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    Farsight left his home, making his way to Ponyville proper. It was his regular routine, and being a Dreamwalker meant his days were entirely free. He has a smile on his face as he crosses the bridge that connected where he lived with the land Ponyville was built on.
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  2. Moonlight was running his daily errands for his store and to make sure everything was prepared for the summer sales event he had planned since he finally made several copies of beach, summer and island vacation based video games alongside some of his best sellers that everypony loves and tends to come back and buy even after they traded it in and bought something else.
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    Teal flies around his house setting it up for the summer. He looks excited as he sets up awnings and umbrellas for shade, cleans up the yard and sets up a stand.

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    Teal rushes inside the house and returns with water balloons and a saddle bag. He puts the balloons on the stand and rolls it through town.

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    Teal arrives at a pond and unpacks his saddle bag, setting up a few towels on the ground, a basket, a slip'n'slide and a cooler.
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    Moon continued to back and forth between his house, his store and several places that were selling summer based items that he could put on display, not limited to beach chairs, umbrellas and fake sand which surprising felt like real sand regardless. He couldn't wait until summer arrived.
  5. Teal sticks his hoof in the water and then holds it up.
    75 degrees....
    He looks around, blushing a bit.
    It's not summer today....
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    Snow slammed the door to her house and locked it after making sure she had her belongings. She walked down her cloud steps until she reached the small cloud platform at the bottom. She hoped into the air and flew down to Ponyville. She landed and looked around wondering if she would see someone she knew, and if she did she hoped they had something for her to do. She was completely bored and had absolutely nothing to do.
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    Farsight followed along his normal path that led to the town's main square, where benches were set up. He took to one, leaning back on it and enjoying the still spring-like air. The warmth of the sun mixed with a light breeze, it was an almost perfect day.
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    Teal puts a hoof to his chin thinking.
    uh....that's right, summer is only a couple days away so I guess right now it's....pre-summer! he grins.
    Teal takes out an energy drink from his cooler and drinks some of it, then sets it down and dives into the pond for a swim.
  9. Moon continued to make a few mad dashes around town, to his store, to his home and back to his store. He wanted to make sure he had what he needed when the summer time rolled around and sales would spike once more. Once done with that laid down on the floor of his store sprawled out and breathing heavily. "I think I'm getting fat..." he thought to himself.

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    "I never noticed how quiet Ponyville could get.." She muttered to herself walking down a street. She reached the town square and sat on a bench and took out a book from her saddle bag. She flipped through page after page trying to get to the spot she was before. Maybe if I start reading somepony will come out of nowhere and talk to me! She thought to herself.
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    Farsight moves his head a little, looking around at the quiet Ponyville around him and notices another pony nearby, a mare. She looked familiar, but he was a little ways away and couldn't quite make out if it was a mare he knew, or just somepony that looked like a mare he knew.

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    Teal swims and splashes around in the pond playfully. He dives down and shoots up high into the air, spreads his wings at the peak of his height, throwing water outwards which sparkles in the sun. He falls and then uses his wings to slow so he doesn't splash his supplies at the side of the pond. Teal swims back to his supplies and sits on one of the towels, drinking more of his energy drink.

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    Snowy looked over to the other stallion. She smiled a little then went back to reading. She read a few more sentences hoping the stallion would come over.
  14. After taking a long needed rest Moon decides to head out and wander the town a bit. Since his wings ached a little he decided to just walk around instead of pushing his luck with more flying.

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    Farsight looks a little closer, and sees that the mare reading is Snowy. He smiles and stands, walking toward her. "Hey Snowy!" He says once he's close enough.
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    Snowy looked away from her book and looked back up to Farsight. "Oooh, hey Farsight!" She closed her book and sat it on the bench with her saddle. She trotted over and smiled at the stallion. "I haven't seen you in like, forever!"She says making sure the ring on her wing wasn't showing. She wasn't exactly ready to tell him yet.
  17. Farsight nods, "It has been forever! How have you been?" He didn't notice the ring on Snowy's wing, and his own wedding band was slightly covered up by his mane, the band itself around his horn.
  18. "I've been great! How about you?" She asked, still checking her wing a few times making sure it's somewhat hidden.
  19. "I've been fine, myself, thank you." Farsight says, tilting his head slightly with a smile. His mane moves a little and a glint of a silvery light can be seen at the base of his horn.
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    Aqua was carefully searching the market, at a shop that sold some small fish, wires, hooks, fishing equipment. Not many ponies were going there, as it was a tad expensive and odd, but she was no stranger to fishing. Her hoof was slowly hovering above the items, and she was careful of what to put on the main counter for purchase.