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  1. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing, today was the first day of Matora High School, a school for teenagers with super powers. I took a deep breath, nervous about it all. "Well," I said "today's the big day."
    As the alarm clock kept beeping, I grabbed it. Suddenly at my touch, the object began to freeze. I quickly turned it off and dropped the it. "Your going to be fine Selina," I breathed "just...relax and dont...loose...control."
  2. "Ah, new year, new school," Ciel murmured to herself as she woke up to the sound of someone pounding on her door. Today, she wanted to look like her normal self -- jet-black hair, tan skin, brown eyes. She was a person who had the ability to change her appearance, all but her permanently short height. It sucked when she attempted to copy others' appearances, only to be discovered because of her height. What a useless power this is, then, she thought to herself.

    Ciel then brought herself to get up, take a shower, snag some breakfast, and prepare her stuff for today. Wait, there wasn't much to prepare anyway, since it's the first day and all... It's just orientation and meeting new people, right?

    People like me, she thought, only with more useful powers.

    She stepped out of her house and got on her motorcycle which she uses for getting around everywhere. Time for school. Time for new people with better powers.
  3. A blue Mustang parked at the student parking center. The car door opened and I walked out. "Wow!" I said taking in the the vast view of the campus. "It's so beautiful..."
    I closed the car door and suddenly a loud horn honked loudly, I turned to see another car in front of me. "What the-?"
    The person honked again "hey, your in my parking space!" they shouted.
    I looked down and found myself standing in the middle of an empty parking space.
    "Oops, sorry," I said and quickly walked close to my car.
    I walked over to my car trunk and unlocked it. " it's not off to a good start, but everything will work out...."
    I grabbed my school bag and closed the trunk. So far none of this was remotely fun or off to at least a decent start.
  4. Another year with this curse with in me. he thought to himself he sighed as he sat up and rubbed his eyes in frustration with himself. "I feel like I should just never wake up...after the things I've done..." he said out loud to himself. Lee hopped into his shit show of a shower and bathed. His body steamed as if spirits were being lifted off of a once innocent body. The things he'd do if that were the case...

    After Lee got dressed in a grey hoody that read "Bite Me" in big bold letters with a chunk of the B missing and black skinny jeans ripped by the knees, he slipped on his favorite necklace. It was a leather chord and as a pendant, it was one of his teeth. A tooth he'd lost during a battle he'd initiated when he didn't have control over his other form like he does now. He'd found the tooth after he'd awaken the next morning nailed up against a tree by his wrists. It was a freakin miracle he'd gotten away. That was around the time when his parents dis-owned him, due to what he was. He reminisced the dark times as he the necklace rested on his neck.

    Once Lee arrived his attention was stolen by some jerk who was honking at what seemed to be a new girl. She would've moved eventually jerk he thought to himself. Lee decided to catch up to the girl and see if he could make a new friend and take her bad impression of the place off. As he caught up to her a very attractive girl came into view. He slowed his step a little once he noticed, but once he regained his cool he caught up with her and walked along side her. "Uh hi...sorry about that jerk back name's Lee. You're new here right?" he gave her a slight smile.
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  5. She smiled sweetly "Oh hi Lee my names Selina," she said and found herself staring at him. "I uhh...well uhh thanks know, being nice to me.." she accidentally bumped into a guy who held a cage of chickens. The cage door opened and chickens went flying everywhere.
    "Hey!" the guy with the chickens said, still holding the cage.
    "I-I'm so sorry! Here, let me help!" I said and grabbed a chicken, suddenly the chicken froze into a block of ice and I backed away. The guy shouted at me to stop helping and that I was only making things worse. I covered my face with my hands completely embarrassed. My hands slowly started freezing up and I quickly dug into my bag and took out some gloves and put them on.
    "Yeah, I am new here...I like the name Lee," she said, hoping that continuing the conversation would make him forget everything he just saw.
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  6. Lee turned around to face the man who'd yelled at Selina. "Hey man," he said calmly. "She was just trying to help. She can't control he powers she's new here. Cut her some slack...why do you have a bunch of chickens anyway?" he asked before realizing he didn't even want to know. The guy simply continued chasing and picking up his chickens after shooting an angry look at Lee. "Don't worry about him...or what just you're an ice elemental...that's cool. Way better than my situation."
  7. "Thanks you for sticking up for me! That was so sweet of you!" Her smiled disappeared, replaced with a puzzled look, "what's your situation?"
  8. Lee hesitated. I just met this cute chick. Go ahead and tell her you turn into a monster when ever you get angry. Go ahead and scare the cutie away. "Umm...class is starting! What's your first class?" he said desperately trying change the subject.
  9. "Oh! Umm lets see..." she looked at her schedule, "English" she said and looked around the vast campus. "The map says it'" she pointed at a random building. The bell rang and she saw everyone rushing to their classes.
  10. "Oh! Umm lets see..." she looked at her schedule, "English" she said and looked around the vast campus. "The map says it'" she pointed at a random building. The bell rang and she saw everyone rushing to their classes. "Umm...I better get going..." she looked at you smiling, "it was nice meeting you Lee," she said and quickly walked away to her next class blushing.

    English class continued, thirty minutes in I was already bored. Suddenly there was a huge explosion in the school, people everywhere started freaking out, some were using their powers to hold them back. Others were being tortured by different creatures even werewolves. My class panicked and all ran out the door.
    I turned to my teacher, whats going on!?
    Mrs. McCody got up from her desk "this school's being attacked by different creatures...we usually have a barrier up...I don't understand...I have to ask the Dean of our school."
    She suddenly flew up into the air and out the door, firing lazers at the enemies with her eyes.
    Oh no! Lee! I thought and looked around, Lee was nowhere to be found.
    "Heya little lady," a voice said, I turned and a guy with fire forming from his hands walked up to me.
    "Get away..." I said, he just laughed and threw a fireball at me, with a quick wave of my hand a huge ice shard formed in front of me blocking his throw.
    "Oh, we have an ice queen...I always wanted to kill someone with ice powers," he smirked.
    He ran to me and shot fireballs at me, I dodged them and transformed the floor into ice, making him slip and fall. I froze his hands into the floor and ran hoping that would give me some time to find Lee.
  11. Lee tried to stay away from all the chaos that decided to burst out a couple minutes before. He ran down the hallways and tried to find a peaceful room. As he looked behind him he noticed what looked like a horned beast chasing after him. "Oh no..." Lee stopped and turned around to face the beast, which was about 20 feet away. Lee took a deep breath. "Well...come on!" he said while signaling the beast in a weird and nervous taunt. Shivers ran down Lee's spine when the creature let out a low growl then a loud barking like grunt. In a moment Lee felt as light as a feather which was perfect, because this thing was charging at him already. The beast charged at him with an impossible speed. Lee then jumped over the beast spinning around in the air as a trapeze artist would and landed behind the beast. Lee spun his head around to noticed that the inbred beast was looking around for a dead body. Lee chuckled and ran away while the beast was still looking for him. Lee ran at a very fast speed down an empty hallway. Next thing he knew he'd smashed into something, which blew the air out of him. He fell the ground. As his vision refocused he realized he bumped into the beautiful girl he met earlier. What was it...Selina...yeah that was it. "Selina. Hi! I'm so sorry are you okay?" Lee rushed to his feet to help her up. "I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?"
  12. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine..." she breathed getting up on her own. "Are you okay?" She brushed off dirt from your shirt but before you could even respond the man with the power to manipulate flames bursted through the roof "miss me babe?" he smirked. I turned to you "you know this school better than have to find the Dean and ask him what we should teacher told me there was a barrier that used to protect this school, ask him about that!" The man flew becoming engulfed in flames. I leaned down getting ready for another fight "go Lee, now!"
    A block of ice shot from below me sending me flying, the fire man chased after me.
  13. Lee hesitated. I just met this girl...but for some reason I feel the need to help her. Okay... Lee made his decision and ran after the fire elemental. He grabbed him by his legs and only tripped him, forgetting he wasn't in his other form. In his human form he wasn't the strongest guy in the world so the most he did was bring him to the ground. He couldn't transform at will, so he had to something happen that would trigger his anger. "Dude why are you trying to kill her!? Where's the joy in killing another human being." The fire elemental then kicked Lee square in the face, giving him a nose bleed. That's what I was waiting for, he thought before feeling the impact of a boot on his face again. Lee's eyes began to turn black and his pupils turned yellow. His teeth became a lot sharper. Everywhere there was hair grew out even more. The peach fuzz on his skin was now a very furry chinstrap goatee. The elemental then showed a little bit of fear and in that pocket of time Lee hopped to his feet while he still had hold of the man's leg and he then threw him up against a locker. There was a body sized dent left. He then launched him toward the opposite side where there were more lockers. Lee smiled. "It's funny, because I'm kicking your ass, and I've barely even scratched the surface of this form...speaking of scratching..." With that being said Lee grew horrifyingly sharp claws. Lee growled and launched himself at the elemental. The elemental immediately rested his hands on Lee's now hairy chest. Lee whimpered and fell off of the elemental for he now had some pretty deep burn on his pecks. He clutched his chest and got back on his feet. He healed quite fast right before growling again. "Do that again and I'm ripping your throat out." Lee ripped one of the lockers off of the wall and beamed it at the elemental. He grabbed the locker and ripped it apart by melting it, but as he ripped Lee's fingers closed around the man's face. He lifted him off the ground and squeezed his skull. "I could crush your skull like an egg right now...but I refrain from killing." As Lee said that the elemental shot fire from his hands. They were shot at his stomach. His shirt was now singed and his abs had deeper burns then before. He dropped the man and fell to the floor clutching himself. "Th-that was a cheap shot," he let out before passing out form the pain.
  14. My eyes widened in horror as I ran to you. "Oh no! Lee! Lee! C'mon you have to be okay!"
    The fire elemental smirked and grabbed my arm. "Time to finish what I started," he said. Suddenly though, as he grabbed my arm his arms rapidly started freezing. My powers were based off of fear and anguish.
    As he tried melting his arm more of his body stated freezing. " please..." The floor around me became, turning all of the school into an icy fortress beyond my control. Even the mans flames couldnt penetrate it because with each second that goes by the ice becomes thicker. I hold Lee close to me and breathed and dragged him to the infirmity where a terrified doctor stood. "Please! You have to help him!" He nodded and I dragged him over to the bed. The doctor didn't have powers but studied for supernatural cures. I ran out and closed the door behind me.
    Some enemies were frozen by my powers but not all of them, the rest ran away...half of the school was destroyed. I ran to go find the Dean.
  15. Ciel lost track of time as she zipped to some place called Matora High School. She parked her motorcycle at the designated parking spot and checked her watch. It was getting late! Damn, and on the first day, too!

    She had no time to meet new people as she ran to class, and with her nervousness kept changing her appearance. It seemed her first class would be English. What a great subject to start the day off.

    The girl then took a seat by the window and gazed out of it. She hadn't realized that everything was... Well, wonderful. In a most enigmatic way. A good aura was about the entire school and Ciel felt like she finally belonged, until chaos broke out, that is.

    All the monstrous figures came out of nowhere. They were attacking students, teachers, anyone and everything they found in their path. As she saw students being attacked, she couldn't help but grab the nearest object she found that could serve useful. It was a metal bar she found -- probably from the construction nearby, as it flew into the class room.

    She wasn't sure if it was her newfound power -- some were late bloomers, like her -- or another student's weapon that caused the metal bar to form itself into a hammer. The large kind, one the same size as her but weighed a lot. She was lucky to be able to lift it at all. With this newfound weapon, she aided students who were being overpowered by the monsters and smacked the latter upside their heads. Or bodies. She even saw one fiery -- literally -- man who had his hands frozen to the ground, and ended his life. He was frozen there for a reason, and he had a dark aura about him.

    So that was what Ciel had been doing for the last x minutes.
  16. (im Joining in :3)

    Aerith Raised a questioning eyebrow as she watched the scene occur with interest,She heard a Growl and a Sharp Blade materialized on her hands,Turning Swiftly,Aerith Throwed the Blade to the monster's temple.

    Her Mismatched eyes stared at the monster groaning in pain before fading away.

    That wasn't much at all...Aerith thought,Turning again to the hallway.

    Aerith Smirked. Finally. Things were going to be interesting.
  17. Lee awoke back in his normal form, of course. His shirt was off and there were bandages and patches over the areas he'd gotten burned. He moved his head to the right to see the nurse's somewhat terrified face. He struggled to raise his head in front of him only to notice the door was locked with 10 different locks. Half of them were enchanted and hexed. After he saw that he laid back down with out fear, and closed his eyes. Then he remembered. His eyes snapped open and he sat up quickly. The nurse beckoned him to lay back down, but he refused. "Who brought me in here?" he asked the nurse as he got up. "One of the new students. It was a girl...please if you leave...out a shirt back on. You don't need to be distracting some of the girls who are defending this school. You'll get them killed." Lee laughed a little as the nurse said that. "It's going to end up getting ripped anyway...besides...that's my favorite hoody." he said before unlocking all 10 locks on the door and walking out, closing the door behind him. Lee used his enhanced sense of smell to see if he could catch a scent of Selina. After he caught it. He took a deep breath. And tried to speed his heart rate up, like he learned to from beast he'd met a couple months back. He never thought he'd need to do it until now. He took another deep breath and closed his eyes. Once he opened them his eyes were black and his pupils were yellow once more, but what was happening this time is he was becoming bigger and buffer. Hair grew everywhere this time, his legs snapped back into what looked like a leg you'd see on a wolf or any type of four legged animal. He now had a thick coat of black fur, long sharp claws, teeth that Lee'd taken a greath white out with as a kid, and a glare that would scare even the toughest of creatures away. Lee picked up on Selena's scent once more, then got down on all fours and ran in that direction.
  18. I saw Dean Martin and ran up to him, "oh thank goodness I found you!" she said. "What happened? How did all of these creatures get in?"
    Martin was talking to a couple of the other teachers, then turned his attention towards me. "I'm afraid our magical Barrier broke see...a long time ago....when this school was being built the owner of the school Matora knew that creatures everywhere would be trying to get their hands on anything they could. Students, potions, books, roots, you name it. They have been wanting these things for our school grew stronger so did the enemies armies. The leader was Matnok...he was here when Matora was here but never see Matnok didn't want to leave this world, even when it was his he would kill innocent people to use for their life forces to make himself younger....but after millions of years of...feeding off of other creatures he decided he wanted to be immortal...there is only one way to do that..."
    I stared at him curiously, "what...what is it?"
    "There's a list," he continued "A list of pure items that are very hard to obtain...
    First he will need the blood of a unicorn
    Second he will need a sapling from the tree of life
    Third, he will need the spirit of the guardian of the forest
    Fourth he will need Matora's ashes..."
    All of those objects represented something positive and beautiful. Unicorn was purity, The Tree of Life was love, Guardian of the forest was honor, Matoras ashes was something good brought back to the world.
    "Matnok always wanted to destroy the purity and goodness of everything in this world...If he succeeds then the beautiful world as we know it will cease to will be so bad that Matnoks followers will even be begging for him to stop..."
    There was a long silence.
    "We have to protect them..." I started
    "We already alerted the gaurdian of the forest and sent our best teachers out to help him...we need to rebuild this school and continue to teach the young minds."
    I had to tell Lee what was going on, I nodded and slowly headed towards the infirmity.
  19. With the metal hammer in hand, Ciel struggled to get to the infirmary. She needed a heal for that nasty burn on her leg that she obtained with the fire guy back there. It was a different kind of burn -- there was poison mixed in it, apparently. Ciel had faced worse things before as she was beat up in the streets for her powers back then, but all the same, this was fatal. The poison was spreading fast, and she had been feeling its effects as of late.

    "S-send help," she called weakly.
  20. Selina stopped abruptly to and saw Ceil there, trying to drag herself to the infirmity. You seemed as if you were about to fall and I ran up to you and held onto you. "Don't worry...I will help you" I said looking worried. I helped you into the infirmity and explained what was going on. As the doctor was healing you I stood there and kept telling you funny stories about my family.
    "I know I just met you and everything would you know if a super cute guy likes you and...I donno maybe it's just me but I think he likes me..." I smiled warmly just thinking about it.
    "I mean I think he's cute but...i donno"
    Without you saying anything I looked down, "your right, I need to focus on the school because its been destroyed...but have you ever felt so nervous around someone yet excited....its confusing...right focus on getting you better! Sorry!"
    The doctor continued healing you and I looked at you "sorry that they burned seem like a really good fighter!" Hoping to make conversation.
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