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What is the biggest lie you've ever told? Why? What were the consequences, if any?
I don't really lie, but the biggest one...

When I told my Mom that I was going to a friend's house, which was on my littlest sister's birthday. I said I was going over to work on a project because during that month, we were working on a film for Japanese. I wasn't scheduled to go work on it that day, though. What really was happening was that my boyfriend was taking me to Planned Parenthood so I could confirm my pregnancy.

Consequences? Well, I got yelled at after I told her the news because she was upset that I hid it from her and lied about where I was going. That's really as far as it went. She was easy on me because she knew I was afraid and that same day I told her I was probably miscarrying.

But really, I can't think of anything bigger than that. o.o
I try not to lie. The biggest one I told would have been when my mom found weed and a pipe hidden in my room (yes, she would go through my things all the time), and told her that it wasn't mine. I told her that I was at my friend's house for our weekly poker night when his girlfriend went completely psycho and starting breaking his things, so he called the cops on her because she started throwing stuff at the people who started to leave because it was a really awkward situation (the truth), and because he had called the cops he needed me to take his pipe and weed from him just in case they found it when they got there (not true). Luckily she believed it and didn't tell my dad.

The stupid part? I had stopped smoking a long time before she found it, I had just forgotten that it was there.
I've lied about most aspects of my life to the people around me.

So far, it hasn't been too damaging. What they don't know can't harm them, and with the deception I achieve a greater confidence.

They've always been good lies. Better stories. And I'll compund the myths for as long as I live.
The biggest lies have allways been to myself. I was in a three year relationship with someone who wasn't worth the pain... all because I lied to myself and made myself think things would get better. I was young though and we learn from our mistakes.