Libertine Apocolypse Roleplay?

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  1. Hey everyone! I've been playing a lot of video games lately. A lot of Left 4 Dead, actually.
    Anyways, I thought a realistic, action filled adult roleplay set in the zombie apocalypse would be pretty cool. I have some basic ideas and I would love to get feedback.

    Why is this in the Libertine section?!

    Great question. I want this roleplay to contain real-life content. Cursing, sex, death, heavy violence, etc. That said, I don't want porn without plot, okay? I like libertine roleplay but I also love a good story, and I know some of you do too. Sex will probably happen, but not on the first fucking page. There's gotta be room for forming relationships, getting to know the other characters, becoming comfortable with our surroundings, and of course bashing in some undead heads.

    Any ideas for the plot?
    I have some loose ideas, which is why this is posted in the "Ideas and interest check" section. In general, I want the roleplay to start with the characters meeting by chance in the middle of fighting a horde. Maybe they all are pushed into the same area and decide to help each other kill their attackers. That being said, no one will die in that first fight scene. Promise!
    At this point, the apocalypse has been going on for a number of years, but not so long that any of our characters would have been born in it. Maybe 7-10 years or so. Also, I want this to be set somewhere in the area of Illinois/Arkansas/Tennessee-ish area with the goal being to make it to DC. I have ideas for what will happen there, but that will come much later. It's a long way there and there will be many bumps in the road. Dangers, secrets, other groups (NPCs), etc. This is what I want us to talk about here!

    So, characters?
    Characters! The fun part!
    Obvious rules apply. No GMing. You're a human being not a superhero. Aside from the zombies, this will be realistic.
    I will most likely accept 12 characters, including my own. That being said, the max number of characters you may have is 2. No exceptions. This is so a) you don't get overwhelmed, and b) other people get a chance to join in on the fun.
    Also, think creatively! Characters can be of different ethnicity, backgrounds, ages, sexualities, all that! Mix it up. A bunch of 20 year old white kids is pretty generic to me. That being said, ALL CHARACTERS SHOULD BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS ROLEPLAY. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Got it. Rules?
    I'm not a dictator, but I want this to be a good, descriptive roleplay. I understand writers block, bad days, etc. But PLEASE try to post at least 2 good paragraphs per character. I'm not gonna be harsh on grammar and spelling, but if I see text talk or typing like you're in middle school, you're out.
    Character death will go through me first and foremost. Want to kill off your own character? Talk to me and you can. Want to kill off another character? Talk to myself AND the other person. With their permission, then and ONLY THEN can you kill someone else.
    Have ideas for a plot twist? Me again. Message me any time.
    As for posting, once at week is the MINIMUM. Don't just drop out of the roleplay without saying anything. Tell me if you don't want to participate and I will more than happily create something to help you exit.
    If you are going to be gone/sick, alert us via the OOC thread and alert me via private message. I know the struggle. I have vacation coming up in a few weeks and I promise that everyone will be notified at least 3-5 days before I leave.

    SO! That's it! Let's see what we can do with this baby, eh?

  2. So, are you fine with catgirls? Centaurs? Lovecraftian monster deities?

    Or... do you just think all white people are the same?
  3. Hey man, I'm white. I just want people to really think about who they want to be.

    Also, I'll go back and fill this in because it wasn't clear, but this is gonna be a semi-realistic thing. Think of the Walking Dead. All player characters for this rp are going to be humans. Thanks!
  4. I wish to join! I love zombies and always look for Lib zombie stuff!
    I wish to make a girl, probably bi or pan
  5. Once more people get interested I will set up a signup thread!
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  6. I'm in.
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  7. Fuck it, I'm in. I've got a free spot opening up
  8. Let's get after it
  9. Woooh nice! I have some planning to do on my part, considering I'm going on vacation in a week. But I will be working on OOC/Sign-ups and world building. I'll let you all know as soon as I have set dates! Thanks so much!
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  10. Will look this over when I get home^^
  11. I'm interested! I'm more than likely going to play a male.
  12. This has my interest, I wonder how things will turn out?
  13. Never mind.

    Didn't mean to cause a whole mess of stuff.

    Great role play, I love the plot. Good luck on your ideas and everything.
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    • Harassment let the creator make it how they want unless they're taking ideas which in this case of sounds pretty copy and paste.
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    Because you have a reputation of trying to backseat drive an RP that you're not GM of
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  14. @T E R R O R

    You're gonna wanna refer to what Gate said
  15. Despite a few comments here and there Terror informed me via pm that she will still like to join your roleplay.

    I will be joining as well. I have one question though, are face claims going to be real people or art work? I already have a character ready to go for an rp like this. I think she was Italian-American with DID/MPD. She's a pretty interesting character and I regret not being able to play her, so hoping this works out. XD

    I also may come up with ideas and suggestions in terms of foes and plot points for roleplays I'm excited about, much like my friend Terror. If in the future you feel as any of us are becoming to pushy please feel free to tell us so. You are the GM, do not be afraid to let some one know they are getting carried away. If you have any problems, feel free to let me know and I will be happy to help! As staff it is part if my job to ensure that iwaku stays a toxic free environment. <3
  16. HEY YOU. I remember you. Nice to see you again. ;}
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