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    Keep in mind that this rp is in a kind of beta version. If you have ideas how to make it better let me know with a pm and i'll see what i can do.

    Iwaku is a modern town where people from all over the world ether live with each other or just pass by. It is a peaceful place where even those with powers live with others. This doesn't mean that there can't be a dangerous time though.
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    Stick to the Forum rules.
    Mid violence is the limit. Breaking bones and hard punches:okay. Ripped off limbs and a blood fountain: Nope
    Please prevent one liners. You don't have to write a wall of text though.
    This rp can be pretty random depending on the players, so be prepared for everything.
    Characters with special powers are welcome. Just try not to nuke the whole town away will you?

    Known locations are:
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    Station Square: The main station of Iwaku. Those who do not travel can use a train to reach it.
    Park: A park with a small lake at it's center.
    Market: The loca market where food and other goods can be bought.

    Seventh Heaven: A Bar near the center of the town. Whenever you want a Drink or company come and pay a visit.
    Pay and Stay: The Hotel of Iwaku. For those who don't have a home here.
    The Sugarcube: This is the biggest bakery in town.

    -New locations can be build by players and as soon as they want i will add them to the list. Owners that did not post for a week will be removed
    (but can be added again)

    Nova woke up in the train to his next destination. It was rough to sleep in a train for him, since the sound of the rails woke him up every now and then.
    He sensed a change in the sky in the east due to the roads becoming brighter. As he looked out of the window along the road, he turned his head east and saw that dawn had broke. The sky in the opposite direction was still dark, but in the east, a mixture of yellow and orange on the horizon beneath a dark neon blue ocean of night that had begun to evaporate. Against the tri-colored rainbow sky, trees, power lines, and the roofs of houses were like shadows.

    About twenty minutes later, the sunrise had become even more beautiful as the sun peeked over the horizon. The sky had now become pink like a sea of cotton candy, with the light of the sun coloring the clouds above with a pinkish hue. As the sun slowly ascended, the sky in the west became a deep neon blue as the light reached further out. By the time nova reached the station square, pink had become a pale yellow mixed with blue.

    Overall, this was one of the most beautiful sunrises Nova had ever seen.

    ((this is the probably first and only time i will make a post of that size))
  2. Hora sat outside her patio in her navy blue sweater, drinking a hot cup of chocolate. The morning was cool, and she decided that she wanted to got to the town area today, to do some sales hunting and eating. The town is always lively and jubilant.

    As soon as the sun could be seen, she went to change and pack stuff into her bag, and went out of the house, riding her bicycle, since she lived quite near town.
  3. Kai was waking through town and was about to get some shopping done. He was running low on groceries so he figured why not let today be the day he gets it done. He was wearing his trademark black and blue swirled hoodie and a pair of jean shorts. He also had his katana sheathed around his waist on one side and pouch of kunai and shuriken on the other. His tail swayed from side to side and his ears fickered every so often, constantly taking in every sound around him.

    He made it to his destination with no problems and began to shop around, mainly for fish and any fish products but he did get the occasional snack or two along with some actual meat and ground beef since he loved to make his specialty hamburgers whenever he had friends over. Once he finished getting what he needed he headed to the checkout, paid for the groceries and headed back home, his tail still swaying due to the thoughts of finally being able to have tuna for dinner again.

    (Yes, Kai is a neko)
  4. A train arrived in the Station on rail 3. The sound of the breaks echoed in that area.
    Along with some others, a young man left the train. He wears a brown jacket and pants, a amethyst pendant and a shortsword which is sheathed and at his left hip.
    His unusual blue hair is reflected by the sunlight and shimmers sky blue.
    So this is Iwaku. I expected a bit more.
    His first impression of the town was not that impressive. He heard that this was a small town, but he expected at least some high buildings and lots of people.
    But it also had the advantage that the goods in this place were cheaper then in a big city.

    He left Station square and headed for the local market.
  5. A shadowy figure in a hooded cloak shimmered into existence near the outskirts of the town, gloved hand holding a staff carved with many ancient runes. A smile played on the figure's lips as deep eyes looked over the town.

    "So... this is the form the denizens are most comfortable with? Interesting, very interesting... but perhaps a change in clothing is needed."

    Its form seemed to blur for a moment, and the cloak became a long jacket and a brimmed hat, while the rest of the figure's clothing became gender-neutral semi-modern wear, although still flowing strangely and embroidered with strange shapes and symbols.

    The Wandering Magus shook once, hair flowing slightly about shoulders, and began walking towards the town center.
  6. After buying what he needed Kai began to walk home which was in the outskirts of town. He wondered what he should have for dinner as he slowly walked down the street. "Maybe I should have wait the trout smells good but then again I'd like to have some sushi too. Oh why is this such a hard decision..." he thought to himself.
  7. The Magus paused as the figure saw Kai approaching. Interesting... perhaps we are acquainted in another branch of the multiverse, but here...

    The hat-and-trench-coat-wearing figure smiled genially as it approached the nekomimi.

    "Begging your pardon, good sir."
  8. Kai's ears flickered hen he looked up to see who or what was calling out, completely unaware it was to him specifically. He looked at the figure approaching and figured he was going to walk past. "Who me?" he asked, titing his head slight and pointing to himself with several bags of groceries on his arm.
  9. The figure nodded. "This... Iwaku... what places are there here that I might stay at? And is there a library here?"
  10. Zoomba stared at the lights. "Iwaku... Ku-ku-ku-ku-ku-ku.... Like a dance-bot..." Zoomba began dancing as she did the cartwheels. "This is filled with usagi soldiers.... Why the bunnies, man? Why the bunnies? I want more Shuwa-shuwa."
  11. A male not even the age of 21 was crouched on the corner of a building, a black pull over hoodie the hood up so it cast a dark shadow over his face. He chuckles one sharpened canine is shown in his mouth as he smiles, He stands up straight his black camo pants a bit baggy that fall over his bare feet The man grapples to a spray can in his pocket and begins to shake it, He then turns to the nearby taller building than the one he is on top of. he sprays the wall and leaves the mark " Night Creatures " his tail sways behind him as he smiles, He grapples to his hoodie and pulls it back so his face is shown. A neko with purple eyes which seem to give off an ominous glow and black hair that sways to one side of his face which seems to cover one of his eyes, His ears poke up and the right one has three clip marks down the side of it. His name was Hakeem but most people called him Keem or Keemy, his black tail sways as a police man would definatly arrive on the scene to the top of the rooftop. Hakeem then takes off in a bound run towards the market the officer right behind him , he then leaps off the side of the building digging his claws into the walls and skidding down into the market area. Losing the cops in the market he sniffs the air picking up on the scent of fish smiling and trying to find it.
  12. "Yes there is a library actually and there is a hotel right down the street and heading that way. He then pointed to the exact location to where hotel were at then pointed in the general direction of the library that he was amazed he knew about since he never goes there.
  13. By time Hora reached the town, the sun has shone brightly and it was getting warm from the morning sun. She parked her bike near a lamppost and sling her bag over her shoulder, and went to hunt for sales.
  14. He makes his way through the market and finds the fish looking down at it, then up at the man selling the fish who is quite a large man which could probably fold him up. " Excuse me uhm hulking much for this fish?" The man looks at me and then at the fish and says this is probably out of your range kid. he chuckles and says " thought so but fast can you run" the man stares at him and puts a small fish on the counter and leans over and says this is the last time kid. "THANKS SIR!" he grabs the fish and rushes out the store looking around for a place to devour this fish.
  15. "Ah, thank you," nodded the Magus. "Begging your pardon, I do not believe we have been properly introduced. I am called the Wandering Magus. A pleasure to meet you."
  16. "Likewise. Names Kai. I live out in the outskirts of this quaint little town. If you ever need anything just follow the red ribbon. It's what I follow to get home cause I'm sure I'd get lost going home myself if I didn't...hehe" he said with a smile and a nervous chuckle.
  17. "Kai..." mused the Wanderer, a distant look in the figure's eyes. "I knew someone named Kai once, in another world, another time... although, I would not expect such coincidences to carry too much. Are you familiar with an individual by the name of Ryo?"

    Zoomba made her way towards the town, but was killed by a zombie. <-- (RIDICULOUS!)

    Eventually, a mysterious man named Sagittarius Yulesang got off of the train and dashed to the town with a black cloak over his head. Then, another accomplice named Magenta Twilight went with Sagittarius. Sagittarius Yulesang had his blue eyes darting across the town as they approached a market. "Mezzogiorno Buono, caro signore. Vorrei ordinare un po 'di pesce e soia, per favore. {Good noon, dear sir. I would like to order some fish and soy, please.}" His piercing, blue eyes looked at the shopkeeper. "Ciao, signorina a signori. {Hello, Madam and Sir.}" He greeted as she brought his food.

    Magenta brushed back her long ponytail and smiled. She had a British accent. "Pardon my master. English is not his native tongue. He's asking for fi--" before she could clarify, the shopkeeper gave them fish to eat.
  19. "Hmm...Ryo..Ryo...nope name doesn't ring any bells. Who is this Ryo person anyway?" Kai asked finding his interest peaked which was very hard to do when it came to him since he was a curious neko.
  20. He goes zooming past the trench coat women and the other neko but then comes to a skidding halt and begins to back up slowly. he begins to inspect her and just looks at her in awe not realizing he is staring, he looks at the neko and then back at the women. he just stand there looking like an idiot hood-rat
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