Life as A Teenage Witch

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  1. Miley woke up abruptly. The sound of her alarm had really surprised her. She scowled at it and turned it off. She pushed the covers off and put on her fluffy blue slippers. She walked to her sisters bedroom door and banged on it.
    "Jane! Wake up! Time to get ready for school!"
  2. Jane practically flipped out of her bed with fear as her sister shouted through her door.
    'Yeah yeah, I'm up..." She rubbed her apple green eyes and sat up in her bed. She was tempted to go back to sleep but knew Miley would give her hell if she did. She shuffled down the hall to the bathroom and sighed heavily as she heard Miley already in there turning on the shower.
    "Ugh! Why do you always get everything first!" Jane shouted through the door and then bolted down the stairs, fearing her sister throwing a hairbrush or something at her.
  3. "You snooze you lose!" she yelled. Miley was a beautiful young girl. She had long curly black hair, high cheek bones, bright blue eyes and full lips. When she got out she put on her favorite outfit:
    Bright blue t-shirt, black skinny jeans that had a small chain tied on two of the belt loops. She brushed her hair and smiled at her little sister. Their mother had past away two years ago so Miley took the responsiblility of taking care of her younger sister, since they basically had no dad.
    "It all yours." she got out of the bathroom.
    (( I know there was a picture but I decided to change what she looked like))
  4. Jane couldn't help but smile back at Miley and she entered the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She was mad at her raven hair because it didn't curl the way Miley's did naturally. She stuck her tongue out at herself and got dressed. She wore a red tank top and black jeans, much like Miley she loved black jeans. She pulled on her high top converse and applied her black eyeliner. Jane brushed her teeth and smiled at Miley when she walked out of the bathroom.
    "How do I look sis?" She waved her finger in the air in a Woop-Dee-Doo motion.
  5. She looked at her and smiled. "Why you look positivly stunning darling." she said in a fake british accent then giggled at herself for doing it. She smiled, "But just a little FYI. You look pretty even without makeup sis."
  6. Jane shrugged and bowed stupidly, mocking her sister's formality. She raced back to her room and grabbed her phone and bag, and upon entering the hallway, she noticed that her window was open. She went back in to close it and her door slammed and locked from the outside. Jane ran over to the door and tugged, the door didn't budge an inch.
    "Miley let me out!" She screamed and started banging on the door with her fists. She couldn't hear Miley but she was getting angrier and angrier. She was kicking and beating the door when it suddenly flew open to Miley standing there looking shocked.
    "What the hell Miley!?" Jane screamed at her sister still looking as if she had seen a ghost, and then stormed down the stairs and out of the house.

    (Miley had used her powers on accident, not knowing she has them of course, to close the door on Jane. It was completely out of her control)
  7. Miley was a bit surprised at what happened, "I didnt do it!" all of a sudden Miley heard something rattle from upstair she made a weird face and walked up the stairs, following the sound. She was eventually in front of the attic door. Impossible, Miley thought, Nobody has been able to get in there for ages. She attempted to open the door but sure enough it wouldnt budge. Eventually she gave up but as she turned around to go back downstairs the door opened by itself (Miley didnt use her powers). She stopped and slowly turned to face the door. It was wide open! She slowly walked in. There were all sorts of weird things in there: Ancient looking bowl, candles,herbs, and an old looking chest. She walked up to it and opened it. What she found in it was pretty surprising... and old looking book with a star on the front. She carressed the star then opened the book. The title was 'Book of Shadows'. She flipped to the next paged and it looked like a poem to her. She read it aloud mostly o herself:
    "I summon our powers,
    to awake from its slumber,
    So the power of two could arise
    Give us our powers."
    all of a sudden the house began to shake a little and the chandler in the attic began to glow a blnding bright blue.
    Miley stood up and looked at it, "What the hell..."
  8. Jane felt the house shaking as she sat on the front step waiting for Miley. She ran back inside and up the stairs toward the sound of Miley's footsteps. Jane gasped to see the attic door open and the blue light emanating from inside. She took no longer than a second to stare at the door before she entered with a gasping breath and ran smack into Miley. After falling to the floor the two locked eyes and Jane was surprised to see how brave and strong Miley looked in the blue rays that were being cast upon the floor. She reached out a hand and took Miley's
  9. The blue light instantly disappeared and Miley looked at her little sister, "What the hell was that?!" Miley head instantly got a horrible head ache. Miley held her forehead as the headache got worse. Miley put her hand down and all of a sudden a box from across the room blew up (Miley accidently blew it up.) Miley looked at the box with a 'WTF' face.
  10. Jane's head suddenly felt as if it were splitting in two and she watched as the paint began peeling itself off the walls and to her horror was forming into shapes of tigers and wolves and they began dancing around the room. Her imagination must have been getting the best of her she thought. But it was her new powers AND her wild thoughts that made things as they were.
  11. "Jane..." she said and looked at her. She grabbed the fire exstiguisher and put the fire out.
  12. "Yeah Miley.......I think I know what this means...." her voice was shaking.
  13. She put the extignuisher down and sat down on the top of the chest. Her head was trying to wrap itself around about this entire thing. She all of a sudden wished she was in two places at once. She closed her eyes then all of a sudden there was another her behind Jane.
  14. Jane's head spun back and forth looking between the two Miley's standing in front and behind her. She screamed and covered her eyes. Just as she did, all the shingles flew off the house and the roof opened up. The shingles were spinning around so fast it created a strong wind tunnel that sucked everything in the attic, (including the second Miley), up into it. Jane was still screaming and the more she did, the worse the wind got.
  15. When Miley opened her eyes the second Miley went back inside her. She looked at her little sister and stood up, "Jane! Stop!"
  16. Jane shut her mouth and immediately everything went back to normal, as if none of it had ever happened. She smiled at her sister despite the tears running down her cheeks.
    "Open the book Miley...." Her smile was more curious then the look in her eyes, "I bet there are spells in it...." She giggled and stood up.
  17. She crossed her arms, "Jane... we have to go to school. We can look at it later." ((Sorry it took me a while to respond... my coputer went stupid on me -.-))
  18. (( it's totally fine))

    Jane's smile disappeared and she stuck her tongue out a Miley, a very childish thing to do. She giggled to herself at the look on Miley's face stomped her feet all the way down the stairs to the front door.
    "Come on slow poke!" She shouted up at her sister.
  19. Miley was becoming angry... she wasnt she why but as she followed her younger sister her eye turned bloody red and as soon as she stepped foot outsiside she made a HUGE explosion a few feet away from them. It was bigger than ten houses put together.
  20. Jane was knocked off her feet and hit the ground with a thud.
    "What the Hell!" She screamed and as she did the fire went out with a cold rush of ice/wind. She blinked and it was like the explosion never happened. Granted, there were a good many people that were lying on the ground very confused about the whole thing. Jane stood and grabbed Miley by the arm and pulled her into an ally.
    "Look sis, " She shoved Miley hard against the red brick wall, "I know we don't know how to use our powers yet, but you gotta control this shit!" She motioned to the mayhem that was now people scrambling around trying to figure out if they were crazy or not. Jane hugged Miley hard and felt the warmth grow between the two of them.
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