Life as a Creepypasta

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  1. Shade sighed as she looked around the mansion. Luckily everyone usually in the living room had missions right now. She snuck to the kitchen and looked for something to eat. She saw Masky and Hoodie's cheesecake then moved that over. Next were Eyeless Jack's kidneys. She almost hurled seeing those. "Ew,"she said and moved those. She finally saw some of Laughing Jack and Jill's candy. She looked around before taking some pieces and ran back up to her room, giggling a bit. She closed the door to the room and sat on her bed as she unwrapped a piece of candy and ate it. It was a pretty good life being unnoticed.
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  2. It had been such a lovely day already for Laughing Jill as her blood spattered monochromatic self came skipping through the front entryway. It wasn't everyday that she had a new little friend for the Dark Carnival after all, so how could she not be delighted with what she had done, and right now nothing sounded better to commemorate the occasion then some bright colorful candy. So off she went skipping towards the kitchen with her heels clacking loudly against the hardwood floor.

    Once she had reached her destination she quickly moved over towards the fridge, and she happily started rummaging through it for her candy as she hummed her favorite song. Only to find that someone in the mansion had played candy thief and stole part of it without asking or even leaving a little note. Her next thought was to find who had done the naughty little deed so she could plan her revenge accordingly, so in a swirl of motion she turned and marched back into the living room sporting a very uncharacteristic frown.

    "Who stole my candy from the fridge?!"
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  3. Spirit was in the living room floating in the air next to Eyeless Jack who was sitting on the long leather sofa. The two were having a small talk just before Spirit had to return back to the library. It wasn't really about anything important, mainly what had happen to each other in the last few days and possibly going 'kidney hunting' together. However as Spirit was typing on her phone to reply to Eyeless Jack, the ghost was interrupted by an unhappy Laughing Jill who had stomped her way into the room.

    "Who stole my candy from the fridge?!" the clown asked.

    Due to her lack of vocal communication, Spirit just shrugged her shoulders and mouthed out the words, "I don't know." Eyeless Jack just responded with a simple shake of the head.

    "Not us."
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  4. Shade heard Jill downstairs. "Shit..."she muttered and opened the window in her room and jumped out. She knew if she was caught he would have to talk to someone. And she hated that. She hated talking to people very much when she didn't really know them. She ran into the forest, looking back to make sure she wasn't being followed by Jill.
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  5. Hearing the commotion outside his room he looked outside and said"Not me"he said in his regular tone but was laughing inside.He knew who did it though he wasn't there when she grabbed it but saw when Shade went in her room with something in her hand.He looked outside and saw Shade sneaking away"Run girl run"he mouthed to himself still looking out the window.
  6. She smirked and kept running, soon bumping into BEN. "Oomf... Fuck... Sorry BEN!"she said before jumping back up and running again.

    BEN fell to the ground to, making sure his Nintendo didn't fall and break. "Oh hey. Sorry. Wait! Where are you going?!"he called out, looking back at her. He shook his head and kept playing his game, walking back to the mansion. He shook his head.
  7. "Then who could have taken it~"

    One of Laughing Jill's obsidian eyes twitched slightly in agitation, and as her frustration started to grow so did a nasty grin. She wasn't very patient and at this moment the lack of answers was wearing thin on her nerves.

    "Or would you guys rather face my mischief instead of the culprit~"
  8. Walking outside his room he heard Jills last statement"Jill would you feel better if I bought you some candy"he said putting on his cloak."Cause im going out right now and im know that if I leave I'll come back with the mansion looking like hell and hotwater"at the front door now.

    Then Ben walks in"Sup"he says on his nintendo entering his room then yelling"WHERES MY PS VITA".

    Smiling a bit Raven pulled out the game system and placed it behind the tv"Anyway candy or no"he said leaning on the door.
  9. Hearing Jill's threat of a response, Spirit attempted to laugh but couldn't since blood spurted out of the multiple slits on her throat. Eyeless Jack quickly moved away from her when this happened so that the crimson liquid wouldn't get on his hoodie. He turned his masked face to the ghost who quickly typed on her phone and turned the screen to face him.

    "Dude I'm alright. Anyway tell the girl I can't eat anything."

    Reading this, the masked Jack turned back to the Clown and began to speak, "Well why would we do it? After all I already have kidneys in the fridge and Spirit can't even eat since she's both dead and fucked up in the throat. Plus Spirit says she spotted someone else go in the kitchen not too long ago."

    Then suddenly another man came into the room. This time it was someone that Spirit hardly even knew of: Raven. The ghost stared at him for only a second before looking away and back at Jill.
  10. "Yes it would make me happy . . ."

    Jill got ready to turn away as she actually thought about who could have taken it now, and as she sulked towards her room it finally struck her. 'Not very many people in the mansion would actually touch my candy except for one or two others, but most of the residents are either out right now or getting ready to leave. All but little miss Shade that is.' She gave a sharp toothed grin as she turned on her heel, and then she clacked up the stairs in her heels before coming to a stop in front of Shade's door.

    "Knock, knock~"

    She stood there for a few moments waiting and listening for any sort of response before decidedly shoving the door open. Only to be disappointed when the room was found empty and with the window wide open.

    "Ooh~ A game of hide-and-seek? Heheh, well it's already too late for you to run away Shade. Especially since I'm the one seeking~"
  11. Shade kept running. Because she was pretty tall, because she was the daughter of a Slender, she could take pretty long strides and was already close to the border of the forest. If she was caught, she was fucked. She kept running. It was always one of the best things about her, how to run. She ran at victims to kill, ran from cops, even ran from other Creepypastas. Just not BEN. BEN can fucking teleport. Pisses her off.
  12. "Good"then walking out the door the last thing he sees before walking out the door is Jill busting through Shades door."Oh no Shades dead"he said sounding amused then walked and blended in with the fog surrounding him.Appearing now in front of the house he chose not to long ago he enters in the door unlocking with the hidden key under the plant.Now traveling the house he found the room with a couple in it.Sneaking in he grabbed a gun under the bed which was a 9mm pistol then strangled the woman quickly.Awaking the man he tried run but pulling out one of his knives Raven throws it and hit the man in the head.Then Rin made the words"Im crazy watch out"on the walls with their blood.Then hearing from the other room a baby crying entering the room Raven saw it was a baby girl.Reaching for the bottle Rin picked up the baby and started to rock her and soon enough the baby fell asleep."Another time kid"he said before calling the police and leaving the phone on the floor and doing it to a few more houses.Now at the store he changes into his regular clothes and buys a full plastic bag of candy for Jill then some sour skittles for himself then starts to go back to the mansion.

    (This is a long one)
  13. Jill's lips curled upwards into a wicked grin as her obsidian eyes fluttered closed, and as she exhaled slowly her form dissolved into a puff of black smoke before disappearing entirely. For her teleportation was almost as natural as breathing, and BEN wasn't the only one that used a form of it. When she reappeared and opened her eyes she found herself maybe a mile into the forest that surrounded the mansion. The next two minutes were spent just rapidly teleporting through the length of the forest until she reached the edge of the trees. With one final disappearance act she appeared in the branches of one of the trees, and now it was just a waiting game.
  14. Shade kept running, hoping Jill wasn't following. She completely forgot that those two clowns could teleport and it was obviously too late as she fell right into the monochrome clown's trap because she kept running. She ran right under the tree Jill was in and then kept running.
  15. Arriving at the house he entered and still didn't see Jill or Shade."Still at it huh"he sayed to himself.Putting the bag of candy down on the table he sat down on the couch and started watching Looney tunes.Watching tv he remebered he had skittles and started to get them when he saw Laughing Jack.Now hiding his skittles Jack sniffed the air and said"I smell candy"and looked over at the bag then took half and walked away.Relieved Jack didn't come for his skittles he continued watching tv while eating his skittles.
  16. Jill quickly disappear in a puff of smoke from her hiding place, and then seconds later reappeared in front of Shade. She smiled mischieviously as she watched the tall girl before finally breaking down into a fit of giggles that nearly brought her to tears.

    "I found you candy thief~ But if you want some next time just leave a note silly~"
  17. She stopped in front of her. "What? You... You we're freaking out and most likely threatening people because I took your candy... And you chased me down... Just to say to leave a note? Serious?" She started laughing. "That's hilarious! Hahahahahahaha! That is impressive! You flipped shit and then told me when you found me to leave a note!"she laughed, almost falling on the ground. Yep. She was obviously Splendor's kid.
  18. Jill smiled brightly as she tried to bite back her giggles, and it soon became pretty obvious that it was nearly impossible. After a few minutes she finally started to calm down enough to explain all that had happened after Shade had left.

    "Heheh, it's just the look you gave when I caught you was so priceless, and I bet you forgot that I could teleport didn't you? But candy wise if you want some in the future just leave a note on the fridge or my door and then I won't be so upset. Oh and the reason I'm not really upset now was because Raven offered to replace what you took without asking heh."
  19. She giggled and nodded. "Fine. Maybe next time I might consider it,"she laughed, smirking. "Well I'm gonna be heading back to the mansion. You can do whatever the hell you want,"she said and smirked. She turned and started heading back the the mansion, her hands in her hoodie pockets, a grin on her face.
  20. Comedy trudged through the woods, having to duck under several low branches due to his height. He was carrying a duffle bag filled with unknown contents. More than likely trinkets or something he found on his journey. And after traversing the wilderness for a few moments longer. He would soon arrived at the front of the mansion. Where he stopped and turned to make sure he wasn't followed. Not that he wasn't, but with a life like this. It was better safe than sorry. Walking up to the door, he knocked as gently as he could without causing a big ruckus.
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