Life in Medieval Times

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  1. "Hadley, come out of that daydream and actually do somethin' of use, willya?" The man in charge of her apprenticeship, Ackerley, came up behind her. "No, no, it's fine. I do all da work and you get part of the credit. It's fine." He said on second thought. Hadley had gotten used to this tone, and the man's strange way of speaking. It wasn't the most graceful, but it got his point across and it was, well, him. His odd accent suited him in a way.

    The girl was actually working, stripping limbs just as he'd told her to. Ackerley was getting up there in years and the man's greying hair was enough of an indication of his age, let alone his memory. "You're the one who said 'Yer name is Fletcher, you can make de arrows." The poor imitation of his voice got her one extremely impressive dirty look. "Stop mockin' me girl. Ya know better dan dat." He was right, she did know better than to mock him. It was just so much more fun to disobey that little rule.

    "Yes, sir." Hadley said with a sigh, and held up one of the shafts for his inspection. "Balanced enough?" She asked, brow raising. There was a bell to the front of the open smithy, distracting them both from her work. The bell was there for customers, meaning that it was time for both of them to get up and tend to it.
  2. Jay walked into the smith shop with a sigh. His favorite hunting knife had finally broken after years of abuse. He ran his fingers threw his thick hair and nodded to the pair before him. "Good day Sir, Ma'am." He pulled the dagger from its sheath and layed it carefully on the counter. "Hope you don't mind but I need a repare." He smiled softly.
  3. Whether Ackerley wished to admit it or not, he did like the girl he'd taken under his wing. And he really didn't want to admit it. She was a nuisance, always underfoot, but she was good at her job. She looked from the customer to the dagger he pulled out and laid before them with interest. "It seems simple enough. What do you say, girl?" This was probably a quiz, more than likely one she'd fail. Hadley was nearly always wrong, even when she was right. "That should be a pretty simple fix. I'd say we could have it done for you by tomorrow?" She looked from the man to her teacher, careful to phrase it as a question. The grunt of approval came as a surprise but she smiled triumphantly.

    "Let me get your information then, if that's alright. Just need a name n' an address." Hadley pulled out the book and a writing utensil, looking expectantly at the man. She'd seen him before, but knew very little of him.
  4. He chuckled. "My name is Jason Blade, but please call me Jay. As for my address, 1107 Rosewood Road. Little wood house with white shutters set back in the forest." He pet his pockets for a second then grinned. "How much do I ow you?" He asked pulling out a small bag of silver.
  5. She wrote the information down, planning on attaching it to the blade. "Standard runs about five silver. Simple repairs, simple prices." Hadley replied, shrugging before she glanced up at him, flashing a friendly smile at him. Ackerley apparently trusted her enough with this part, he left them to do the paperwork end of it and disappeared, going back to his work.
  6. He nodded and slipped out nine silver coins. "Here this should take care of it. anything extra you can keep." He slipped the money across the table and smiled softly. "The woods are dangerous so please be prepared when you come tomorrow." His smile faded to a look of concern, his eyes distant, and with a shake of his head he snapped out of his trance and looked into her eyes.
  7. "I greatly appreciate it, sir." Hadley said, eyes lighting up. Four silvers to split between the two of them? That was quite the bonus for such a menial task. She slipped the coins into a locked box, not wanting to take any chances. Petty theft was not above the townspeople. At least, the townspeople of the poorer variety."I'll be sure to keep an eye out. Thank you for the warning." She was aware that the woods weren't the safest of places, but the girl could handle a bow rather well, and she would have an additional dagger if it were to come to that. She met his eyes with her own, taking this stranger in curiously. He'd seemed so distant just then that she couldn't help it.
  8. "Have a nice day mI'lady." He turned to leave, pulling his white cloak farther around him. He pushed the door open and nodded to her one last time before walking home.
  9. Hadley responded with a simple "Good day, sir." She watched him go, and nodded back when he did. Once he was gone, she took the extra coin and his dagger to the back, handing Ackerley his bonus before she went to work on repairing the weapon.
  10. Jay scratched the back of his neck as he set a pot of tea on the stove. His mind going back to the girl in the shop. He was ashamed that he hadn't asked her name. The pot screamed and snapped him from his pondering. He poored him a small cup before heading to bed.
  11. Under extreme supervision, she managed to repair the damage with ease. Hadley was instructed to take the dagger the following morning, before she reported to the smith, and she nodded, slipping the dagger into her bag and heading home for the evening. Dinner and then straight to bed for her, she was exhausted.
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