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  1. Please fill in this character sheet:

    Reason for being on the streets:
    How long they have been living in the streets:


    Name: Jade Evans
    Age: 14
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Personality: Tough, kind, caring, outgoing and funny
    Reason for being on the streets: When she was born her parents were teens so they lived on the streets. At the age of 7, Jade's parents were killed in a fight for food
    Likes: Bunnies, cats, dogs, parks, snow, sunshine and jokes
    Dislikes: mean people, having to fight, lying, scary people and lightning
    How long they have been living in the streets: 7 years

    Throwing a fist forward, Jade's knuckles connected with the man's face which forced him down to the ground. The man, who was getting very angry, slowly lifted himself up. "Alright girl, the gloves are off! No more mister nice guy!" After saying this, the man grabbed hold of her throat and pressed her against a wall. Terrified, the teen threw her foot into his no-no zone, forcing him to let her go. She then slammed it into his stomach. Gasping for air, the man said, " can keep the bread." Watching him and the crowd disappear, Jade collapsed onto the ground, only then feeling the pain from the fight.
  2. Name: Ignatius Ballas
    Age: 18
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Personality: sly and deceiving to strangers, but loyal and kind to the few he trusts
    Reason for being on the streets: nowhere else to live, really
    Likes: sweets, violin music, snow, fair fistfights
    Dislikes: humidity, carrots, stupidity
    How long they have been living in the streets: 5 years now, technically
    Extra: Ignatius has been a street rat since he was five. Turned out to beg by his parents in the hopes of earning a few pennies before dinnertime, he learned the art of the thief from an aged criminal named Navis, a man who relied on a system of kids to steal and swipe for him. He treated the kids pretty well, however, and when he passed, the treasure trove of goods and valuables that he had accumulated throughout his life were distributed to the kids, and none other than Ignatius received the biggest share, being Navis's most trusted and best thief. His mother and his little sister died in childbirth when he was 10, and when he was 13, his father was in a wagon accident that took his life. The government turned him over to an orphanage, but he left. When he was 16, Navis - his tutor and his second father - died, and Ignatius was alone.


    Ignatius stood in the crowd, watching the girl throw punches and kick a grown man in the groin. He winced inwardly, drawing the hood tighter about his face. She wasn't a bad fighter, he supposed, but there was certainly a lot he could teach her. She had potential. She was young, and from what he'd seen, she'd been on the streets for quite some time. How could he tell? Well, when kids fight men three times the size of them over a loaf of bread, it's pretty safe to say that they've been on the streets for a while.

    He made as though to leave with the crowd, then slipped through and doubled back once they'd all left. The girl was on the ground, tense with pain, alone with nothing but a loaf of bread.

    "Hey. You," he called. He nudged her with his foot, then bent down. "Hey." He pulled out a chocolate from his bag and offered it to her, putting it on the ground next to her head. With street kids, you could never be too careful. He'd learned that the hard way, after a seven year old had plunged a knife between his ribs. "Kid, you gotta get up. The police are coming around real fast to check out the commotion, and I guarantee you don't want to be here when they get here."
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  3. Looking up, Jade saw a silver haired 18 year old. Taking the chocolate, she nodded before slowly getting up. "Thanks." She said, slightly confused to why he was helping her. But she didn't complain as how she had breakfast for the next day. The teen had recognised Ignatius from the crowd of people that was cheering and watching.
  4. [​IMG]

    "Yeah, sure, whatever," Ignatius muttered, standing up. "Anyway, I need a good fighter. You're not bad, but I can teach you to be better. What do you say? There's food and shelter in it for you." He offered her his hand, then glanced around when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. A lot of footsteps. That meant a lot of people. That meant cops, and cops were not something he needed to see at the moment. "Okay, yeah, we gotta run. Come on now, up you get."
  5. Name : Sykes Wright
    Age : 17
    Looks : [​IMG]
    Personality : a little arrogant and distrustful, but when the condition is met he can be kind to anyone
    Reason for being on the streets : a runaway convict that has nowhere to live
    Likes : cat, apple, toys, knife
    Dislikes : gamble, rain, snow, lies
    How long they have been living in the streets : 4 year
    Extra : Sykes was lived a mercenary life when he is 10 year old. after the incident on the city's factory everyone he knows is lying cold in the ground, killed by the city guard. it's happened because someone in his team is ratted them out to the guard to safe his own hide. and the person who he really trust turned the one who ratted them. after killing 2 guard and injuring 4 of them he managed to escape.

    after revealing myself from shadow, i see some silver haired guy handling a chocolate to a girl. "a poison chocolate eh? pretty clever" i said with a smirk in my face. she must be pure enough to be deceived by a mere chocolate by a stranger.

    "...The police are coming around real fast to check out the commotion, and I guarantee you don't want to be here when they get here" i overheard that polices will come to this place. no wonder after those one hell of commotion police will surrounded this area. on the distance i saw many people coming in. "shit.. here they comes. Pigs" blending with the surrounding i see what gonna happen next.
  6. Name: Ginger Clancy
    Age: 11
    Looks: Tall for her age, thin from being on the streets, with patchy clothes and scars and bruises everywhere. Long blond messy hair and missing two teeth from being punched in the mouth.
    Personality: Find out
    Reason for being on the streets: She had only a father and he was a drunk and mistreated her. He couldn't really feed her either, and she ran away.
    Likes: Generous people, warm places, sheltered places, food
    Dislikes: Angry dogs, angry people, fights
    How long living in the streets: 3 years
    Extra: Has a stray dog named Charlie that helps in fights, but is too much trouble to feed
    I snuck around in the crowd watching the fight. Charlie was off in an alley a block away. Someone had brought food, and had been distracted by the fight. I grabbed a half eaten big mac from a paper bag by their feet. I went into a corner and ate it, near where someone was talking to the girl in the fight. Cops? I'd better get away then.
  7. Name: Indie. She made that name herself after she thought someone was calling her as a child.
    Age: 14
    Looks: Short and skinny, with long brown hair, the fringe hanging over her face. Her eyes are grey. She wears a t-shirt that's blood and mud stained, and ripped trousers. She has no shoes. She has many cuts and bruises from having to fight for food.
    Personality: mistrusting, the world is evil. Indie can't trust anyone. Food is always poisoned in her mind.
    Reason for being on the streets: she was neglected from her parents as a young child and left to die. She survived.
    Likes: having food
    Dislikes: people. They put her here.
    How long living in the streets: 9 years

    Indie had watched the fight. She'd cheered as the girl won but she wanted the bread. She was hungry. Instead she just watched. Many people had pushed her out the way to see the commotion. Then she caught the word cops. "Oh hell." She started to move, the cops!?
  8. [​IMG]

    Ignatius looked up at Sykes, scowling. "It's not poisoned," he shot back with more venom than he intended. "Why would I poison her? I barely know her. I only poison people who deserve it. Not random children on the streets." He watched as the boy disappeared into the crowd upon hearing the police approaching, and he got to his feet, seeing how all the other street urchins drew back and faded as well, their eyes darting every so often to the bread clutched tightly in Jade's arms.

    "If you can't move, I can't do anything for you," he told her. "But if you do manage to escape, find me at the bell tower in three days. I'll be waiting." He drew his shadow-like coat about him, flipping the hood up as he disappeared into the crowd, melting into the shadows near the edge of the street after slipping a few more chocolates into the pockets of several tattered looking children- the boy with startling blue eyes amidst a mop of brown hair, the girl with the mess of blond hair and a couple missing teeth, and the short barefoot brunette with eyes like a storm at sea. His pink-tinted eyes narrowed as he made sure no one was observing him, and then he ducked into the next alley, empty but for a homeless person lying dazed near a garbage fire, and scaled a gutter pipe, his gloves clinging tightly to the metal as he hauled himself onto the roof.

    "They'll all show up," he thought, crouching down to keep out of sight as he watched the police finally arrive at the scene, pushing to get through the large crowd, shouting and generally causing chaos as only incompetent fools like them could. "All of them will show up. They'll realize that the chocolate is a compliment soon enough. And they'll find me."
  9. Indie watched the cops. She didn't know what to do. Should she help that girl and hope she feeds her? Or should she put up a distraction? Or should she just save herself?

    She heard what that silver haired guy had said. The bell tower in three days. If she didn't leave now, she wouldn't be able to see the light of day in three days. She stood,up, and felt something. It was something very strange. She ran off to look at this strange item.

    It was a wrapper, but not an empty one. The first thought that came to her head is that it was poisoned. Nobody gave urchins food anymore. They were a waste of space, food and time, as far as Indie had heard. She opened it. A brown hard thing. It didn't look very dangerous. She broke the tiniest bit possible off, and nothing happened. She broke off more, and swallowed that. Still nothing. She ate a square. She wasn't dead. Maybe you had to eat the whole thing? She broke off two more squares and popped them in her mouth. Whatever it was, it tasted nice. Even if she did die and it was poisoned, she'd die happy.
  10. The silver-haired guy slipped something in my pocket and walked away. I strolled along in the same direction, noting that he hid on the roof of the house by the alley Charlie was in. He was a small Labrador retriever. In his teeth he had a hunk of stale wonder bread. We walked along to our "home", the deck by a swimming pool. There was a bed of cardboard, newspapers, and old rags next to the changing room with the roof hanging over, and a light that gave off some heat. I slipped through the gate, which had been vandalized and was missing a bar. We had been here four days.
  11. [​IMG]

    Ignatius leapt from rooftop to rooftop, aware that the girl with the blond hair was watching him out of the corner of her eye, definitely aware of his presence. The sun had began to set, and the sky began to darken as dusk set in, lending a grey haze to everything. But to his trained eyes, everything was still clear. He could see the police blocks away, still mulling around at the scene of the fight though everyone was long gone, and Ignatius climbed down the side of the building closest to the pool where the girl and a scruffy looking mutt seemed to live. He too slipped through the gate, thankful for the missing bar that provided a foot of room to squeeze through.

    "Hey," he called out quietly towards the girl and her dog. Though the latter was scrawny and pitifully skinny, he still snarled at Ignatius, baring his teeth and raising his hackles. "Like me back then," Ignatius thought, raising an eyebrow as he knelt down and pulled out a stale dog treat, one that he'd pocketed weeks ago. They were far from delicious, but as a street rat, who had the liberty of being choosy? At the very least, dog treats were better than picking around in the garbage. He whistled at the dog and held out the treat, waiting patiently as the dog finally stopped growling. To his delight, the shaggy labrador retriever edged forward until he was close enough to whisk the treat from Ignatius's bone, callused fingers, and grudgingly allowed the human to pet his rough fur.

    "So. I'm here to talk." He looked up at the girl. "Very young," he thought. "Can't be more than twelve, though she's awfully tall... that height could come in handy. Or it could get her in trouble. She spotted me though. An excellent look out. Sharp eyes."

    "I can offer you a better home," he said, standing up to his full height of five feet and ten inches. "I can offer you and your dog a steady supply of food, shelter that can save you from the wind and rain and snow, and a fireplace to warm yourself when winter comes. If you stay here, you'll freeze to death in a couple months for sure. And I can teach you to be a real thief. A shadow in the night. All I ask is your skill and a small share of what you... collect. In return, all that I mentioned above, and..." he paused. "A home."
  12. Name: Evangeline Grace (Ever)
    Age: 17
    Looks: Wild brown curls and silvery/grey eyes. She’s small for her age, only getting up to about 5”5
    Personality: Ever usually doesn’t trust people when she first meets them, but will stick by their side once they earn her trust. She’s very timid and shy, and is really awful at living on her own.
    Reason for being on the streets: Her parents were filthy rich, but always pressured her into marrying someone. Eventually she cracked under the pressure, and ran away.
    Likes: Sweets, animals, music.
    Dislikes: Living on the street, being alone.
    How long they have been living in the streets: 1 year.

    As soon as Ever heard the sirens, she slipped into the shadows, clutching the coat around her tightly. As the cops started to fill the area Ever knew that she was going to be caught. She ran from the shadows and tried to escape the cops, but one grabbed the back of her coat. She struggled to get away from the man. “Let go of me!” She shouted, trying to twist from his grip.
  13. Indie thought about where she could go. She had nowhere to go. Often she'd sleep under the tree that grew on the street she had the earliest memories from, but she'd ventured too far and now she couldn't remember where it was. She sat down on a step to the big building people called the museum. "Chocolate!" a little boy said.
    "No, Indie," she replied.
    "He means your food. Chocolate," a laughing woman replied.

    She wasn't staying there. She stood up and saw a treehouse in a garden. Surely they wouldn't mind, people were mostly thoughtful. And if they did mind, she'd leave.

    She pulled herself onto the fence and jumped into the garden, a jungle of surprises, and danger. Indie saw a ladder, a shaky ladder, but climbed up it quickly. It was empty. Some floorboards were missing, and the roof was not even on yet, but there was four walls and the police weren't going to find her here.
  14. "I can steal, I set the dog on people and grab the food. He keeps them too busy to notice me run away. But I don't have a home or much food, but you look homeless too, so I don't understand how you can offer one." I said, leaning back on the wall. I still hadn't investigated my pocket.
  15. [​IMG]

    Ignatius laughed, dismissing her with a wave of his hand. "I know, I know, I've seen you around. You call that stealing? That's clumsy fumbling, kid." He shook his head. "It'll get you caught in no time. And it'll get your dog killed. With me, you won't ever need to worry about food or a home. All you're gonna have to worry about is learning the craft. Understand?" He walked towards the wall of the building, glove reaching out for the metal piping, pink irises twinkling in the last rays of the sun. "And believe me," he added, turning to face the girl and her dog, "I've got a home. Don't bother looking for it. No one's ever found on their own, but it's definitely more than enough to house a nest of thieves. And you can eat the chocolate. It's not poisoned." His fingers tightened and he dug his boots into the side of the building, launching himself upwards and pulling himself onto the roof, calling out of a faint "see you around" before jumping the gap to the next roof.

    "Damn kids," he grumbled to himself as he ran up the side of the roof and using his momentum, launched himself to the next building, running on all fours like a cat. "It's gonna be harder than I thought to convince them... if they were smarter, they'd probably have realized that someone giving out chocolates is definitely someone who is either rich or can steal pretty damn well. And I honestly doubt I look like someone with money." Passing by the area where he had met the first girl, he heard a flurry of commotion and a sharp cry of "Let go of me!"

    "Hmm," he thought. "A unique voice. Don't know this one. Maybe I'll drop in and check it out." The eighteen year old approached the group with the struggling person in its midst from a block away, strolling slowly so as not to attract attention. To his surprise, it was a girl with messy brown hair and eyes the color of his hair, and although she was definitely not thief or fighter material, Ignatius walked forward right into the middle of it all and put on a smile. "Lucy, there you are!" he said, throwing an arm around her shoulders and effectively wrestling her from the cop who had his fingers clutched around the girl's coat. "Good quality," he noted silently, still smiling. "At least, it used to be. This girl definitely used to have money. Interesting." "Oh, I'm so, sooooo sorry, officer! I lost my sister in the crowd and she must have gotten pushed down into the dirt! I'll take her home right away. I can't have a young lady looking like this!"

    "Is she really your sister?" One of the officers asked, looking at him suspiciously. "The two o' you look nothing alike."

    "Of course we are!" Ignatius forced a laugh. "Lucy, tell them you're my sister!" he squeezed the girl's shoulder briefly, willing her to play along his charade.
  16. Indie saw that silver haired guy take another girl. What was he doing with all this people. She looked at the wrapper of the chocolate carefully. "Hmm..." She jumped onto the roof quietly to get a better view.
  17. "Uh, yeah! Sorry. Everything was just crazy, and I got shoved into this crowd. I'm sorry." Ever said, widening her eyes slightly and jutting out her bottom lip slightly. Who was this boy? I'd never seen him before. Well, I usually don't see many people so this wasn't very surprising. But that didn't explain why he was helping her. "It won't happen again."
    Ever smiled at the officer and moved a bit closer to the mysterious person to make it look like they were close. The officer gave them a suspicious look for a moment before nodding and walking away. As soon as the officer was out of view, Ever spun away from the boy and looked at him with relief filling her face. "Thank you. I don't have anything to repay you with, though." She stated apologetically.
  18. [​IMG]

    "Ah. Yeah. No problem," he said, arm still around her shoulders as he turned the corner to make sure they were out of sight. "I don't need you to repay me, though if you could do something for me..." he looked at her clothes, noting that her clothes were those of a wealthy family although they were stained with dirt. "You... you're not a street rat," he said slowly, a picture from a wedding from a few weeks past coming to the front of his mind. "You're... you're that girl who got married..." realization dawning on his face. "You do know that your parents have set a thousand dollar reward for you, right? But I'm guessing you don't want to go back to that prison of a marriage... But you won't survive long by yourself out here."

    Something moved out of the corner of his eye, and Ignatius froze, glancing upwards just in time to see a head peek out from the roof. "We're being watched," he said in a low tone, and pointed towards a nearby alley. "I want you to wait in there, and I'll deal with whoever's spying on us." He shot a glare up at the figure, hoping that they'd go away, and turned back to his new acquaintance. "Well, as I was saying, you're not going to survive by yourself on the streets for long. So, I'll offer you a deal. You can come with me and I'll teach you how to be a thief, or I can turn you in to the police right now and reap my reward. If you choose the first option, I won't ask anything of you other than a share of the things you steal. You'll get a dry home, though it's probably nothing compared to what you're used to, and you'll get food and shoes." He pulled out another chocolate from his pocket, holding it out to her. "So. Do you accept?"
  19. Ever rubbed her arms slightly and looked at the piece of chocolate in the boy’s hand. She could take it and do as he says, or she could try to run. Well, if she tried to run, then she’d most likely end up either in the police station, or dead in a gutter somewhere. She slowly reached out and took the chocolate from the boy. As she put it into her pocket that also carried her silver ring, she looked up at the roof where the spy was supposedly at. Ever cleared her throat and turned her attention back to the mysterious boy.
    “I’ll wait for you in the alley.” She said, nodding at him slightly before starting to walk to the nearby alleyway.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Ignatius smiled as the girl took the chocolate. "You made the right choice. I swear I'll take care of you." Watching her slip into the alleyway, he turned his attention to the spy on the rooftop. "There aren't many who can climb like me," he thought as he looked around for a place to scale the building, spotting a small overhang. The townspeople had all begun to head indoors, and he managed to climb onto the roof without too much suspicion, and to his surprise, he saw the shadow of the brunette girl he had given a chocolate to earlier. He smiled as he saw the chocolate stains on the corners of her mouth.

    "Hey, I guess you ate it, huh? Bet it was good. Chocolate's my favorite, too," he remarked, popping a square into his mouth. "So you eating the chocolate means you trust me?" he arched an eyebrow, staring back at the girl. "I promise you there's more where that came from. I can give you more than just chocolate, too. A home. A shelter. Clothes and shoes. A place to endure the winter. I swear all of this, just as long as you meet me in three days at the clock tower." Nodding to her, he turned around to leave. "Oh, and just one more thing," he called over his shoulder. "Don't follow me."

    Returning to the alleyway, he smiled to see that she was still there. "I guess I'll formally introduce myself," he said, extending a hand. "Ignatius Ballas. Resident master thief. Self-proclaimed, of course."

    ((I thought your name was Evangeline/Ever???))
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