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  1. Life As We Know It
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    There's only one world that we know of containing life. It's Earth. When you think of it, humanity is probably the first thing to come to mind. Then science and civilization. There is no magic or unexplained events. But what if we were wrong? What if there's something more?

    A group of people come across each other and find themselves clicking. It's not by chance. Only fate could bring together such different characters. Little do they know - there is a purpose to their gathering. Life as we know it is about to be turned upside down and they are the ones who will put it right again. Along the way drama unfolds, romance blossoms, and lives are taken (whose side is yet to be known).


    they live in the dark
    the devil is their friend
    be careful of their fangs
    they do not fear to sin
    be wary for they hold magic

    they live in the future
    fighting the system
    beware their bodhi of the galaxy
    the monotony is their enemy
    be afraid of their ego
    they endure & revive in controversy


    they live in the transcendental
    Mother Earth is their friend
    be leery of their affinity to the terraqueous

    their are flowers and love to give
    take care for they have vision
    wisdom and peace guides them

    they live in the present
    be fearful of their dedication
    to give effort is to be free
    satisfaction and victory is their friend
    they toil when no one else can
    take heed of their relentless strength

    they live in the imaginary
    be wary of their harnessing creation
    the making of everything is theirs
    the void is their nemesis
    in beauty you will find them

    they create what others only dream of​

    I have not yet decided what the cause of "life turning upside down" is. One idea is a magical event occurring that introduces the idea to the whole world. The event would have to be something cataclysmic that would indisputable. Such as an entire country suddenly turning invisible.

    Another idea is doing an apocalyptic world where the cause had the effect of giving people abilities or strange things happening. Most likely a nuclear war or alien invasion.

    Relationships between the characters also need working on. The rp itself will of course be for developing the interrelations between characters but there will be predestined friends/rivals/lovers.

    Keep in mind:
    Goths are rivals of Hipsters
    Jocks are rivals of Artists
    Jocks are friends of Hipsters
    Hippies are friends of Artists
    Artists are friends of Goths

    What will the "more" be? How far does the magic go? I was thinking more subtle abilities, not the flashy throwing fire kind of thing. Each gift would be linked to the characters "clique." If they're goth maybe voodoo, if hippie possibly conversing with plants and animals, if a jock they have enhanced speed or strength.

    Will they be travelling? Or holed up in one town?
    If they're on the road it can be more about getting to a destination in one piece or bringing something somewhere. Great for random conflicts and budding romance.
    If they're in one place it can be good for fighting against one common enemy. Great for team building and drama.

  2. What is the purpose of the groups? How did they form (in this situation)? The majority of people in the real world don't fit into any of those 5 groups, so I think magical ability should be given based on personality, and then those people may choose to join one of the 5 gangs after the event actually takes place.

    I'm pretty sure I know what you mean by more subtle abilities, but I'm going to check anyway. Do you mean that unless you were paying attention you might not know an ability had even been used? For example, with traditional magic if you wanted to cause an explosion you'd throw a fireball at your target, but here the explosion might simply happen with no obvious cause.
  3. They actually come together into one large group. There will only be 1-3 of each clique. Their purpose is to have very different people who take pride in their uniquity to join forces. This is about transcending the personas people wear and becoming a team.

    What I mean is that there are limitations to the kind of magic/abilities characters would have. Instead of controlling wind or water you would instead be able to talk to it and if they're obliging they may help you. Instead of turning into animals you'd be able to communicate with them.

    Overall communication/summoning/voodoo/etc. are the types I was envisioning. That is unless the people plotting this disagree.
  4. Ah I see. By "subtle" I thought you were meaning simply ones that you wouldn't easily notice being used. I have to say, if they're going to be communication and lower level things, then the magic will probably be a very secondary thing, if that's what you're going for.

    Also just saying but isn't the idea of people being in groups directly opposite to the idea of uniquity?
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  5. Ah well that too - sort of. Yeah more than fighting and magic, I want this to be about building a team. Bonding and whatnot.

    Haha, in a way. But I mean more along the lines of different from each other. All of them take pride in not being "normal" and to quote the series, Divergent. Obviously they keep themselves to their clique but throughout the rp they'll let go a little. The goths will accept some of the hipster customs, jocks will come to understand the artists, and so on.

    BUT all of this is up for debate.
  6. That sounds really cheesy if I'm honest.
  7. pfft I guess it is kind of. I am in many different action/supernatural/etc rps and after a while they're kind of repetitive. I'd like to do something that focuses more on interrelations than the shooting and magicking.