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  1. Pairing (MxF)
    Timeline: Modern/Post-Modern
    Magic/Special powers: Yes

    Normal life pretty much sucks. You wake up, prepare your day, go to school/work, get back home, and on the next day this circle repeats itself. Of course most people don't end up in jail, but even those outside are prisoners or normality. Not all people are like this though. Ethan is living a truly free life. No work, all the luxury he wants, and no problems he can not take care of. The reason: He is able to create special powers.
    Wehever he wants to duplicate money, change something around him, or himself, he does so on a fly. However. Having all that power for himself is kinda boring. He currently searches for someone to share these powers with. Of course it will have a price though.

    Hey there. This is an idea that worked out quite well the last time i tried it. Basically, it will turn into a Friends with benefits type of rp. There will be a somewhat equal balance of story and smut, and if you are fine with it, not all of the smut will be normal. I'm willing to try anything but bloodplay, urination, anything with scrat, farts, diapers, needles, and maybe some other things i can't think of right now.

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