Life is Limbo - Purgatory for the People

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  1. What happens when people become to obsessed with the truth? Where science is the only answer for the questions in which we state? What happens.....

    Since the ancient times we have waged war against other humans, sometimes for wealth, sometimes for power and sometimes for religious dominance.
    In 2026, scientists discovered a secret within the human Genes and structure. This secret experiment involved a serum which would force evolution upon the subject into which their skeletal structure would reform, their skin harden and morph, certain anatomical features would appear. The natural senses and instincts would heighten and the subject would gain skills some would call...paranormal. These scientists had created a living angel. Upon doing this they discovered something else all together...the real existence of Angels...and demons. Before them appeared two winged humans, who on their arrival tore the bio angel to pieces, leaving the work of the scientists looking pitiful and weak.

    The two spoke of their duties, how humans could never surpass that of 'their' kind. They explained that for the whole of the human existence they had watched, these two were Angels and Demons. They controlled the order in the human world. Intervening in all the religious wars and conflicts over our lifespan. How the name 'GOD' had been slandered by our kind, so in return they spoke in ways we could only understand...war and conflict. This name, 'GOD' had become a being in the eyes of humans, so we could understand with fear and respect who controlled our world.

    We are controlled by the G.O.D, 'Guardians of the Divine'. An organisation ran by both angel and demon kind. The angels and demons however are a race of their own, both powerful in their own ways. Demons were the enforces of battle and weights of power, Angels the negotiators and speakers of law. However both are equal in power.

    Now after these events the world was once again thrown into war and corruption of law where military is life. Companies and corporations rule the earth...and take over it is the only profit left. Although the G.O.D stands strong and independent, they have been swayed by the Companies to the point where they are almost corrupt themselves, enlisting Angels and Demons as warriors in the battlefield. So when a divine does take to the field, only chaos can ensue from the relentless strength compared to no others.

    This story follows 4 different arch's in which we can shift focus and also cross into each other. The aim is to eventually end the wars, whether it be through violence or it be through teaming up and ending it through peace. Your role in this game is to help build a story for characters within each company (arch) and make it as intersting as possible.

    The 4 Arch's:

    1. G.B.T - Global Bio Tech - This is the Company which originally paid the scientists to form a bio-weapon which evolved into the man made angel. They are ruthless and ran completely on Military and arms. They are ran by the blood lusting Desmond Whike, a tyrant who's only aim is to rule the world through power and business. This arch is based on destroying the world and hunting down other companies with high tech armies and brutal force.

    2. W.R.C - World Restoration Corp - This corporation acts like the UN of the new world. Usually about debating with their large council and settling business through talking and conference. However their army is almost on par with that of the G.B.T. They are a force to be reckoned with and to take their offers are the wisest solution.

    3. A.M - The Allegiance of Man - These are the classic 'Rebellion' squad. Troops made up of freedom fighters who want to topple and infiltrate the Corporations so they can try restore the world back to order and peace. Their equipment is lesser than that of the other Arch's yet they resort to guerilla warfare and sabotage to win wars. The leader of the A.M is Eric Vauche. An ex G.B.T General who abandoned the Company after they sank further into the corrupt.

    4. G.O.D - Guardians of the Divine - Watchers of the earth and made up of Angels and Demons. Currently they are par taking in the war on earth. Both angels and demons have their own unique weapon and divine ability. An angel or demon is named by assigning the letter A or D after their name, almost as a form of rank When on the battle field they can easily turn the tide of a fight, however when assigned to a job...they must complete it and keep their word. Even if it means fighting one of their own kind...

    So now to set the scene and begin the story... (please colour code depending on the arch's point of view you're writing from)

    Amongst the rubble of a collapsed building 3 soldiers wearing red and black armour are crouched and looking over a make shift barrier from the bricks. Two of the soldiers are looking through the scopes of their rifles, scouting the war torn city. Suddenly one of them jumps back from his post "Captain, Captain!!! Get over here quick" The third soldier walks over to the mound where he sits down the panicking man. "Calm down soldier. What is wrong with you? Are you trying to give our position away? What are you trying to report" The man still shivering, manages to hand his captain the scope from his rifle. The other soldier begins slinking back behind the mound, closing his eyes and whispering aloud "2 O'clock Captain. We have a code D" The captains eyes widened, his pace quickening he looked through the scope only to see the horror walking over a pile of smoking cars. "Hello! This is Captain Miles, sector 8, quadrant 36. We're going to need some cruisers and back up urgently! I have 2 scouts and 15 men on my line and we are approaching a code D" The captain hung up his receiver and dropped back into the rubble with the scouts. "Captain, what'll we do? We can't take on a demon in open combat! He'll gut us alive!"

    "Now I won't say alive...however,the W.R.C sends, their deepest regards" The demon spread out his large black wings, the feathers dropping onto the soldiers faces, faces struck with fear. Around the demons arms were wrapped spiked chains which attached to his gauntlets and as he dropped the chains to the floor the spikes plucked from his skin, his black blood dripping onto the ground. His eyes began to glow white and the chains began spinning around him in a vortex. "Now feel the pain of war! It won't be long but it will be painful... amend your sins and fight"