LGBTQIA Island Resistance

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  1. You have three islands. Divide them into groups of one. The straight island, the gay island, and the lesbian island.

    This roleplay is going to be based off of this Tumblr post - which is ingenious by the way - and it'll be very dystopian and Resistance-with-a-capital-R. If enough people get interested,we can properly start planning. Just read the post and if you're interested, fill out the character form below.

    Physical Description:
    Basic Information: (Anything you think is relevant)
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  2. Ahah, I saw that post. Kind of missing the point, but it was a hilarious come-back anyway. What do the I and A stand for, though? Those are new, I think. Anyway, I'd totally be up for this, but reading through the argument on that post would be pretty infuriating so can you give me a quick run down of the politics of the world? And answers to the questions posed in the original response, like "What happens if a gay is born on Straight island?"
    • The I and A stand for Intersex and Asexual.
    That's the fascinating thing about it - we can make our own politics :) Once a few more people express interest, we can hammer out the nitty gritty details.
  3. Intersex? I'm guessing people who don't identify as being either sex? I swear, we should just compact it all into "people". It'd be so much more convenient. Then again though, it'll naturally do that eventually anyway.

    I can help with the politics if you want. Sounds like a fun thing to figure out :D I'm very good at pretending to be sexist/homophobic/racist etc. As a troll, I've had a lot of practice, so I should be able to come up with stuff that would be pretty realistic.
  4. Hmm, I don't usually do group roleplays, but this actually seems really fun!

    Just to acquaint myself to the tentative plot, are our characters - coming from different sexual orientations - forming a resistance to break the separation of the islands? Or rather, are our characters part of a respective island and slowly wish for integration whatever the means?
  5. Hm, that doesn't actually sound like a very fun plot. I think there should be a genuine reason that they were separated in the first place (and there will be one, considering somehow the entire world has disappeared and its population now on only 3 islands), and the character's aim should be to discover this reason and solve it, instead of just overthrowing the government, which is really quite overdone and boring.
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  6. I didn't mean to sound like I was advocating for that specific plot direction. It was more so a comment for clarity for myself. If another direction is to be taken, that's totally fine. Again, I asked only for elaboration.

    I'm definitely open to every and all ideas :)!
  7. Of course, it's still in the planning stage. All ideas are presented and can be refuted equally :P
  8. Lets answer these questions between us and get the basic world building down. I'll start.

    Why were we all separated onto different islands?

    An evil homophobic dictator took over the entire world - Hitler-style - and separated the entire population into three categories. That's how the world became as it is, but now with a hint of resistance below the surface like every good dystopian.

    Did the government sanction this? If so, why?

    Why didn’t we revolt against this tyrannical government?

    Where are these islands? How were they chosen?

    Are the continents of the world abandoned?

    What kind of resources are on each island? Are they the same or different?
    Does each island have a right to form its own government or does the government that segregated us still rule?

    If so, what island do they rule from and how do they communicate with the other two islands? If they can communicate with the other two islands, can all three islands communicate with each other?

    If the straight people keep reproducing, won’t their island become overpopulated and their resources depleted? Islands only have so much space right? Do straight people stop having gay kids? Isn’t it a fact that, to date, straight people are the largest manufacturers of gay kids? If a gay kid is born on straight island, do they get sent to their appropriate island? Wouldn’t that aid in the re-population of gay and lesbian island?

    What about people who are attracted to more than one gender? Are they just lost at sea, floating aimlessly? Is the ocean full of listless pansexuals, floating nowhere? Or are they trapped in some sort of purgatory because they don’t fit on any one island?

    Are there trees on lesbian island? Is it conceivable that if there were, a large group of lesbians could build a boat? Have you ever seen lesbians around timber? If they built a boat, could they travel to gay island?

    How far apart are the islands? If they could travel to gay island, would they be able to collect semen, return to lesbian island, and repopulate the island? Would they be able to send some of those children to gay island?

    Do trans people exist in this world? If so, wouldn’t they be able to aid in repopulation?

    If the lesbians decided to declare war on the heterosexuals, would they be able to reach their island? On the way to heterosexual island, could the lesbians pick up the gays and scoop the floating bisexuals from the sea? If so, would they all be able to go and attack heterosexual island together, wiping out its people’s, stealing its children and taking all its resources?

    By the way, I wholly want us to include this part of the post:

    I am so here for an asexual sky nation. We live in floating cities and master the wind currents. Newly minted ace youths are sent up to us in baskets suspended under hot air balloons. We breed giant birds to bear us through the skies, or else build ourselves wings and gliders to fly in their midst. The only land we know are the tallest mountain peaks and the world is a bright blue gem spreading out beneath us.
  9. I really don't think generic evil dictator is the way to go... it'd be so boring. Just a generic "unite the people and have a revolution" RP.
  10. What else could we do for that?
  11. Personally, I'm thinking either:

    • Voluntary segregation, for example due to religion
    • Evolutionary segregation (Populations get stranded on the islands, and lets say there's some magical stuff going on that allows gay pairs to have children, except only girls are born on the lesbian island, only guys on the gay one and an equal split on the straight one, and they're always the orientation of whichever island they're born on)
    • Segregation through a sexually transmitted disease that can only be passed to the opposite gender, thus all uninfected men are put on one island, all uninfected women on another island and all infected of both genders are put in quarantine on a third island, and sexuality naturally progresses from there until the woman island is naturally lesbian, the male island is naturally gay and the quarantine island remains straight. To keep populations up, we say that 50% of children are born infected. Those who are born uninfected get moved to the island of their gender.
  12. I like the STD idea, but with a twist. Maybe there was a sweep of this illness years ago, so the ruling government split the world's population into the three islands, but when the illness passed, the government decided everything was good the way it was, so they just kept everything the same.
  13. Hm, that could work. Still sounds like it might end up as an 'overthrow the government' though.
  14. Or we could just create a world where the people have been separated for generations, and everyone just accepts it as the norm.
  15. Yeah, but we need to get a plot as well. What would the people actually be doing?
  16. Man that post made my day!

    I am cautiously interested, we really need a more solid plot start before starting though.
  17. Well, it depends. We could have several plotlines interwoven into each other - I like the idea in the original post about the Bisexual Buccaneers. Maybe we could do something with that.
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