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  1. See In Character Thread

    ((So, this is going to be a cross over of a thread that most of the LoEers are familiar with. The same rules practically apply, with anything that will be extreme violence or sex to be moved to the Mature section. When the first fight is fought, a thread will be created there and it will be able to be reused as many times as you like. And for the sechual stuff, couples or groups will post their own threads. I suggest you reuse them as well if you feel like continuing your sexy times. Other than that, enjoy your new LiP!!! Oh, and any other brony is welcome to post here as well, there is not set plot line or anything. Have fun!))
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  2. // I went and accepted the invite to the group.
    What kind of crap is this? Having to check the group page just to see if you were invited? Iwaku better fix this quickly.
  3. ((Well, they did JUST upgrade the site and are working on it... Up till today we didn't even have access to groups.))
  4. // I picked a very, very convenient day to come back. @~@
  5. // By the way is Snowy Kitty from LoE? I hadn't seen her before, did she join the site recently? Or is she someone I've seen with a different username?
  6. (( It's Snowy from LoE silly! Lol ))
  7. // Ah.
  8. // It would be nice if someone would join me! ;(
  9. ((You could always bump into Farsight and Snowy... Would be funny to for Snowy to see Farsight engaged while she's trying to hide her ring...

    -EDIT- Or you could join Teal!))
  10. ((Well I didn't notice this anypony free here))
  11. ((Mind if I RP with you Nova))
  12. ((i see no reason why we shouldn't RP together. Go ahead))
  13. ((this conversation kinda does lead in a dead end. Any ideas?))
  14. ((Well does have some things up with him and his family))
  15. ((Nova has no family beside his sister Illumina Nova (Or Lumi for short). Since rad resetted his OC's Nova never met Sleepless night))
  16. ((Maybe something could happen))
  17. ((Yeah lets wait for her cause I'm sure she'd be concerned about him))
  18. ((Do you have anyway of getting her on? I'm sure that if she was at school, it's over now.))
  19. (( Alright i'm here. I almost forgot how to find this..))
  20. ((You can mark it as a watched thread. where the title is, just a smidge below and to the right just click the Watch Thread link and it'll give you notifications on it...if you haven't already that way you can always find it. if you have then I'm blowing smoke out ma rear...))