Life in the Sierra Nevada (Deer roleplay)

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I have an idea for a deer roleplay, after watching the Bambi movies. I really like the idea of roleplaying some beautiful and graceful creatures. I haven't entirely come up with a plot yet. That's what I need all of your guys' help with! Care to help and add things?
I personally find it a bit weird, however it's interesting too. Plus, if we didn't do weird things we'd be boring :D

Anyway. Maybe you could have it as a series thing. Have episodes, and in each episode play out a part in a deers life. So, deers travel in...herds i'm guessing. Maybe have one episode come to an ultimatum where their being hunted by wolves or something. Then another where they're being hunted by hunters or whatever. Maybe have a forest fire? I'm just firing things in here. You could have something like Buck's fighting for the status of alpha male, if that's even in the deer world haha. Or maybe over a foxy ladaaay =P
That was EXACTLY what I was thinking! I wanted to do something totally different. :)

I gathered some facts about deer, just so people would know:

The name of a male deer is referred to as a stag or a buck.
The name of a female deer is referred to as a doe or hind.
The name of offspring, or a baby deer, is a fawn or yearling.
The average size of a litter is one or two fawns.
The collective name for a group of deer is a herd.
The sound made by a deer is referred to as a bellow.

I think that they idea of episodes sounds like a good idea! I've never thought of that before. How would we gather those together, though? Would we have different subjects in the forum? Just curious!
I think we should do a WWII furry steampunk, set in Germany. The deer could be the Jews and wolves could be the Nazis. :D
I second that idea.

We could call it the The Fawnal Solution.
That's got interesting symbolism in it, Asmodeus and Tegan.