Life from Within the Forest.

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    Angel is a kind hearted individual, though for reasons unknown to her she's been an outcast in the town all her life. She live in a tavern, that she ran all on her own. She was apparently left the place by her desceased parents. Though it was surprising no one took it up while she was young. There must have been something about her parent's that made them respect her property or something. It was difficult not to think about how people could have used her, abused what she had, but it was like they were scared of her or something.

    She knew though, that she was a little different from the others. See, she was quite good with animals, amazing in fact. She could be not even a foot from a wolf and even pet them. She could get the wildest horse to act as if it'd been tame it's whole life. All this, with just a whisper or a motion to an animal. This ability has saved her life more then a few times, she hoped it would continue to do so.

    At this very moment, Angel was walking though the forest in her dress, just to have a walk, though she did have her longbow and quiver slung across her torso, just in case. She should really be out here in her hunting gear, but, she didn't really come out here to hunt. She was her to relax, and enjoy the forest. It was like her second home. Since the tavern was normally empty, she became lonely easily and escaped into the forest often.

    She hummed lightly as she treaded on an animal worn path. The birds high in the tree's seemed to be singing with her. This was a new path for her, she'd never taken this route, she'd found it by accident and now felt like she had to follow it. She walked on in the lively forest. Her heart aflutter at the new adventure.

    Suddenly, she tripped over a hidden tree root. It felt weird, like her ankle did something it wasn't supposed to do. She was right of course, she had done something to it, sprain or something of the like. She sighed, and got up, making sure not to put to much pressure on her wound, though it still seriously hurt. She had to find a walking stick. She limped through the forest, sweat covering her forehead with effort. She held back screams of pain as pain surged worse and worse through her. She herd a snap, felt searing pain and crashed to the ground next to a flowing river, and she didn't hold back her scream. A roar of agony rattled though her body as she blacked out, unconscious to escape the pain.