tested and educated. It was hoped that they could become the soldiers of the future saving others.
  9. I take it that we are now in possession of the powers of the Lords of the Underworld? A little tip, as a sidenote: Don't spam post RP ideas! Write them down somewhere for future reference, and post them later, after your current RP is either dead or complete. Otherwise, you get swamped by all these things floating in your head, and things crumble around you.
  10. i would be in for this
  11. Interested.
  12. This has potential. I might be interested.
  13. I'm not sure what madness this is. I got the first post,which Im intrested. then all the other post are just confusing
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