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I've been out of the game for a year or two, so I may be a little rusty. I was thinking about the classic amnesiac sorta plot line, just to keep things . It would take place in the small town of Houghton, Michigan (and surrounding towns, why not) in the present day.

So, basically, this 22-year-old boy (Miiine) wakes up in the hospital with no memory of anything; his mind is a blank slate. A living John Doe, nobody can figure out where he came from or who his family is, etc. etc. He was found on the side of the bike path that runs down by the waterfront with multiple wounds on his body that suggest he was extensively tortured. This is a huge piece of news for the area--which doesn't see a lot of crime due to population-- so this event also makes him a kind of local celebrity.

What I'm looking for is for someone to either take a romantic stance (The character I'm thinking about it straight, so that's something to keep in mind) or really anything else that can create tension, suspense, etc. Multiple characters are fine with me (I might make up another one, anyways).

Note: I was thinking about making this slightly supernatural and give my John Doe some sort of ability, either a sixth sense/ mental ability or something that would allow him to manipulate the environment, so that could be anything from an elemental ability to a physical one (Y'know, super strength and the like). Suggestions are very, very appreciated.