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  1. Life^2{Squared}
    "Merging fantasy and reality"

    "A brand new MMORPG experience"

    Interview with A.F. one of the game developers

    Q:What is Life^2{Squared}?
    A:It as brand new kind of MMORPG that will be released next Wednesday, 12:00 London time, simultaneously on the internet and on shops in over 50 countries in the world.

    Q:Is the game free?
    A:Yes the game is free but to run it requires you having special equipment that will start selling Monday again at noon London time. There is also a large in-game shop in which you after converting money into a special currency, rare inside the game, you can buy special items and other things.

    Q:What special equipment are you talking about?
    A:I am talking about "Lab 9's" VIS or Virtual Immersion System. This advanced design allows you to actually enter and experience a virtual world as if it were reality. All that you need to do is hook it in a USB 2.0 port, run the game and put the VIS on your head, and this hat-shaped device will take you in the simulated reality of the game. The VIS will cost 10 $ in the "Void" package which consists of one VIS. Those with deeper pockets might want to buy the "Starter" package for 20 $ which comes with one VIS, a DVD with a program which transcribes any 3D game into a virtual reality and a "Starter Gift" for Life^2{Squared}. There are even larger offers so check out the webpage at

    Q:What is special about the game itself?
    A:Just like the motto "Merging fantasy and reality" suggests Life^2{Squared} merges the elements of real world with the elements of fantasy. Using a detailed virtual reconstruction of Earth, with game physics almost 100% the same as reality, with a massive magical spell book with the players being able to create their own magic as well as a massive partially player driven economy this game can never be truly completed. All that in an incredibly realistic simulation with all senses covered and with future updates that will just keep making it more realistic in the terms of sensory perception.

    We also used the fact that VIS communicates directly with the brain to increase the speed at which the game runs to a four times faster then reality meaning that one hour of real time equals to 4 hours inside of the game. Further a game day lasts only 24 game hours, or six real hours, per one of the four server nodes, which are the American, Euro-African, Asian and Pacific node, which rotate their active time meaning that there is always only one active server node running. A character is shared between the server nodes and can be used on all of them in succession.

    Q:What is the age restriction of Life^2{Squared}?
    A:There will be four main servers in each server node with the following age restriction: 6+, 12+, 16+, 18+. The VIS will make sure that no one underage is trying to play on a server which is not meant for that person's age.

    Q:A little treat for the end?
    A: There are a number of dimensions like Heaven, Hell, Valhalla and so on which can be reached and explored only with magic. As one my guess many artifacts and rare resources can be found here as well as powerful enemies. But that is up to the players to discover.

    Life^2{Squared} is brought to you by:
    IdeA Development Labs
    World Wide Gaming
    Lab 9

    As you can guess this RP will take place inside a MMORPG called "Life^2{Squared}". In a simulated Earth and using both weapons, skills and so on from real life and abilities and magic from fantasy. A detailed skill and magic system and a partially player-driven economy makes the game gigantic in scope of what you can do with your character, from creating a second peaceful life in the game to leading an adventuring life of danger. AKA it is a combination of life simulation, economy simulation and fantasy RPG. All standard fantasy races are included as well as any race that you want to make.

    More details will be given in the OOC or if requested in a post.
    Comments, posts of the "Count me in" and so on style are all welcomed.
    Suggestions or points out on possible problems are also more then welcomed.
    So like, watch thread and hope that a sign up/OOC is made.
  2. Interested, although there have been quite a few VR roleplays up the interest check forum, so I can't commit but I'll be lurking
  3. Well just a supporting push is also nice.
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  4. Interested!
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