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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Grumpy, Sep 4, 2016.

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    Anyways, this here is a PSA to let you guys know about another small change we're making to the forum. Specifically the 'Libertine/Liberteen' areas.

    Staffies have been debating the branding of these sub-forums for years now, since we're always aiming to find the middle ground between keeping it classy (as opposed to 'SEX STUFF GOES HERE, YOU SICK FUCKS') and keeping it understandable for newcomers to the forum. With this in mind, we're changing things up again to match the little stars next to user profiles that denote the age group they belong to. It makes things a little more clear than the previous names we've used.

    So, to break it down in nice, simple steps...

    Are you over the age of 18? Your RPs of this variety go here.

    If you're under the age of 18? Your RPs of this variety go here.

    We're a much bigger forum, these days, which means we have to aim to keep things as clear and simple as possible so people who aren't familiar with the site's jargon and culture will be able to understand how things work. We think this change will help to prevent confusion amongst our members and make the forum as a whole more welcoming in the wake of registration opening up again.

    You're welcome to disagree, of course.

    I just won't listen cos you're all awful.
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  2. I like it. No confusion for the most part.
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  3. So the red giants are going to reach their climaxes faster than the blue dwarves because reasons?
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  4. I think it's worth mentioning that the Redstar/Bluestar forums are for roleplays of the sexual variety though we do have GMs who feel some explicit themes like extreme violence and gore shouldn't be accessible to all ages and thus post their roleplays here. With Iwaku being a liberal site they're technically using the forum wrong but they are allowed to do so; however, GMs who have aged locked roleplays don't have to post their roleplays here. Mostly because we have the 18+/16+ only tags that help GMs denote the age group of players they'd prefer to play with and b) Iwaku is a liberal site that doesn't believe in censorship. The only reasons we have the rules that we do on these forums is because some of them are American law and because Iwaku's servers are based in America this site must abide by these rules. Much like how servers based in Canada abide Canadian laws and so on so forth.

    Thought I'd get this out of the way since these topics come up somewhere when these topic is discussed.

    This PSA looks too patriotic on the black background o.o
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  5. Well its very simple and i like it ^-^ so us peasants should not have an issue.
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  6. Thanks! Now I know exactly where to post! :D
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  7. Fancy.
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  8. I never liked the change to Libertine anyway, so this is cool for me.
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  9. Can't understand why you feel so disgusted about us! Just beat it, lewd stuff going to rule the world someday and you're not going to prevent it!

    Also, this is, in fact, a great changing. I was kind of confused with this sections, but I can finally see everything clearer!
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  10. Phrasing.
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  11. *Le gasp*
    .....Ze Grump Call us Peasants! But i am a CLEAN peasant! i make sure every day -3-
    But anyway pretty nice...was not hard to see one from the other but well! It dose actually help for the newcomers sooo its a good change!
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  12. i see the red star of communism erotica rises over iwaku

    seize the means of reproduction, comrades, you have nothing to lose but your chains ( unless you're into that kinda thing )
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  13. Careful, Careful you need us filthy peasants to function~

    In all seriousness, fine by me. I started with Libertine, but meh.
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  14. It's chill with me. I think it's a great change, makes things much easier to distinguish. Sometimes things can be misread, so having Libteen and Libertine can be confusing. So thanks all you iwaku staff for making this alteration to the forum titles in this section.
    Reasons, while they may remain unbeknownst to me, or rather not understood in my meek mind, I appreciate the action.
    After all, I am but a smol wee marshmallow, I am not prepared to meet the flames that await me...
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  15. Whaaaat? Again?! You guys seriously need to make up your minds. =/
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  16. I can't really feel like this makes it any less confusing--if anything, it makes it sound like the two forums are just general adult/teen spaces. But I guess it doesn't matter because I don't have to answer the questions about it o:

    How come adults gotta be red. Blue is a nice color ):
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  17. I am one of the GMs whose RPs will always be Red Star. I have had too many unfortunate experiences while playing with underage people, so I thanks you for this.
  18. *Predicts Communist Red Star shit posts to be coming*
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  19. reads this post and then slowly scrolls back up to her previous post in this thread...

  20. Wasn't the last change a couple years ago? O_O
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