Life Is Strange (Update and Spoilers!)

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    So thanks to the words of certain individuals on this site, I finally purchased the game last month when I first got my PS4. I completed it alongside getting the Platinum trophy (which was my first) and my verdict is this:

    I HELLA LOVED IT! The story was nice with a great atmosphere to accompany it. I really liked the characters (Chloe especially) and there were definitely moments that made me emotional thanks to the nice writing. The soundtrack is some pretty great stuff too and I didn't expect it to be as good as it was.

    But there were some things about the game that I hated for the life of me!

    I could see what everyone meant about Episode 5. It was pretty damn disappointing. Not to mention annoying to play through with all those wannabe Metal Gear Solid mazes and not much of it made sense. Seriously was the whole dream sequence even necessary? Don't even get me started on the secret photos -_-

    I also hated the photo focus parts! Since I have the console version, it was harder to do than the PC version (I assume).

    Overall I'm really glad I got to experience this game and I may end up giving this genre a try now. After being horrified by Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, I finally found a game of this type that I liked.

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  2. Psst... There are certain actions in the game that can effect how a certain ending plays out >.< though sadly it doesn't contribute all that much... And yeah xD dream sequence was quite the... Nightmare :P though, after replaying it to get the secret photos I missed, I did notice the game drops you hints on where to go, somewhat xD
  3. I KNOW THAT!!! XD Hell I consulted a walkthrough during the whole game which influenced my decisions and it was how I got all the secret photos XD That dream sequence felt like an acid trip sequence
  4. @.@ I... Avoided a walkthrough as much as possible xD only exception was when I encountered a fatal bug during episode 4, preventing me from continuing >.< but yeah :S it's hella crazy what a trip the game sends you on x.x
  5. I only consulted the walkthrough because I didn't want to make any choices I would regret XD
  6. >.< that's understandable... I just wanted to see how things would play out really :P I usually replayed entire sections if I flipped through the choices section to find I missed something x.x in the end... I guess I'm satisfied with how it turned out, though... Imma replay again to do things "right" x.x
  7. Saving Kate was vital to me though DX That part made me cry!
  8. >.< Blegh, I'm actually super glad I'm such a snoop, caught a cruicial detail that seriously helped me there xD on the other hand... Paranoid me rewinding after searching everything broke the game in episode 4, causing that fatal bug that I mentioned before :P where you were unable to examine a certain spot on the floor because something would not trigger
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  9. LMAO wow XD
  10. Yeah >.< I spent nearly an hour trying to figure out what I was doing on... Until I realized it was a bug x.x
  11. Did you have the PC version?
  12. Oh! Yeah xD that may be part of the reason why... It was that spot where you were looking for Nathan's phone >.<
  13. Ohhhh that part! Should've got the console version :P
  14. >.< It's okay xD PC version worked fine, all I needed to do was reload that little portion :P I don't really have any consoles other than a lone x-box 360 anyways x.x
  15. Life Is Strange is for PS3, PS4, X1, and X360 too ya know!
  16. xD I know I know... I guess I prefer my PC games for some reason >.<
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