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  1. Who doesn't love a good hack? I've recently been watching a show called "Life Hacks," and I'm totally digging it! They come up with so many great ideas for your everyday convenience. This thread is for you to share your personal favorite life hacks with everyone.

    Paint Can Hack
    So this particular hack I'm thinking of made me so mad when I discovered it because I had just finished painting three rooms in my house. The hack is where you take a rubber band (Those cheap brown ones) and wrap it around your paint can vertically, not across the middle horizontally. Therefore, there is a stretch of rubber band across the top of the can. This is so when you need to wipe off some excess paint of the brush you just wipe it across the band. As opposed to wiping it across the side of the can making a huge mess.

    Let's hear YOUR favorite hacks!
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  3. My favorite life hack:

    Shoot yourself with small caliber bullets in order to grow an immunity to larger bullets.
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