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  1. Kennedy crouched low on a rooftop nearby.
    She was a hired a assassin, and on the look out for her next target. She's upsetting people.
    If you were to ask Kennedy why she does what she does, her answer would be 'I'm only in it for the money.'
    But she comes from a line of assassins. Kennedy originally disapproved of her family, but soon enough they have made her who she is now.
    After a young male walk out the bar. She moved from her position, not wanting him in the shot.
    This is going to have wait for another time.

  2. "Hmm..." The tall woman's voice was subtle. "Why don't you try taking the shot from here?" She asked as she took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled. Closing one eye she used her hand as a mock weapon and aimed her childish gun at the woman down the street speaking to the young man. She had perched herself close to the edge. "Pew" the typical sound a child made when shooting a fake gun escaped her. It was nothing more than a whisper. "Splat!" She grinned revealing unnaturally pointed incisors. Standing up straight she took the final drag of her cigarette and flicked it off the rooftop. "Come on Kennedy, give it a shot." The tall woman with the piercing grey eyes laughed at her pun.

    Kneeling next to the armed woman she spoke quietly. "The splatter would be interesting...and fun. Hmm...I wonder how he would react?" The question was rhetorical. Studying her former partner for a moment the tan skinned woman took a seat, her feet hanging off the edge of the roof. "I'd do it myself but then they might send you after me." She spoke as she leaned back on her hands, looking at Kennedy once again.
  3. Kennedy looked towards the woman next to her before looking back at her target.
    "Yes...maybe it would be interesting...but there can be no witnesses...if so they must die as well. If it was found out that I have killed anyone other than my target they would think of me as too sloppy to have gotten it done without the job getting seen." Kennedy told the woman.
    She looked back towards her target and the male. "I don't want to have to kill more than one being if they aren't on my kill list," she stated.
  4. "Well then, aren't you lucky that I still enjoy tagging along." She smirked and stood up. "I know you're a good shot." She met Kennedy's gaze, the scar on her neck burning at the memory. "So if I distract them and knock him out, all you gotta do is pull that precious trigger of yours." Her smile was just a tad sinister, fangs glistening under the orange street lamps.

    Standing up the tall, fit, raven haired woman approached the ledge of the building that the two had been standing on. Glancing over her shoulder the smile remained across her lips. "I'll try not to make too much of a mess." Winking, her eyes shimmered to a more primal gaze momentarily. The woman, Alaara, taking a step off the ledge without hesitation. Her landing in the alley below was smooth but loud. The concrete cracking under her feet. The smirk remained on her lips.

    Running her hand across the rough, brick surface of one of the buildings she came out of the alley with an air of excitement. Alaara crossed the road without caring for traffic, horns blaring as the target and the young man looked over in her direction. Grinning she approached the two who looked a tad confused.

    Alaara walked with purpose. “Glad to have your attention.” Approaching the young man the raven haired woman arched a brow. “Now, if you come along calmly and without a fight it’ll make things a lot easier.” Her voice held an air of cockiness. Her eyes shifted to the woman for a moment before returning to the man. He didn’t look like he wanted to go.

    “I’m sorry and who are you?” He asked in total confusion.

    Clenching her jaw Alaara rolled her eyes. The motion was fast, inhumanely so. There was a loud crunch and within that quick moment the male slid down the brick wall to the right. A trail of blood becoming evident as he slid closer to the ground. Intense grey eyes followed the crimson streaks down the wall and to the poor man’s face. Flicking her gaze up to the woman across from her, Alaara’s mouth hung slightly open.

    Kennedy’s target pulled out an ornate dagger and held it pointed towards the tall raven haired woman. The blonde female opposite Alaara seemed angered, her face showing the rage. The young woman almost seemed to be challenging her with the intricate dagger, it brought excitement to the taller woman’s features. Unfortunately this wasn’t her kill, but if Kennedy didn’t do something about it soon Alaara would have her fun.
  5. Kennedy rolled her eyes with a slight smirk on her face as Alaara jumped off the building.
    She got into position and pointed her sniper at the target.
    Waiting for Alaara to distract the young man and move his gaze elsewhere, and out of earshot. Once Kennedy witnessed Alaara knock out the man she blinked in surprise.
    Well that's Alaara for you.
    She shook her head before aiming her gun and pulled trigger without second thought.
  6. Her eyes flicked to the left as she heard the gun load the chamber and fire. Before her gaze returned to the blonde the bullet had penetrated her head, splattering blood all over the brick wall and Alaara’s face. Watching the corpse slump to the ground the tall woman licked her blood covered lips and smirked. Stepping over the male’s body Alaara knelt down and picked up the corpse of the blonde. Stepping around into an alley she placed the body against a dumpster.

    Coming back out and around she noticed the small ornate dagger. Reaching forward to pick it up she quickly dropped the weapon with a wince. Looking down at the palm of her hand she caught a glimpse of the weapon glowing a vibrant purple. Clenching her jaw Alaara dropped her hand to the side and approached the body of the young man. Kneeling down next to him she checked his pulse. Thankfully he was still breathing, probably severely concussed but he would live, hopefully with no memory of the event.

    Standing up straight she looked over at the dagger once again then over her shoulder, in the direction of Kennedy.

    ‘Why was her target a witch?’
  7. Kennedy watched silently as Alaara placed the body in an alley. Before staying to see what she would do with the knife, Kennedy looked away in order to get rid of any evidence of her being in the area.
    She stood and looked back in Alaara's direction to see she was looking back, over her shoulder.
    Kennedy looked around on the roof before jumping off to head towards the other woman. On her way there she looked towards the man who was unconscious, hopefully he wasn't dead. Kennedy didn't stop to make sure though.
    "We're done here. Let's go."
  8. “You might want to grab that knife.” Alaara spoke. “Cursed blood and magic weapons don’t go well together…” She let her sentence hag for a moment. “Did you know your target was a witch?” The tall woman crossed her arms over her chest, intense grey eyes looking into her former partner’s gaze.

    Alaara was aware of what targets they usually went after, she had fallen victim to one. Witches were never on the list, whether they had gone rogue or not. The magical ones typically helped the assassins. Clenching her jaw for a moment Alaara looked down at the dagger once again. Trying to kick it with her foot, the weapon sparked brightly and glowed that same vibrant purple, it seemed brighter this time.
  9. Kennedy picked up the knife after Alaara kicked it.
    "I had no idea. They've been sending me in blindly recently," she stated as she looked at the weapon. Lately she has been getting less information on her targets and more of them just keep getting on her list.
    "There must be a valid reason as to why I had to kill her."
  10. Clenching her jaw Alaara nodded. Her gaze quickly shifted to the male and down the alley where she had placed the corpse of the witch. Glancing back towards Kennedy she motioned with her hand. “After you then.” Alaara smiled playfully.

    The raven haired woman made sure to stay close to the other. Her former partner. Her curiosity grew as to why the witches had been brought onto the list.
  11. Kennedy nodded before walking off, but staying close to the shadows as to not be seen to any passerby.
    She decided to go to an apartment she planned on renting for some time.
    Kennedy wasn't sure if Alaara wanted to come or not, but seeing as how she followed anyway she continued to walk until they made it their destination.
    Kennedy lived on the top floor. There wasn't many belongings in there since she never stuck to one place for more than a month or two, maybe longer depending on the job.
    She went to her laptop, ready to say her job was accomplished successfully.
  12. Reaching the building Alaara stopped. The two had once been partners, even roommates but that didn’t mean the relationship between them was still the same. Saying her goodbye the tall woman left shortly after. As she walked down the streets she wondered and remembered. This whole situation with the witches kept coming back to her. What was the reason, what had they done to the assassins? Scoffing she shook her head and carried on through the night.
  13. After doing what was needed, Kennedy put her laptop away.
    She decided to take a long and hot shower to let herself think about the day's events. She was confused as to why she was sent to go after a witch, but it must have been reasonable right?
    Kennedy's shower lasted for about an hour before she got out to dry off and find something to wear.
  14. It didn’t take long for Alaara to reach the motel she was staying at. If she could stay with Kennedy she would but the woman didn’t want to push the other’s limits. She respected personal space. Locking the door to her room as she entered, the tall woman immediately stripped her clothes off. Several scars adorned her body, the mark on her neck where Kennedy’s bullet had grazed her skin, a large bite mark on her left shoulder, long gashes that ran diagonally downwards from under her left breast all the way to her right hip; there was also a severe burn mark in the shape of a small cross just under her right collar bone.

    Walking into the washroom Alaara hopped in the shower to wash off the blood that had splattered across her face from Kennedy’s kill. It was also a nice feeling to wash away all the grime and dirt from the day. Eventually the woman stepped out of the steaming shower. Barely drying herself off, she slipped into a new, fresh pair of underwear and pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a single large t-shirt. Plopping down on the bed Alaara sighed heavily before closing her eyes and trying to fall asleep.
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  15. Kennedy sighed as she threw herself onto the bed that sat in a small room of the apartment.
    The apartment itself was small, only meant for one person. It held a small kitchen, one room that could only fit a queen sized bed and a small dresser, the living room only had a TV set and nothing to sit on. Kennedy would usually watch from the kitchen if she ever had to time to watch it.

    As Kennedy laid on the bed she continued to think about the day's events. Why was I sat after a witch? Why can't I know anything about my targets anymore? She even ended up questioning why had Alaara appeared. She wasn't all that against her being there, it just felt bit weird to her.
  16. Waking up drenched in a cold sweat Alaara groaned and slowly propped herself up in the bed. Sections of the sheets had been torn and she found herself facing the opposite direction from when she had laid down. Clenching her jaw she sat up in bed and held her head for a moment. Rubbing her temples with her thumb and index finger she sighed and pushed herself off the bed. Walking into the bathroom she splashed some cold water on her face. Stepping out she began to undress.

    As she pulled her jeans on there was a knock at her door. Glancing over her shoulder Alaara arched a brow. The second knock was more eager. Doing up her pants and belt she approached the door. The scent that entered her nose was beyond familiar, belonging to someone she wasn’t expecting to see ever again. Her hand reached for the door, opening it she looked at the man that stood in her temporary doorway. He stood a few inches taller than her, possibly around six foot three. His shoulders were broad but the man wasn’t heavily built. His face was attractive but a distinct set of marks ran down the right side of his face, something that could easily turn others away. Alaara knew what the man had looked like once. Clenching her jaw her eyes never left his as he smirked at her. “Marcus.” Her words were blunt as she stepped aside to let the man in.

    He studied the room with a subtle chuckle. Watching the raven haired woman as she finished dressing and moved on to her make-up. The silence grew thick in the room, Alaara watching the bearded man through the mirror. She tried to hold back words. But after finishing with her make-up she turned around and faced the man as he sat on her bed. “What’s the reason behind your visit?” She questioned as she put her things away.
  17. The man chuckled before meeting her gaze. “You know the reason Al. We need you.His words were beyond familiar. Every time Alaara saw any of them or they found her it was always the same. 'Come back', 'We need you.' 'You're an asset', 'Things are different now'. It was her turn to scoff as she zipped her duffel bag shut.

    “You all already know the answer to that question Marcus.” Their eyes met. “It's not happening, I don't want to be associated with you or your pack.” The muscle in her jaw flexed at the end of her sentence. Now she would have to find a different motel, a different city. She wouldn't be able to keep an eye on Kennedy or find the reason as to why they were the hunting witches. The magic users held more power than most thought, although physically they weren't a challenge, it was what they were capable of that was frightening even to the most powerful supernaturals.

    “We need help with the witches.” Marcus' voice was deep, serious. “The Alpha's have met with the vampire elders and the master assassins. Things are beginning to get worse. They've halted any searches or hunts for rogue wolves and vampires, they are saying that they will end up as nothing more than pawns to this new power.” As he paused his words their gazes met. “I can only protect you from the hunts to a certain extent. This new coven leader or whatever this person is doesn't seem to be slowing down. We have a better chance of keeping each other safe if we stick together, as a pack, as a family.” His words seemed sincere, a tone of worry underlying them.

    Family? They definitely weren’t Alaara’s family. Marcus and his pack had practically left her to die. They didn’t even give her hope, they thought she wouldn’t even have a chance. “None of you are my family Marcus you never were and you never will be. Now, leave.” She had gone from a more annoyed softer tone to something much more serious and angry. Her gaze was intense as she glared at him. He stood up and glared back. Eventually Marcus broke the eye contact and made his way to the door. The air in the room was heavy. Glancing over his shoulder there was a gleam in his eye, something that Alaara couldn’t put words to and grew confused about.

    As he shut the door she exhaled heavily and sat on the bed with an irritated growl. She hated dealing with them and they popped up so damn often. Pinching the bridge of her nose Alaara shook her head. What were these witches up to? What was this new leader doing? And why was he or she doing it?
  18. At that moment, Kennedy heard her phone go off, letting her know she had a notification.
    She got off the bed and went to look for her cellphone. Last time she checked, it was left on the kitchen counter.
    It didn't take long for her to get to the phone and check what the notification was.
    "New mission.." she mumbled to herself.
    After it being read it was meant to be deleted, to erase any evidence of her even being an assassin.
    She was given a name, an age, address, etc.
    Kennedy read over the message multiple times before exiting out and never seeing it again. Once again it wasn't as descriptive as they used to be.
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