Lies can kill the soul

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  1. Background Story
    In this roleplay a soon to be Prince's farther is murdered. His mother and guards told him that his farther was slaughterd when hunting for food in the woods. The Queen ttells her son that the person who did it was a girl his age. The daughter of the sorceress. The soon the be princess of Shayia. The queen orders her son to find this girl and bring her back to the palace to be killed. He finds her hiding in the dark depths of the Saxon forest. Now he must keep her safe for the three week trip ahead of them where she will be killed for the death of her farther. The only thing is...
    She didn't do it.

    Genesis awakens tied to a tree the boy that captured her was nowhere to be found. Taking this as her best oppitunity to escape she begans wriggling her wrist, trying to break free. When this failed she resorted on her powers. That as well failed. "What's wrong with my magic?' She began to say outloud, looking for the boy who had captured her from the night before. "I know your around. I know you hear me. What did you do to prevent me from using my magic." When there was no answer she sat in silence for his return.
  2. "Now...Why would I tell you that?" A boy with silver hair asked as he walked up to her. He folded his arms over his chest and looked down at her. His name was Alastair, the son of the recently deceased King. "If I tell you then you'd know how to break free."
  3. Genesis gave the boy a low menacing glare. "What is it that you and your pathetic and irritable kingdom can want with me? I have done nothing wrong and I wish to be set free!!!" Genesis once again began to wiggle around but it was no use she was tied firmly around this tree and wouldn't be going anywhere unless he untied her.
  4. "You seriously think I'll believe that you don't know why I've come after you?" He asked, squatting down in front of her. "You killed my father, and my mother wants your head." Alastair stated, in a cruel yet kind tone. It was a strange sounding thing. He looked into her eyes and waited for her response, her reaction. He wasn't all that sure that she really did it. That this girl could really kill his father. Alastair wanted to make sure before he sent the girl to death.
  5. Genesis snapped at the boy. "How dare you accuse me of something so fowl, i'm the princess of Shayia. One of the most peaceful kingdoms and you think I killed your farther?" She looked down at the ground. "I heard about your farther and the way he led his kingdom. My people would talk about him all the time. Your farther was a wise man. Your farther would never just accuse someone of something he would never just act out of anger. That's why his kingdom stands to this day." She gave a sigh not meeting the boys eyes but staring of into the woods. It was true she was caught fleeing from where he layed dead, but not because she had killed him. She fled because she saw the one that had. When the prince did not speak she looked up at him, "Well???"
  6. Alastair sighed. "I not have accused you of anything. I'm sure my father wouldn't have accused you either if it was someone else that was killed. It was my mother that is accusing you. She is the one acting out of anger over the death of my father. Not I." He said calmly and nicely. "Whether you be innocent or guilty, it's not for me to decide. I simply must take you back to the castle. Safely of course."
  7. Genesis gave a fake life. "Yes safely of course. Do you know how many people could want me dead right now?" She felt as though he was going to protest and stopped him before he could. "Everyone!! There's only one of you and I don't think you can stop what's soon to come." She said looking at the ground. She couldn't belive this was happening to her. With anger boiling inside her she asked once more. "I wish to defend myself.. I want my powers." She said still looking at the ground.
  8. Alastair sighed once again. He looked at her, studying her body language and way of speech. He reached his hand out behind her back, feeling around a bit until he felt a piece of paper. It was a magical seal that he used to bind her powers temporarily. "Try running and I'll just chase you down again. I won't remove the seal again after that." He warned, then pulled off the seal without waiting to hear her response.
  9. Genesis kept her eyes on him. She quickly used her magic to untie herself and stood up. For some reason she was feeling nothing but anger and used her magic to put an invisible hand around his neck holding him up in the air. She could see him trying to breath, tears rolling down her cheeks as she continued to stare at him. Then with all the mind control she had she dropped him, closing her eyes and turning her face from him. "I'm not a killer." She said in a shaky voice. "And if I must die to prove it..... then so be it." With that she looked off into the woods waiting for his next move.
  10. Alastair stayed calm while she choked him, though he worked hard to try and breathe. He fell to one knee when she dropped him, and he stayed like that for awhile. Alastair's hand was over his chest as he took in deep, heavy breaths until he was about to breathe regularly again. He stood up, then walked up next to Genesis. He placed his left hand on her right shoulder lightly. "I believe you. The tone in your voice says it all." Alastair said in a calm voice. His father taught him how to control his anger for as long as he could remember. Now it is like he is never angry. But there are defiantly times when his angry side comes out, but only a handful of people got to see it.
  11. Genesis glanced up at him through watery eyes giving him a weak smile. When she realized that she was crying she quickly shook her head. "We should get going." She said in a new tone. She hated when people saw her when she was weak. Especially if they were not family. She tried to brush the thoughts from her mind but they continued to linger. She climbed up on the horse that was tied to the saddle of another. Waiting for the unknown boy to take her to her death. "What is your name?" She was finally able to ask. Holding up the rope and giving him a small sigh.
  12. He got up onto the other horse, and got situated before he answered. "My name is Alastair." He said, glancing back at the girl. "And what is your name? No one had bothered to tell me yet." Alastair lied in a very believable way. His mother told him the name of the accused girl, but he wanted to hear her name from her. Get to know her through talking with her and not someone else.
  13. "My name is Genesis." She said with a pause at the end. "Im surprised no one bothered to tell you." She said not meeting his eyes. For some reason she found that very hard to do. Instead of looking at him she stroked the long neck of the horse and softly hummed to herself. Softly enough to where only she could hear herself.
  14. "I guess they all forgot to tell me in the rush." Alastair shrugged. "My mother just handed me a rough sketch of you and told me to find you and bring you back for your punishment." He said, not bothering to clarify what that punishment was. Genesis already knew what it was, since he said it before while she was tied up on the tree. "We should be going now." He said as he took a hold of the reins of the horse. "Get ready." Alastair warned her, so she wouldn't fall off her horse for not getting holding on in time. He tapped his heel into the horse and it started to move. Turning them around, Alastair rode off, going at a nice and easy pace. He was in no rush to get back.
  15. Genesis sat quietly on her horse as things began to flutter through her mind. She looked up at Alastair but couldnt read his face. Before he could glance back at her she looked down at her hands. She seemed to always be looking down latly. She opened her mouth as if she was going to speak and quikly closed it again before the words could come out.
  16. Alastair didn't notice that Genesis was going to talk. They rode for a while in silence, only the sounds of the horse's footsteps could be heard. "There is a tavern up ahead if you want to stop. We could get something to eat and drink." He said to break the silence. "I'm in no rush to get back to the kingdom." He admitted to her.
  17. Genesis hesitated for awhile, she could feel the presence of someone near and was worry about stopping for something to it. Still she was hungry and she knew he was too. With a smile she slightly nodded. "I think we should be careful though, this is uneasy territory we pass through. You are very brave to pass through here alone the first time." Genesis knew about this place only because as a little girl she loved to hang out in dangerous places.
  18. "There is no need to worry." Alastair said, and patted his large sword that was on the side of his horse in a holster. "I'll take of anyone and anything that dares to come after us." He said in a calming voice.
  19. Genesis nodded at the sword. "You know sometimes violence is not the always answer." She said glaring from him to the sword. When she felt as though Alastair was going to protest with her she simply raised her hand in the air. "But with matters like these I suppose there's only one answer your really looking for, and that would be who killed your farther." Genesis hated hiding things from people especially something like this, but tell the soon to be king who killed his farther would only cause problems for her and her kingdom. "Don't think your alone in this. I would be more than happy to help you find the man who killed your farther." She added at the end of her statement.
  20. "I mostly use my sword for show. It usually scares off anyone who dares to get close to me in a threatening manner." Alastair said, feeling he wanted to clear it up with Genesis that he wasn't a violent person. "If the fight can be resolved by talking it out, I'd do that first." He said, glancing back at Genesis.