Libertine/Adult advertisement?

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  1. So far, I've seen a few slightly... colorful RP advertisements in the banners.

    First question: are the banners segregated between the Libertine sections (teens and adult)?

    Second, is there (or would it be possible to implement) a way for the banners to be classified so that we could disable adult advertisements? (I used to often browse and participate in Iwaku at work. Imagine how tensed up I got when a banner with straight up furry porn (it was not especially graphic, but it was still visible what was happening) came up while I was at work. I'd love to be able to continue my roleplaying during work downtimes, but ever since that happened (doesn't help that just today a banner with suggestive language came up, thankfully at home this time) I'm wary of it and actually stay off the website a vast majority of the time.

    So yeah. Thoughts?
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  2. Sexually graphic banners are not allowed, so if you ever see one slip through the advertisements, you can report it and we'll fix it. That includes overly suggestive language. O_O Sometimes stuff gets by when I'm not paying full attention.
  3. That's a relief - what's the procedure for reporting a banner? Just report it here? Go to the thread and report that thread?
  4. You can send me a PM anytime you see one and link me to the thread it belongs to!
  5. I have hardly seen a "colorful" ad banner. The only libertine ones I have seen have direct text in their banner AD's stating that they are libertine RP's and if I was to click on a libertine (M) the only thing it would bring me too is a "error page" stating that I don't have permission for this, which in the end makes me realize "yes this is not a RP fitted in my age group" and I end up just looking elsewhere. My point being I have yet to spot a issue with the banners sending me to places I should not be or showing pictures that should not be seen, the only thing I am a bit peeved about is the overstretched banner pictures and non-understandable text. Just my 2 cents. :-)
  6. So far the ones I've had issues with (that I have submitted to Diana) directly implied sexual ownership of people, and the other one was furry domination or something like that.