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  1. ((OOC: meely, I didn't understand where you are, the same roof where we are?))
  2. ((OoC: I'm near Ever/Ignatius. On a roof, but not the same as yours.))
  3. ((OOC: Really? I thought you were watching the other group...? ))
  4. ((OoC: she can see all of you. Apart from people in buildings. She's practically in the middle, leaning slightly closer to Ever's side))
  5. ((OOC: Ignatius and Ever are in a church basement right now, but it's a secret shhhhh :3))
  6. ((Just letting you know that I'm with Saigo, and Ever is the rich girl, so I think you just got a little confused ^^))

    ((We already skipped a day... I'm sorry for not telling/asking! But maybe you can do it just now and keep things at the same time))
  7. ((ooc srry :duh:
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  8. ((Oh haha that's okay xD Jinx and I can skip too))
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  9. (Yeah! Let's do it!)
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  10. ((Awww, we'll miss you :( Well, I don't know if these other people know you. I'll miss you ))
  11. ((Know me? From where? I do use this username a lot. I looked back because I saw that you'd quoted my reply, it was in the alerts.))
  12. Not sure, actually xD And I don't know you know you, but I think we rped before? At some point?
  13. Still i just know if a jump in have a OOC thread outside it's IC...

    the role play is rather off from the main survival theme, i rather see it as life style role play... *lol*
  14. I've dropped out, I'm done talking there too, so you can take my name off the list.
  15. No worries :)
  16. ((OCC: I'm leaving on vacations, so I won't be posting. I'll jump back in if the thread is still alive when I'm back ^^))
  17. @BloodFang
    WOOOOOOOAH did you really just tell her to meet at the Red Ribbon? Wow. That's harsh xD
    I mean, I have no problem with it, but dayum~

    (Poor Ignatius)
  18. Guys. I want to make something clear.
    I need you all to keep this relatively realistic. Yes, I realize that people who do parkour and climb rooftops are rare and far between. I realize that secret hideouts are also rather unrealistic. That' okay though, because it happens.

    However, jumping off of freaking skyscrapers and landing effortlessly on the ground is not realistic. Wall running for more than 10 seconds is not realistic. Being able to disappear from one rooftop and appear at the top of another in a second is not realistic. It defies the laws of physics, which is what really irritates me, I guess. I'm not targeting anyone specifically, but all of you know who you are. Keep it realistic. Make sure what you're writing doesn't freaking bend time or make you superhuman, because this is supposed to be survival and lifestyle-ish, not fantasy. You're not magical. You can be hella fit, but you're not a superhuman.

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Not open for further replies.