Life On The Seas

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    Do you wish to sail the seas for the rest of your life. Spending your days surviving and searching for gold righter than the sun? Then look no further. Captain Nat is looking for a strong crew to help pillage the waters of the Caribbean! Oh, and you didn't hear that from me.

    - This is an open ended plot, so be ready to add whatever you may need to it.
    - GRAMMAR!
    - Common sense. There's no point in having three navigators on one ship.

  2. Natalie sighed, sitting back in her chair and staring at the ceiling. The next ship was a large freighter, which meant they would most likely have very skilled fighters to protect the cargo. So, was it worth the fight? Smiling to herself, she sat, nodding. "Definitely," she whispered, picking up the tiny model that represented their next target. "You will be mine."

    "So.... Hungry," James whined, almost lying on top of the wheel as his stomach grumbled again. "You shouldn't sail on an empty stomach, it's not good for your health!" he cried out, shaking his fist at the sky. "Although, it is almost lunch time by the looks of it."
  3. Circe laughed shaking her head at James's whining, "Are you that hungry James?" She leaned on the railing next to the helm. Her green eyes alight with amusement at his obvious distress of not having food. Her red hair whipped around her face because of the wind and she smiled. "The cook should be working on lunch now. When its done I will bring you some." She smiled and walked down the left side stairs heading to the captain's cabin. "Yo Nat you go a moment?" Circe asked as she knocked on the door.
  4. "Am I that hungry, she asks," James muttered, pushing himself up onto his feet and somewhat giving her a 'look', "Yes, I'm that hungry! And the cook should cook quicker, and... What, really? Thanks," he replied, giving a small smile.

    Nat frowned, having always gotten a little pissed when she was interrupted. Taking a breath to calm herself, she nodded. "Yeah, come in!" she called, leaning back against her chair and sitting her feet up on the desk. In doing so, she knocked the ship into hiding and moved the smaller map under the usual one.
  5. But upon this cargo ship, two unlikely people would be casted upon such a polite crew.

    Jeppetto was silent, not even his breaths heard as his arms lifted up upon heavy boxes, barrels of gunpowder, and so forth. The other, Bruce, hurried around the place, a hand wiping his face every now and then as the sudden warmth of these lands had brought him an allergy attack. He sneezed loudly, growling in a roar near the side of the ship as he snorted, spitting out a disgusting clump of saliva off the side of the boat. "Damned islands." He muttered in a dark, powerful tone, soon moving once more, his feet making the wood below him creaking by the weight pressed upon them. As would Jeppetto, who still remained silent as he traveled around the area, a captain looking upon him. "No no, there!" He was commanded, a long stare through his helmet towards the man as he soon enacted upon his orders, lifting it up upon his back this time, slouching over to a pathetic position as he walked.

    A few minutes more would go by, and either of them would meet up again. Both sitting down upon the stairways with each other, Bruce's hand met Jeppetto's scorched, marked shoulder, where many wounds and cuts had shown present. But yet, he acted as if his skin was normal, a soft look through a cursed steel helmet towards Bruce. "My poor brother." Bruce's large, powerful voice would emit out, rubbing his shoulder comfortably in a circular motion as he spoke. "Soon, we will have enough money for our own ship!" he promised, a half grin upon his face. Well, it would've been full, if the sealed helmet upon his skull wouldn't have hidden the other side, which proved to be more important to not show, opposed to the opposite. "One of these days, my friend." he said, patting his shoulder as he started to get up, grunting a bit as he stood. "Shank!" called out another crew member, making him growl under his breath and sneeze again, heavy breaths from the aggravating events going on emitted as he turned to follow more orders.

    But yet, this wouldn't be an order, as he was waved forward to the head of the ship. He made a limped jog forward, reaching the nose of such a ship as he looked forward, his one eye narrowed and looking around at the lands they'd soon travel, a soft look of interest in his gaze towards the lands above the seas.
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