Life Can Do Terrible Things.

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    [Any Pairing]

    All Character A wants is to fall in love. They'd give anything to truly fall in love with someone. Apparently, their wishes are granted when they see Character B. The two meet and spiral down the stairs of love, not planning to walk back up them anytime soon. They go on romantic dates and kiss and be, overall, in tune with one another. Nothing else matters but each other. Their little dome of love and happiness that they built comes crashing down when they learn that Character B is suffering from a lethal and rare disease, limiting them to weeks, maybe even days. While Character A is distraught, Character B soothes them and they spend their short time together closer than ever until it's Character B's time.

    • Young Adults
    • Can be the same age or 1-2 years apart

    • Romance
    • Slice of Life
    • Drama
    • Long-Term (possibly)

    • Intermediate
    • Paragraph (minimum)
    • Good Grammar & Spelling

    * Post below or send a PM if interested.

    × Inspiration: All I Want - Kodaline & Terrible Things - Mayday Parade ×
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  2. This is so sad but so cute! I love it
  3. Are you interested?

    (I kind of feel like it should be obvious since I did say 'Post below...if interested', but I just wanna make sure~)
  4. Definitely!!
  5. Brilliant! Would you prefer to discuss the details here or in PM?
  6. Either one is fine!! =^.^=
  7. I guess we could discuss it here~


    1. So, which character would you like to be? A or B?
    2. Do you have any preference of the pairing?
    3. Any questions that you have?
    1. Character B. I'm better at being comforting
    2. Anything really but MxM. I'm terrible at playing males.
    3. Do I just come up with a disease or actually find one?
  8. You can make up a disease, if you'd like. Uhm, how does MxF sound? I'd play the Male, of course.
  9. That sounds great to me^^
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  10. Last, but not least, thread or PM? I'm faster and remember more with PMs, but I can do either. Up to you~
  11. Pm is perfectly fine with me ^^
  12. Yay! Should we do our CSs on here? And do you care if we use anime or real life pictures?
  13. Sure and I personally prefer real
  14. Hi~

    So, the CS. Should it be simple? Like:

    | Picture |
    Appearance: (Add things like height, weight, build, etc. Things not in the picture)

    Just an overall of the character? Or should it be more complex?
  15. I think it's perfect ^^ and just as a heads up I'm not going to name the disease because I'm my good with big words but I will describe it throughout the rp ^^
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  16. Okie dokie~ That's fine by me ^^
  17. image.jpg

    Cassandra King (some call her Cassy)
    Sweet, kind, caring, calm, comforting, gentle, protective, positive, loving, outgoing but occasionally shy
    5'4" tall; 112 lbs; petite and tiny but not stick thin. She has some meat on her.​
  18. [​IMG]

    | Name |
    Quincy James Baker [Some call him Quinn]

    | Age |
    23 years old

    | Gender |

    | Personality |
    + Goofy
    + Bubbly/Perky
    -/+ Open
    - Stubborn
    -/+ Emotional
    - Gullible
    + Loving
    - Indecisive
    -/+ Impulsive
    + Empathetic
    - Stoic

    | Appearance |
    • Height - 6'3"
    • Weight - 167 lbs
    Quincy has a lean build. There are muscles here and there, yet he isn't buff or anything. He's tall and slender with legs that can go on for miles.​
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