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    Hey! I'll try to keep this brief for you guys - I've just really been craving a roleplay of this amazing game.

    About Me:

    ○ Call me Chaotic, or give me any nicknames you might like. c:
    ○ Female (able to play male)
    ○ Under 18
    ○ Been roleplaying for about 4 years now
    ○ Feel free to ask if you need to now anything else~


    ○ Romance required, at least as a sub-plot (canonxOC, canonxcanon, OCxOC - I was hoping to find someone who would be up for a WarrenxOC while I can play another character for your OC if you'd like.)
    ○ MxF only
    ○ Doubling optional (please be able to play male if you wont double)
    ○ No smut/explicit sexual content
    ○ Long replies are nice but I wont require more than a paragraph. Absoluely no one liners please.
    ○ Threads or pm's (Pretty formatting optional)
    ○ Ask any other questions you may have~
  2. Would you be willing to play Chloe for a female oc, if I play Warren for you?
  3. No I'm sorry, I only do MxF. We could genderbend Chloe if you'd like?
  4. Sure, I can give it a shot!
  5. Awesome! :D

    Shall we begin planning in a pm then? c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.