Libertas Renatus: A DRoP Non-Canon RP

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    Admins : Kaedryn, Deryn, Mellody, Thalia, Nai-ru, Twilight
    Mods : Alrekair, Sporelett
    Island Mods: Escape, Silver
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    Important Information :
    Founded way back in 2008, Libertas is one of the longest running and more active non-canon DRoP sites around! It’s gone through several changes, getting massive makeovers and gaining/loosing members, but has continued strong even through a site change! With plenty of action for all and a wide variety of character options, we're bound to have something to please just about everyone! Come check us out on our site and drop us a line! We don't bite (hard!)

    Upcoming :
    >>Rumors of an Amaris attack force has reached Libertas, and forced Weyrwoman Akayla's hand! With a new, hidden, secret weyr being built on a distant Island, completely secure and cut off from everyone, and plans for the defense of the main weyr underway, only time will tell how this will fall out...
    >>Two brand new pet species, found only at the Island!
    >>Gold Valkryth has Risen and been Caught by Brown Kaivalth! With eggs on the sands soon, what will a Brown weyrleader and clutchfather mean for the eggs, and the weyr?
    >> Gold Saliyask is Running at the Island! This means the first wher clutch of the new weyr, an exciting time for all!
    >> Secret plotting behind closed doors at Amaris and a gathering of forces have begun even more rumors about an invasion. (MAJOR plotline ahead!)
    >>A Gather is in the works! Look forward to having some great times!

    Background :
    Libertas, a weyr built as a refuge for those considered not normal, strange... different... Created by a band of dragons who fled their home weyr, it flourished on the southern continent, separate from all others, peaceful and untouched. At least until the dragonriders of Amaris, the ancient enemy that had coursed them from their original home, began to sight them out once more. And then it was if the very world turned against the tiny weyr. The weather began to shift, turning far colder than before, turning the naturally warm climate into something frozen, and Thread began to fall harder and more often. Starving felines and whers attack holds beholden to the weyr, gradually turning them against the dragonriders...

    What we have to offer :
    >>Active administration and moderation teams, news teams, art teams, etc.
    >>Frequent hatchings, be they pet or bondables
    >>Frequent plots (both major and minor)
    >>Frequent OOC events for the members!
    >>Monthly contests, achievements and explorations for members. Our Achievements and Explorations are exclusive to Libertas and not only do they offer roleplayers a chance at prizes, but they foster activity as well!
    >>Chance to play a candidate, dragonrider, wherhandler, or even a wild wher!