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  1. This is an advanced roleplay!
    I expect at least three paragraphs per post and EXTREMELY detail character sheets!
    Some of the characters have been giving preset situations and occupations.

    You guys met in college, you graduated together, then moved to the same city. Somewhere down the line, you all paired off and began to forge your respective love lives. You guys still hang out though. You see a movie every Friday night, go to karaoke every Saturday evening, and have brunch every Sunday. People long for the kind of friendship you have, and yet your relationships aren't perfect. Sometimes you fight. Sometimes you dread someone's company. Sometimes you lie with someone who isn't your lover.

    But that's life.
    Life is a shit storm of craziness, filled with fuck ups and sappy moments.
    And that's your life.

    You are one of six friends, who live in LA, and probably have a bomb ass job. Or not. Or maybe you don't have a job at all and your free loading off of your significant other, who might be getting a 'teensy' bit annoyed. Or maybe you have no choice but to stay home and take care of your ailing grandmother who maybe hates your lifestyle but you're too guilty to put her in a home. Either way, you live in LA and you may or not be living a happy life.

    But anyway, here's the group set up.
    First off, RELATIONSHIPS
    Dude 1 and Dude 2 are engaged.
    Lady 1 and Lady 2 are together.
    Dude 3 and Lady 3 are married.
    Dude 1 slept with Lady 2
    Lady 1 wants to propose to Lady 2
    Lady 3 knows about Dude 1 and Lady 2.
    Dude 3 slept with his boss to get a promotion.
    Dude 2 was hired by Dude 3's boss' wife to investigate her husband's adulterous tendencies.
    Third, the SITUATIONS
    Dude 1 can't keep a job.
    Dude 2 is a private investigator.
    Lady 1 and Lady 2 live with Lady 1's grandmother who is homophobic and racist.
    Dude 3 has some type of business related career.

    Clearly this is an OPEN role play where any sexuality is open.
    Appearances will be real.
    If you know me well, you know that I LOVE diversity. And I ask that we don't follow in the footsteps of Hollywood movies and have one poc per five white people. I'm not trying to stifle your creative juices, but realistically there are less white people in the world than literally anyone else.
    Also for this roleplay, I require interestingly designed CSs.

    Who's Who
    Prince Justin Perfection is Dude 1
    Pasiphae is Lady 2 (FC: Priyanka Chopra)
    Shayla is Lady 1 (FC: Fan Bingbing)
    I am Lady 3 (FC: Nicki Minaj)​
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  2. You know I gotta play Dude 1 and youbknow I am pro with diversty lol. Want me to tag some peeps?
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  3. OOO... I want to do Lady 2! You and you blasted good rps woman!

    FC; priyanka chopra

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  4. You little lady need to stop putting up good ideas... I will not resist!

    I will take up Lady 1! Amazing partnership here we come!

    Drumroll... Here is my faceclaim:
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  5. :D Yes please! And thanks for joining!

    :3 Awesome! Thanks for joining and omg those earrings are beautiful. O.O

    It's a tragic flaw, I know. xD Thanks for joining!
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  6. I for sure will want to make my girl a bit more interesting not only a granny nanny :D
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  7. @CrystalTears wanna be the male my guy is engaged to... and cheated on with Lady 2 xD
    @DarkiusHeavenstein maybe you will like this.

    I think there's only two spots left since @Thingtastic I'm guessing you're playing a role right? xD
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  8. Also my faceclaim is up!!
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  9. That is very correct! It would be weird if I was just sitting back and eating popcorn while watching the drama that I created. xD But then again...Just kidding yeah, I'm gonna have a character too. xP
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  10. Come and be the granny :bouncy:
  11. LOL xD Pshhh I can't be that mean continuously. xD
    I shall either be Lady 3 or Dude 3, but probably Lady 3.
  12. Dude 1 FC
    Artist Ledom

  13. @Thingtastic you should make this Libertine if everyone who joins is over or is eighteen if Dark and Crystal join that is... would make it funner XD
  14. His name is Artist? And where do you find these beautiful babes. O.O
  15. Justin! Your killing me :banghead:
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  16. Hmmmm, is everyone comfortable with that?

  17. Tumblr
    Next Model Management
    Wilhelmina Models Website
    Other modeling sites and things of that nature lol.

    Yup he is beautiful you should check out his Tumblr I believe that he is Indian and Black or something like that XD.
  18. Wait till you see more of him in the finished cs xD
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