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  1. Jason walked the streets of the Lake Sector, now wearing plain clothes, all dark through so he blended in with the shadows. His combat knife was stored in his right combat boot. Jason saw the skiz fight go bad as June tried to break away. Immdiatley the world around him broke out into chaos. The drunk men watching the fight began trying to stab anybody that they could. 'Shit this is NOT good' he thinks to himself before a strong arm slams into the boy and knocks him down. Jason screamed out and kicked at the man, only to see the drunk street con produce a knife. Jason's eyes went wide as he thought he was about to die.
  2. Selly sighed softly as she made her way down the street, sticking to the shadows, only smiling at those who greeted her. It had been a long night for her, but a decent one. She managed to steal medicine from a truck headed for the front lines. It took longer distributing it to the sick than stealing it, but at last she was done. For a while she planned on raiding another truck, but now that she was done with the first, she just wanted to settled down for the night, maybe meet up with Dai and see what he's been up to lately.
    Quite suddenly, a scream sounded from around the corner. Now a great many often screamed or cried in the Lake Sector, but this one felt out of place, this one was in the midst of something more.

    On quick feet, Selly rushed around the corner to see what was the matter. Smoke filled the air and it took everything in her to dodge the people running about. What in the world was going on? That's when it hit her; Dai must be nearby. That boy really needed to learn how to be discreet. Another scream met Selly's ears and she spun around. There was a boy about to be stabbed by a large drunken man. Without a moments hesitation she reached into her pocket and found what she needed, a tiny needle, soaked in a poison that would knock the man out immediately. She threw it with precision, cutting through the smoke and hitting the man directly in the back of his neck. The man wavered on his feet and fell to the side, fast asleep. Relieved that the man didn't fall forward on top if the boy.
    She rushed to his side, pulling him up to a sitting position and checking him for wounds.
    "Are you alright?" She asked, her amber eyes filled with concern. The sound of sirens filled her ears. Mumbling cursed under her breath, the petite blonde stood up and pulled he boy up with her, keeping a tight grip on his hand.
    "We need to get out of here." With that she began to run, tugging him along and around a corner.
  3. Jason was stunned into silence whenver he was saved by the girl 'She's a street con. How could she save me!?'The boy demands to himself. But allows the girl to drag him off. It was quite interesting that she seemed to be able to handle all of this as if it were nothing. 'She might know something that can lead me towards getting Vox' He thinks to himself. It is probably better if he plays the weak poor boy. Besides, the man had managed to to slice Jason. Nothing to bad but enough to cause bleeding and some damage requiring attention. Having a cute girl like this one fussing over him was something Jason did not mind.
  4. Selly managed to get them away from all of the commotion, but she wouldn't stop until they were in decent cover. She slowed to a walking pace and rounded a corner, leading them into an alley. This was one of the places she usually stayed to get away from the Republic soldiers hunting her down. She ducked into a hole that was covered by a ratted looking blanket. It didn't look all too out of place in those slums, but it was enough to allow Selly to find it easily. Once inside she gave a half hearted smile to the boy she was helping as she dug through a bag of supplies in the corner of the room.
    "It gets pretty crazy at those skiz fights sometimes doesn't it?" she asked him, sparking up friendly conversation, "Someone must have lost a pretty bad bet for it to get that out of hand." Selly knew full well that Day must have been involved. There weren't any soldiers around and no one else in the slums besides Day, Tess, and herself could possibly have gotten ahold of a smoke bomb. "So stranger, you have a name?" she asked, coming over to him with gauze and antiseptic in hand.
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  5. Jason looked up at the girl and decided that he could not allow her to know his name. He looked at the girl. "Ghost..." he said after a few seconds of thinking. He figured that she would never notice the stumble
  6. Selly sat down next to the boy and began to treat his wound, wrapping it up with ease. It wasn't too bad of a cut, nothing to worry too much over, but she wrapped it up tight to make sure it didn't get infected. Infection came easy after all, where they lived at least.
    "I'm Leselie," she replied, crossing her legs and leaning back against the wall next to him, "Everyone calls me Selly though." In truth, those who really knew her always called her Vox, but she never acknowledged it. It wasn't that she was hiding her identity from this boy, just that in her mind she was still just Selly.
  7. Jason looked at her. "Nice to meet you Selly" Jason lied. This girl was a dirty street con, a cute one, but still. 'Did I just call a street con cute?' Jason looks into her eyes "Hate... Skiz Fights" The boy groaned as a wave of pain over whelmed him
  8. Selly wasn't usually one to fuss over injuries, especially one so small, but when the boy groaned in pain she stopped what she was doing and looked him over. "Maybe you should get some sleep," she told him, concern clear in her amber eyes. "You'll heal quicker if you rest," she cooed, leaning in close to look at his cut. After a moment she realized just how close she was to the boy and quickly moved back, her cheeks a bit flushed. How was it that she'd never seen this boy around the Lake Sector before? Certainly she would have remembered someone with a face like his...
  9. Jason looked over at Selly. "Alright..." he muttered softly and let his eyes close. For some reason this girl made him feel comfortable. He felt as if he could trust her
  10. Selly watched as her new companion dozed off. It was easy to see just how exhausted he was, though who could blame him? She was beginning to feel a little tired herself as a matter of fact. The girl slowly started to drift off, which wasn't like her at all. To think that she could trust someone she just met enough to fall asleep with them next to her. In her tired stupor, she leaned to the side, resting her head against the boy's shoulder.
  11. Jason slept like a log for a few hours before he woke to the girl being sound asleep on his shoulder. Strange thing was that Jason felt his heart rate pick up. He wanted this
  12. Aislin let out a deep breath as she slept, still against Jason. This was probably the best sleep she'd gotten in years. To be able to lay there without a care, sharing someone else's warmth, it was nice. Finally, her eyelids batted open, amber eyes looking around, trying to remember where she was. She looked to the side and found Jason next to her, her head resting against his shoulder. Immediately she pushed away from him, scooting to the side. "S-sorry," she muttered, her cheeks flushed.
  13. Jason watches selly pull away suddenly and'nods at her. "Don't worry, its fine. Really it is." He says as he looks out of the alleyway that they are hidden in. "How long have you been on the streets? Do you have anybody who helps you stay alive? I'm struggling and I've barely been here a month" he whispers
  14. Selly slowly stood up and flattened out her clothes. They would have to get up and around eventually if they were going to get something to eat. "Well...when you've lived out here on the streets as long as I have you pick up a few things," she said with a slight chuckle. She picked up a stray throwing knife off of the floor and spun it around her fingers with the ease of a pro before placing it on her belt, hidden beneath her jacket. "You hungry Ghost?" she asked him, holding her hand out to help him up, "Why don't we head out and pick up some breakfast?"
  15. 'As long as I have... She probably knows something' Jason thinks to himself as he nods at the girl. "So Selly, you are a pretty girl. Do you go and play around with some boys now and then?" Jason askes teasingly
  16. Selly's cheeks blush furiously and she quickly shakes her head. "N-No! I mean...boys around here don't usually pay much mind to me unless they're too old for me, in which case I push them away." She lets out a sigh and crossed her arms as they walked down the street. "I mean, I see Day every once in a while, but he usually just teases me," she says with a slight smile. The boy was like a distant brother to her, not quite like he was with Tess, but the two certainly would risk their skin for one another.
  17. The mention of the name day sets Jason's mind into instant motion. "Only a few people have every met day close enough to know his name... You must be Vox?" Jason askes, putting a tone in his voice so that it sounds hopeful. He grinned on the inside, he was probably about to arrest the vox. Help clean up the republic
  18. Selly looked up at Jason, surprised for a moment. Oh right, people did refer to her as the Vox didn't they. She's nearly forgotten about her reputation. Shrugging, the girl adjusted the black bandana around her neck and then glanced over to her new friend. "I never really call myself the Vox, but everyone else does," she told him, basically saying yes, she was in fact, the Vox. It wasn't something she really hid from anyone.
  19. "Interesting. Well with all that taken into consideration..." Jason says as he glares at the Vox. He then grabs her arm in a tight grip and folds them behind her, handcuffing the girl. "You are now under arrest for multiple crimes against the Republic of America. Including the assist of the criminal day, and breaking into a republic hospital followed by the murder of Captain Metias." Jason growls as he calls for back up into his mic. He holds the vox still but at the same time makes a hard effort not to hurt her, and downright refuses to knock her out like most soldiers would as they wait for backup. A sign of some sort of feelings towards the girl? Its possible, but Jason wasn't sure about how he felt about the Vox
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