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    Life as a Creepypasta |

    Welcome to the Creepypasta Manor! Full of adventure, drama, love (or whatever), and of course... Death! I'm am your host, and fellow Creepypasta, Shade! Now shall we show you around to meet people?!

    Let's see.... There's Jeff, Rake, Toby, Masky, Goody, Eyeless Jack (or E.J.), Laughing Jack (or L.J.), Hoodie, me, Sally, the Slenders, BOB, BEN Drowned, Smile Dog, Clockwork, Jane, Lost Silver, you, and the others! And this place is like a maze so be careful!

    Okay so pretty much we start it out where everyone is just living there. I would like if people could play the original Creepypastas and their own characters, like me! Slender is obviously the head and has a lot of responsibility. My character, Shade, will be the daughter of Splendorman, the much happier brother of Slenderman. I'm only doing that because well... That's how I know it to be! Me and my friend made this little thing where we we're the daughters of the Slenders. And I've gotten used to it. Oh and... My character and Jeff start dating ... So.... Yeah!. It's just how it is and we got used to it. Sorry. So here is my character!!

    Name: Shade Nightingale
    Age: 16
    Occupation: Killer
    Usual outfit(optional) :
    Personality: Really funny, usually keeps to self, quiet mostly, smiles a lot even for no reason, stays in room when not on missions or anything, likes to go on adventures when asked to join, gets random Bursts of depression
    Parent (optional) : Splendorman

    So yeah!! There's my character! I do not own any pictures I have use in the roleplay or in any others. So yeah! Feel free to join!! :)
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  2. Name:Raven Shadow


    Occupation:Serial Killer

    images (1).jpg

    Regular outfit: 9cf6abf7b5d2be4a7aec0a63ce1a926d.jpg
    Note:Hes also wearing the mask with this outfit.

    Killing outfit:
    Personality:Raven is usally cold and really calm.Raven would be usally found in the woods taking a stroll or playing with Smile dog.When hes fighting and is about to die he goes completely insane.Sometimes he can be the coolest person in the world.Though most of the time he might just act like your a stranger unless he trusts and respects you.

  3. Awesome! I love it! And you didn't have to put the outfits or the parents. I said it was optional. But thank you for going out of your way to find it!
  4. If you know anyone else who would like to join, can you ask them please?
  5. Sounds Interesting lol I'll think about whether I want to play one of my two ocs or L.J.
  6. I'll join in as two characters if that's allowed after I finish drawing one of them.
  7. Awesome! Thank you guys so much!
  8. Hmm are we aloud to do genderbends?
  9. Obviously. I used a picture of a genderbent Jeff as my character! Lol. Sorry if that was mean. I was just joking. But yeah you can use genderbends! :)
  10. Sweet ^~^ I'll do L.j. then
  11. Awesome! Okay! :)
  12. Name: Laughing Jill

    Age: (for rp sake) 17

    Occupation: Monochromatic clown/ Not so imaginary friend/ killer


    Personality: Lj is always seemingly very bright and bubbly. While on the surface she may be constantly smiling and laughing, it's best to keep in mind that just underneath swirls a storm of bloodlust and insanity. Beware of her mischief though because her jokes and pranks can often be taken too far, and keep I keen eye otherwise your life might flash before your eyes in fright.

    Parent (optional) : None, unless you consider the jack-in-the-box she originated from
  13. Awesome. I love it! So if someone comes up with wanting to be Laughing Jack will you two be siblings or are you gonna just be a genderbent LJ from like another dimension? Lol
  14. They could be siblings I don't really mind
  15. Okay. I just wanted to figure that out just in case that does happen
  16. Well I will be going too bed now. Night! Hopefully in the morning I will have just like one or two more people so I can start the thread
  17. Nighty night then hun
  18. @-SagittariusKnight- , I would love to see your characters! And doubling will always be allowed in my roleplays. :)
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