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  1. The female scientist, named Kaitlyn Farca, was a part of the making process of bird people. She was one of the older ones that kept her mind in the computer doing all the lab work that needed to be done not like the others would do it. Also she came up with new experimental things they could try to mix with people.

    One of the bird children's blood caught her eye. She didn't know who it was but the blood held a sort of power to it that none of the others held. To Kait it was something amazing and satisfying to watch the power do what it needed to do. Everything about the experimental stuff was fun for Kait but she never saw the experiments the other scientists did that.

    It was until that fateful day she finally got into the lives of the half humans and half bird children. Kait was sitting in the lab doing all the tech stuff and the boring stuff when the alarm went off saying that one of the bird had escaped the cage.

    For that to happen Kait suspected it had to be the one that had the power in its blood. She was so excited that she moved to the door and blocked the exit hoping to catch the bird human herself. She wanted to know who it was she was so fascinated by when she came across their blood.
  2. Thise limped towards the door, the white halls being stained by his blood, he had only gotten out of the cell because of the daft doctor opening the window, it had let the air in, wind. and somehow he used it to his advantage. When the gusts of wind ruffled against his two wings, that spread about fifteen feet in about each direction when fully spread. he somehow manipulated it to destroy the door to the cell, knocking two doctors out onto the floor. He had hurt one of his wings though whilst he was trying to escape, his wings were a dark black, he was the only one with black wings, everyone else had bright color's, he did not know why this was. But it had come to let him escape, at least he had though, he could hear someone behind him, they had not taught him what language WAS, but they had told him his age, he was nineteen. And he was stronger than normal, he was a lot faster, he was a genius. Other's were scared of him, even his own kind.

    Turning towards the sound he tried to scream for it to stay away, but all that came out was something that could only be described as hellish, he knew no words, he knew not of the sky, he knew not of the soil that shout be beneath his feet. He knew not of love, and that is the thing he needed most, he started of wobbling faster towards what he thought to be the exit. his wings hurt, his body ached, he yearned for something that everything wishes for in its existence.... Freedom. He strived for it more than anything. But he fell to his knee's as he came to what should be called a door.

    He tried the knob, but it would not budge, was he to be stuck again, was he to be poked and prodded yet again, he let out a scream of anger, and something unexpected happened, gushes of wind unfurled his wings, slamming into the door, the wind broke the door off it's hinges, his wings spread in a sight to be fathomed. He let the tears roll down his face as he looked out and at the sky, it was night time, there was no blue sky, with birds flying freely, only black, and a cool air that ruffled his hair, and brought his spirit to new height's.
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  3. The moment she saw the male with the black wings she knew it was the one she was so fascinated by. She walked over to him and reached out slowly and softly touched his back. "Shhhhhh it's okay. Your freedom comes with a cost you must know that. Come one I'll hide you. Everyone else doesn't know how to appreciate someone with power like you. It's okay. I won't hurt you." She said slowly standing in front of him. Nothing about her stance showed anything about if she was scared or not because she wasn't scared.

    "Let's get you somewhere safe now." She whispered at him and smiled slightly. She was being slow and she hoped he wouldn't hurt her. She put trust in him not to hurt her while she brought him to her own house. She didn't want to stay here with him. She wanted him all to herself. The power, the life, and she wanted to teach him everything like words and language and well things she didn't learn herself.
  4. He did not fully understand what she was saying, but he nodded, he knew she was not here to hurt him, her posture was too relaxed, as if she knew what he was trying to do, as if she knew him. It slightly scared him, but he stood and limped over to the woman, trying to walk was too much, so he leaned onto the woman. Her warmth felt comfortable, and it made him at ease, he wanted to talk to her, he wanted the words to come out. but nothing could pop up, she had talked so easily, so why could he not do the same as her? What was it that she had that he had lost, so many questions, and he had no answer's, nothing to give him the peace of mind he needed.

    Thise knew there were things to be afraid of, but when he touched this lady, for some reason all of his fears faded off. It made him glad that there was someone who seemed not afraid of him, someone who actually wanted to help him instead of hurting him, maybe there was more people like her. Maybe he was just getting his hope's up, he needed not to do that, it would make him start wishing for things, and wishes were the ending of dream's. He almost fell over as he thought this, so many mistakes could be made and he could not warn her about it. Opening and closing his mouth, he tried to force out the words, but all that could be heard were weird squeal and groan's... but then something came out "please!!" It was loud and strong, and it had much force behind it.

    Was that his voice, what was it that made it sound so strong, he was scared of his voice, so he did not try to talk anymore, he did not try the very thing that would free him from his own prison, he fell onto the floor know. Shocked after his voice echoed through the hall's, maybe he was never to be free.
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  5. The way he moved Kait could tell he was in serious pain. She watched as he willingly walked over to her and that made her heart speed with joy and well she was so excited. She never had someone listen to her or even come to her like this. When he started to lean on her she could totally tell the pain was really bad. By the way he moved and well not really looked like he was listening she could tell he couldn't speak or he didn't understand the language.

    Once the word please came out of his mouth Kait couldn't help but have a smile on her face. His first word was to her. That made her happy. She never ever felt like this before. "Let's get out of here buddy okay." She whispered soothingly just so he could hear a soothing sound and to say she wasn't.

    When he fell to the floor she went on her knees with him. She could tell he was having a battle in his head for freedom but she wanted him with her now. "Come on, we can do this together. You just have to help me. I can't carry you by myself." She said touching his hands slightly as she wasn't that strong.
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