Libertine? Anyone? :)

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  1. Hallo.
    I'm looking for one on one libertine partners. Please keep in mind, that 1. There are no limits to how much or how little you want to write. But at least two sentences? 2. And please don't over due it with like 6 paragraphs. I can do messeging, or on a thread.

    Let's see..I can do:
    MXF (Though I can only play as the girl. I suck at being male. Well a straight one.)
    I can't do this one. Sorry :(

    Ships :)))
    Father x daughter
    Mother x son
    Teacher x student
    Childhood friends
    Brother x sister
    Spy x spy
    Cheating x clueless
    Super hero x super villian

    Any more? Message me.

    I like to do fantasy, realistic, sci fi, furry (if you want.)
    Need more details? Message me. I won't bite.

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  2. (Still looking :)
  3. Furry mother/son RP?
  4. Message me.
  5. I'm interested in Childhood friend
  6. @Saito X @BactiriumContamination

    Libertine RPs between teens (blue stars) and adults (red stars) are not allowed! Sorry but you guys have to find other partners, this is Iwaku's most serious rule.

    I've moved this to the age locked adult libertine requests forum, please only post Libertine requests there for this reason
  7. Is this thread still open? I am confused. If so I am interested/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.