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    The sun rose slowly over the sky as it beat down on the Mortelle farm. The Mortelles were already up and getting ready. The parents of the Mortelle house have already gotten the bedrooms ready for the new kids they adopted from the city to help give the a home and trade. The house had been ready for weeks.

    The Mortelles had the room so they decided why not. They also had Cows 20+, steers 3, horse 20+, cats 15+, dogs 15+, ducks, swans, pigs 10+, chickens 20+, Rooster 4. This is just some of the animals they had on the farm.

    Olivia had been up for almost two hours with her siblings getting the animals fed and the chores done before the other kids came. They would have breakfast when the orphans got to the house. she was done with her chores and had gone to the arena to run shadow her horse. she only stopped as she saw the van drive up. She rode her horse over to the house and tied him to the rail.she joined her parents on the pourch being the oldest.

    Sam sat in the van his arms crossed as they were driven for the country side. He didn't want to go he liked the contry. He however was glad to be with the small "family" from the orphanage. Sam watched the outside pass. When they finally arrived he just sat watching the farm with a slight disgusted fave. he wasn't a big nature fan at all. He slowly got out with the other's and looked around with a slight frown.

    Anne stepped out after Shawn and looked at her family. She went to help Oliver with the bags. She sighed and gave a small smile to the Mortelles. she was great full for their hospitality it was how ever weird for her. Anne wasn't normally the girl to stay in one place to long. she would see how it went here. the air did smell weird. she however knew she Had to do something say something. She looked at Oliver and walked over to the parents." Umm thank you for taking us in" she said with a soft English accent.

    Shawn had barely woken up before the orphans got here. he dressed in jeans and a muscle shirt. he walked down the stairs and put on boots and went to do a few quick chores. He walked back when he heard van doors and went to stand next to his sister Olivia . He looked as his other siblings joined him.​
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  2. Naomi Mortelle

    aomi could barely sleep the night before. Something about knowing that new people were coming to live with them sent shivers up her spine. How could her parents be so sure about these people, but than again Naomi trusted her parents judgement enough to know that they wouldn't bring in just anyone. They knew at least something about them. However, her mind still wondered what was going to happen while they were here. Was it going to be a good experience or just another horrible one? She sighed.

    Rolling out of bed, Naomi looked at the clock. It was an early four in the morning. Why not get up already, getting chores done early was best. Shifting Crescent a bit out of her way, Naomi walked to the closet and began to search for something to wear. She choose an outfit that she could work in, black jeans, white shirt, jean jacket, white chucks, and a grey hat. Sure it wasn't that cold, but being outside for quite some time did leave a chill to her skin. Looking down at the cat the purred as it rubbed against her leg, Naomi smiled. "Crescent, I'm not giving you cat nip right now." Naomi said before exiting her room.

    It wasn't long before her younger siblings were up, seeing that Naomi never beat Olivia to waking she had company for a little bit. Making her way outside to clean out the pig pens and feed them, Naomi practically stopped breathing. Sure she should be use to the stench by now, but her nose just kind of stopped breathing. All 10+ pigs seemed to smile at her as she poured the food into the bins, with the help of one of her other siblings. Though one in particular, Pinkie, seemed to just stare at her. Naomi was the one to deliver Pinkie and ever since then she seemed to have a creepy bound with the pig, or at least the pig made it creepy by acting like she was proper at some times. "Just eat today, okay?" Naomi said. Pinkie was old for a pig, which was weird cause normally she would have been killed by now for meat, but Naomi's mother, Melissa, kept the pig around. Though both Naomi and her mother knew that the pig would be passing soon as she wasn't eating that much and was losing weight.

    After finishing her chores, Naomi decided to groom her horse, Champion, out at the Corrals. She figured she would ride Champion later that evening after meeting the orphans. Walking into the corrals, Naomi went to the third stall which housed Champion. Unlocking the door, she walked him out and grabbed the brush. "I can tell you know their coming." Naomi mentioned as she brushed the horses hair. Naomi had had Champion since she was twelve. Champion and her competed in many competitions and won most of them. The trophies were in the case that was near the families kitchen, along with her sibling's. It seemed that each child of the Mortelle family was talented in either one thing or many. Naomi's was Volleyball, Soccer, and Horse back riding.

    Somehow Naomi had lost track of time brushing Champion that she had forgotten that the orphans were coming. It wasn't until she heard van doors close that her eyes shot wide and she hurried to put Champion away. Her mother wanted her there to greet them, along with her other siblings, simply because she didn't know if they would need help carrying things in. Naomi closed Champion's gate and dashed off towards the house. It took a mere minute to cross the yard and get to the porch. "I'm here." She said, stopping by her mother. Naomi looked at her mother and smiled. "Sorry I'm a little late." She said before looking at each orphan. Her eyes stopped on a dark red head who seemed to be disgusted with his surroundings. She soon averted her gaze to the others as she walked down off the porch at went to help bring in luggage. "I'm Naomi." She told them.

    Oliver Abalos

    omehow Oliver knew that today wasn't going to be great...he had spilled his coffee. If there was one thing Oliver couldn't stand was not having his morning coffee. But he would have to get over that quickly because the van was being packed with both luggage and orphans, including him. They were to be shipped off to some farm in the middle of nowhere to help some family. Boring. Oliver liked the city, he liked how many people there were, the shops, the vibe, everything he didn't want to give that up, but here he was doing it for his 'family.'

    Boarding the van, Oliver looked at Sam. "'s only hell." He murmured before pulling out his phone and checking his messages. Oliver was a bit popular, but no one ever cared about him much to really help him and his family. They always resorted to that lame sentence..."I'll pray for you and your family." Bull. If they really wanted to help they would. Oliver had been back and forth between jobs, it seemed no one wanted to really keep him on despite him being a great worker. So when him and his family were offered this opportunity they took it no matter where it was. Oliver would have to face the fact. The city was too expensive.
    The drive out of town and to the farm was full of either arguing or silence, never something nice. The orphans, almost all of them, seemed tense. It was always just them and now they were relying on a family they barely knew for shelter in return for work. Life was hell, that was a fact. Oliver looked out the window at the house as the van pulled up, he opened the van slider door and hopped out after it had come to a stop. He forced a smile at the Mortelle family as he began to unload the van.

    Asher Mortelle

    sher had skipped out on morning chores, opting to sleep in seeing as he went to sleep at three. Last night Asher had left the house to go to a party across town, which he had failed to mention to anyone and left without telling his family. It wasn't until three that he was able to get home and into bed. Hopefully one of his siblings, preferably Naomi, would lie for him. Naomi had him had always had each other's back, but it wasn't her he was worried about it was his two older siblings, Shawn and Olivia. Sure Asher was more of a party boy than a help around the house, but the two didn't need to nark on him as often as they did. Though he had to admit sometimes they did cover his ass.

    Waking to the stomps of Naomi's heavy feet as she ran across the old wooden porch, Asher realized what time it was. "Shit!" He said throwing the blankets off of him and scurrying to his dresser. Asher seemed to dance around his room as he pulled on jeans and a grey v-neck shirt. He was about to run out of the room when he remembered he still smelled a bit like alcohol. He stopped himself and ran back to his dresser grabbing the old spice deodorant and some spray. Spraying in a pit-pit-chest order, Asher threw the can down on the dresser and hurried out the room, grabbing his shoes on the way.

    Hopping down the hallway as he put on his shoes, Asher stopped at the stairs and pulled the backs on. He then hurried down the stairs and out the door. Seeing that his family was already there, and he was really late he sighed. "Hey." He mumbled before stepping by Shawn.
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  3. Lucy Kai O'Neill

    The young female sighed quietly as she looked out the window of the van. Her body was rigid and her knees were pulled to her chest. It wasn't that she was afraid but because she was nervous. What would this place be like? Were they nice? The last thing the girl needed was more heartbreak. She knew this family was taking them in and that they should be grateful but she felt as though this was just another way for someone to get rid of her. Ever since she was put in foster care or in the orphanage she had been tossed around so much she was starting to feel all alone except when she was with the others they had all gone through somewhat the same thing.
    She put her legs down and looked at what she considered to be her family. "W-What do you think they are like?" She said right before the van came to a stop and Oliver got out starting to take everything out. She got out and went to help. "Oli Do you need some help?" She asked in a hushed tone. She looked over at the Mortelle family and her eyes widened.
    She quietly looked at Oliver begging him to say something silently wanting to be reassured that everything was going to be ok. She knew that they couldn't tell her for sure that it would be ok but she just wanted to hear it. She was now truly scared about what the future might hold here.

    Valerie Naves
    Valerie climbed out after Lucy and put an arm over her shoulder seeing that the young girl looked afraid. She whispered in her ear "Don't Worry Luc, Everything will be alright." She couldn't promise that but she could give her a little bit of solice. Not everything was bad but she doubted that would like it here. It was hot and when she looked at the family she was that there were the same amount of children as there were orphans. To put it in deep perspective, she wondered why the family would take on even more children.
    She took her one small bag out of the van and stood there staring at the family a solemn look on her face. She kept a protective arm around the youngest of their group.
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  4. Bailey
    Bailey believed he wasn't as worried as everybody else. At least they were all going together. Besides, the countryside was good. Fresh air, less likely to be hit by a car, often there were bigger houses than the squashed editions in the city. Still, there was that nerve. What if they only liked some of the orphans and sent the others back? He tried not to think of that as he clamoured into the van with his stuff.

    During the journey, there was no favourites. The silence was awkward. The arguments caused him to put his hands over his ears. This was not the day to get angry. He just decided that to say nothing was better.

    But when they pulled up towards the house, Bailey couldn't have been more excited. Being passed around could finally end. He wanted to impress. He wasn't getting sent back to the city. Bailey looked compose, but he couldn't help but smile when the van opened and he got to get out.

    He couldn't wait to get started. And eat breakfast. He was starving.
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  5. Sadie bent forward, giving Apache an affectionate pat on the neck. She had gotten up early with the rest of her siblings and changed into something a little less bold... or however you wanted to describe her normal style, than usual. After all, first impressions were important to some people, wouldn't want to be scaring off the orphans of course... right? Not that she cared or anything, but it was probably better if Sadie looked and acted more her age this time... besides, the midnight colored dye job on her head was different enough anyway. After she had done her portion of the chores, Sade decided to take her best friend for a ride... since her baby, Bebe the Old English Sheepdog mix was still out cold at the end of Sadie's bed. After a while the second eldest child of the Mortelle clan pulled her phone out to check the time... only to realize she was late as usual. Some things never do change, but spinning her boy around in a tight circle she clicked her tounge, nudged Apache with her heel and galloped off the trail, headed back home in what she could only hope would be record time... at least she could just turn the horse out in the field and skip the untacking since she had gone out bareback. Pulling the paddock gate closed and locking it behind her she ran off, stopping and standing next to Olivia, her older sister on the porch of the giant farmhouse.

    Ryan had rolled out of bed rather groggy this morning... he was usually a happy-go-lucky teen, but not in the morning. Waking up was by far the hardest part of the day for Ryan, always had been. As usual the youngest Mortelle kid had missed the beginning of his chores... and as his stomach growled he noted that if he didn't get a move on he would probably end up missing breakfast as well. Hopefully mom would be making scrambled eggs and sausage links again... that was definitely his favorite breakfast. Pulling on his jeans last after washing up, Ry headed out to get started on his chores, completely forgetting that the Orphans would be arriving today... until he head a few unfamiliar voices and spotted some new faces along with a van they were unloading items from. Wandering over, Ryan gave a little shrug as he took in the scene "Do you guys need any help?" he asked in general, not completely sure if there was one of them that was more in charge than the other.

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  6. Katherine Olivia Justice

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    The ride to the farm was long and bumpy. Katherine found that she kept pulling at her beanie, a nervous habit. Her brown eyes watched the scenery pass by as the ride went on. They're taking us to the middle of nowhere, The young girl thought, heaving a sigh. This is like a slow beginning to a horror movie... This thought caused her lips to turn upward. The brunette leaned forward and grabbed her bag, digging inside for a mechanical pencil and her drawing pad. Once she had both in hand she started to sketch what she imagined their movie poster would look like.

    By the time the van arrived to the farm she had draw a creepy corn stock, with glowing eyes peeking through. There was blood on the ground, and a few dead bodies. Against the starry sky she had written, 'Week with the Mortelle's.' The young girl glanced up just as the van was pulling up to farm, and felt herself grimace at the sight of it. She shoved the pad back into her bag quickly and followed the rest of the orphans out of the vehicle.

    As soon as she stepped outside her senses were assaulted by an odd smell. "Gross," she muttered to herself, adjusting the strap to her bag. She turned away from the Mortelle's to look to her orphan family, scanning them all to see if any needed help. Directly to her right was Lucy and Valerie, and just by looking at Lucy anyone would tell she was the most nervous of them all. "Aye, don't worry about it, Luc," Katherine assured the other female, "We're all going to be just fine."

    She wasn't lying, she was positive they would all be all right. What was the worst that could happen anyways? Even if all the Mortelle children resented them they'b be okay, because they had each other. And, in Kat's opinion, that's all they really needed. She stole one last glance to the large family before averting her gaze to the ground.


    Braeden Anthony Mortelle

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    Most of the Mortelle family was up and doing chores even before the sun rose. Braeden didn't roll out of bed until six, and as soon as he was awake he was lazily pulling on his boots. Sleepily he stumbled out of his bedroom, down the stairs and then outside. He went straight to the chicken coop, opening it up with a tired smile. "Morning chicks," he greeted with a wave as he picked up his basket.

    It took about twenty minutes for Braeden to gather all of the eggs. He used three different baskets, just because his mother had always told him to not put all his eggs in one. He was sure it was supposed to be a metaphor of sorts, but he took it literally just in case. The young boy stored the eggs carefully, and then ate breakfast with some of his family.

    From there he did a few more chores, but mostly he was just trying to keep himself busy. Braeden was extremely excited for the orphans that were coming to live with him and his family. Truthfully, it was a miracle he wasn't bouncing around the farm and annoying his whole family with questions about the orphans. When the van finally arrived Braeden had been in the kitchen, doing dishes. With a wide smile he ran outside right behind Asher, and stood behind his brother as he watched the orphans pile out of the van.

    All of them seemed different and unique, especially when he compared them to his own family. City people dress weird, he thought, glancing down to his simple jeans and red t-shirt. Braeden's attention was drawn by Ryan, the only one of his siblings that has said anything to the Orphans so far. His smile only widened, because now he was allowed to also approach his new family members.

    "I'm Braeden," He said, stepping forward towards the orphans and giving a wave. "And I can help you all too, just give me a bag to carry!" He held out both his hands, eager to make a good first impression on the orphans.

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