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    Storme Martin. How does anyone explain Storme Martin? She was one of those girls who just have no words to properly describe them. The closest word that one could use to describe her, would be 'eccentric.' She was a tall, lanky girl with round, owl-like glasses, and dark blue hair which was almost the same shade as her navy coloured eyes. People generally avoided her, especially at her all-girls school, because she was gay. Yeah, she liked girls, so what? However, this made a difference once people found out about her orientation, and she was given a wide berth at her school for that, and also because she was an Aspie, suffering from a autistic disorder known as Aspergers Syndrome.

    However, now she was actually looking forward to the summer holidays, because her parents had signed her up for a summer-long camp called LGBT Summer Camp, which was supposed to help all people connect with each other and make new friends. She sat on the steps of her new cabin, and pushed her glasses back up her nose as she looked around for anyone. Being the first to arrive sucked, because she was now on her own until anyone else came.
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  2. Mr. Bert is what they call him. Joshua 'Bert' Liberty. What kind of person would give him such name? Liberty isn't his real family name at the first place. That is if he did had one. He sighed, walking out from his cabin after arriving so damn early and had enough time to pack, decided to walk around the camp to know all the things are. This place totally reminds him of his summer at 2000, where he was 10 and still had his golden locks instead of his now brownish-blonde hair, a petite figure of a healthy young boy running around a field of grass not far away from his foster parents' cabin, the fresh air of that country side, its almost like spring instead of summer. Man, now the memories all in a spiral blur, all he can remember the smell, its like the scent of a morning breeze with a hint of strong oak.
    Now, he is a man, with sky blue eyes and his normal male figure, had forgotten all of that and moving on. Right?

    Oh god. Whatever. He shook his head, still walking on the path, he needs to place his mind set, he is one of the staff and he need to be, like he always is, nice to everyone. He glanced at a cabin nearby, a person sitting on the steps. He walked up to the cabin, standing right beside the steps. "Well, aren't you early, sunshine?" he said, with a grin upon his face, a welcoming face more like it. Blue haired girl just sitting there with her round glasses. Haha. For a minute there, he thought she is attractive. Well, she is indeed adorable. Haha. Who is he kidding? "I am Mr. Bert, what they call me, you could call me Joshua, if you want to. What's your name?" he asked, with a silly smile upon his face as his arms casually crossed at his chest. He wears a plain looking white shirt, stained by coffee, a big stain in the middle, usually mistaken for a print and that with a pair of khaki shorts. How more casual can he be? Yeah, with slippers. That's how casual he could be.

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  3. Storme jumped when he approached her, startled by his appearance, but she quickly recovered, and shyly said, "I-I'm St-Storme. Storme Martin." She tucked her hair behind her ears and gazed up at him through her glasses. "I'm just w-waiting for someone else to come. You know, since I'm the only camper here at the m-moment." She mentally cursed her stutter, since it made things so much more complicated when she was talking to people - which she rarely did.
  4. Nova Sanchez was a sort of girl that was friendly to most people and loved to company. She was who she was and that was her being bisexual, sure she got some slack for it but she couldn't give a crap about what people said about her like both girls and guys. She was proud to be a Bisexual and was open about it. She talked to people a lot who where either gay, lesbian or bisexual themselves and always told the person that if they are happy then they should ignore all the horriable homophobic people.

    Today was the day she was going to a camp for LGBT summer camp and she was really looking forward to it, she had gone last year and absoloutly loved it because she met a lot of nice people where no one was homophobic because everyone was in the same boat. She gave her Mum and Dad a kiss as she got out of the car and got her cases out and gave them a bye and saw she was early but shrugged with a smile.
  5. Valshe Smith, hating his last name. Smith, what the actual hell went wrong in his family? He had come to this godforsaken camp to get away from his everyday life. His girlfriend dumping him, his parents being utter pieces of god damn... he didn't even want to think about it. As he entered the camp grounds carrying his bag, he skimmed the place with his eyes.
    Pretty. That was what most people would call him. Short, blonde hair and those shining sea-blue eyes. His problem was just his gender, or biological fucking gender. Ugh. Figuring out that you want to be a boy when you're 14 isn't the best way to be considered as normal in his daily life. They would call him names, some of the guys even tried to beat him up, to "make "you" one of the guys" as they said.
    So getting away to this camp, whatever it was, would maybe help him get over his problems, or just give him a new start. His parents had been against it, but then again, what wasn't parents against when it came to a 17 year old?
    Valshe sighed once again and searched for the houses where he was supposed to put his bags and be for the rest of the summer.
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  6. Storme stood up after a long awkward silence between her and the counsellor dude, and she made her way across the campground to the mess hall. However on the way she spotted a girl who looked kinda lost. Storme bit her lip - this girl was really cute - but she made her way over anyway, and shyly spoke, "Um hi. D-do you n-need any help? I've b-been here for a few hours now, and I know wh-where everything is, s-so if I can h-help in any w-way..." She trailed off, and pushed her glasses up her nose nervously. Her social skills sucked majotly, and there was times like this when she wished she didn't have Aspergers Syndrome.
  7. Valshe blinked at seeing the girl. She was kind of cute, maybe she would look a bit better with a different type of glasses... hm. Whatever. He straightened the folds on his button shirt and blazer before looking at the girl again.
    "Uh.. I'm just searching for where to put my stuff, honestly."
    A couple of years ago Valshe had finally given up to his inner thoughts and set out to find his real identity. Yes, he had been a girl once. Back then when he was a kid, where he just thought that wanting to be different and feeling different was normal. His parents had hated when he started changing. Saying he wanted to be called their son instead of daughter, changed everything about himself to become what he wanted. In the middle of this process he had gotten a girlfriend. She was happy with him, well, after a while he told her the truth about himself. She broke up with him on the spot. After that he kind of pulled away from everyone.
  8. "There's a l-list in the m-mess hall about wh-where everyone's st-staying." Storme gestured to the long building a few feet away. She hurried over and glanced at the list that was posted on the door. Suddenly it occurred to her that she didn't know what the girl's name was. "Um, wh-what's your name?" She glanced back shyly.

    This girl seemed to be either quite tomboyish or....maybe she was transgender? Storme had met a girl back home who was like that, who dressed like a boy all the time and looked more like a guy than a girl by this point. The blue-haired girl had no problem with it though - she still thought that this newcomer was realy, really cute. "I-I'm St-Storme." Her stutter was now really annoying her because it tended to get worse when she was around someone she found attractive.
  9. Valshe smiled again and looked over the boards.
    "My name is Valshe. It says building 4. Do you know where that is?"
    He couldn't help but notice the girls' stuttering, wondering if she felt awkward.
    Oh, so her name was Storme. That was a nice name. He stroked the bracelet gracing his wrist, a simple leather strap with a silver engraving along the strap. It had some cryptic letters that he'd never been able to read, but still he felt as if he understood the words. He pulled his bag up from the floor and looked at Storme again. If he could just take off those glasses and see the girl behind them.
    At a young age, he had gotten infections in his chest, infections that became so bad at a point that he had to be operated, causing him to have no amount of what would be called "female curves" in that area(which was kind of convenient as then he didn't have to get the operation he'd been considering for a long while). He though still had to cope with having the body parts he had; it felt like being trapped in a jail. Everything was just so wrong.
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  10. When Valshe said that she was in building four, Storme's eyes lit up. "I'm in Building Four as well. It's just over here." She gestured across the campground the way she had just come. "There's going to be three people in each building - in Building 4, there is you, me, and-" She checked the list again. "-a girl called Nova Sanchez." Nice name, whoever she was.

    "So um, d-do you want to come and I could help you unpack? I like being of any use to anyone."
  11. He shrugged and looked over at the building.
    "Sure, though I don't really have that much to unpack."
    He spinned on his heels and set towards the small house that he was supposed to live in for the rest of the summer. When he got in there he searched for the only bed that wasn't occupied and found it behind a wall in the far end of the room. The beds were all in one room, but seperated from each other with walls so that a person could at least have some privacy there. There seemed to be one bathroom.
    "Is there a cafeteria or something here? I don't really see a kitchen..."
    He dumped the bag on the bed and tossed his phone and keys in the drawer beside the bed, packing out most of what he needed; a phone charger, a set of clothes, a bag with toilet things and a thin laptop that he checked for power before putting it in the drawer with his phone and keys. He also checked the toilet bag for the pills she had to take to avoid getting another infection elsewhere.
  12. Storme sat on her own bed near the window, and leaned back against the wall. She took out her phone when it buzzed and looked at the text. Her heart sank when she read, Baby, we are overloaded with work so we won't be able to come and visit you on Saturday. I'm so sorry. - Mam x From what she knew about the camp, every Saturday was when kids could see their parents, but now she couldn't see them until the next Saturday. She quickly took off her glasses and wiped her eyes swiftly before slipping her spectacles back on.

    "There's the m-mess hall, where there is usually snacks out between meals." She replied to Valshe's question, and then hesitated before asking, "Um, are you transgender? You don't have to reply if it is a sensitive issue. I was just wondering. I mean, I have no problem with it, but you know, I was just...yeah." Storme tailed off awkwardly. Definitely not good in social situations.
  13. Joshua smiled, well say something, Josh! "Oh cool. I'll wait too." and the moment went silent. Storme, huh? Nice name. He just stood there with no other word to say. Just a smile plastered on his face idiotically, waiting for other campers to arrive. And she stood up, making her way, well basically, away. He gave it a shrug, he had to admit that hurt him a little but for him there is nothing in life that he couldn't shrug off from his shoulders except for responsibilities, of course. He watched the girl walked away and out of sight.
    "Okay, lets get this show on the road." he said, full with burning spirit as he clapped his hands while making his rounds. Passing the Cabin 4 and off to checking the other facilities this camp has. With a hum, he casually walked around the campsite, finding other campers to bump into.
  14. Valshe looked up from his ministrations and locked the drawer containing his phone, keys and laptop before heading to face Storme, who was lying in her bed.
    "It's not really that sensitive of a matter to me, but yes, I am a transgender."
    He shrugged a bit and moved a bit of the messy hair locks away from his face, observing Storme. He was kind of lying because it was one of his most sensitive matters, but as long as Storme didn't ask why it wouldn't be sensitive. Especially the part about infections, operations and whatever he'd been through he'd rather stayed a secret. Forever.
    "Oh... and thanks for the info about the cafeteria too. Anyways I'll be sitting with my headphones on, so if you need me you'll have to come over, since I probably can't hear a thing."
    He skipped behind the wall to his part of the room, fishing a fancy looking headset with a "V" ingraved on the side in silver metal plates out of her bag. He put them on and plugged them into the small laptop, sitting on the bed with it in his lap. As always, he'd use music to escape. Escape from everyone.
    Well, music was also his life. He was currently studying on a music school to become a singer. He had been told to have talent and apparently he'd soon gotten popular on the school for being good at playing instruments and "wonderful at singing" as the school apparently claimed. That was what had brought him and his ex together, and probably his passion for music was what had driven that same girl away from him. That and the scars he'd been smartly hiding.

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  15. Ryker stretched his arms above his head as he strode out of one of the councilor's cabins, a near raucous smile on his handsome young face. In all his years at the camp, first as a camper and now as one of the camp's most passionate leaders, he could not recall a single 'first morning' that was any less exciting than his first. Like many of his beloved campers he'd grown up in a family that was well, iffy bout his outspoken homosexuality. Though he did alright in school, he'd been athletic which had served as a buffer between him and those who might have made his life hell, and he'd even had support from other family members and wide web of friends. But even still he found he just didn't fit in his suburban home. The camp was a haven throughout high school and when the time came for college he was more than happy to serve in the summers as a leader. He'd graduated last fall and was now happy to serve not only as a guide but as a staff member.

    The tall young man rolled his muscled shoulders as he meandered around the camper cabins, occasionally flipping his moppish dark curls from his eyes. Where had he left his baseball cap? He flicked his hazel eyes back and forth, pleased to see some new faces. His natural expression was pleasant and welcoming though he didn't quite approach any of the campers, they probably had little interest in talking to an overly cheerful twenty-something right now anyway. His gaze finally fell on one of his favorite tanning spots, a hammock between a couple of the cabins, which now held his battered cap. "There it is." He chuckled and scooped it up, placing it on his head and feeling even more himself.
  16. Joshua hummed one of his favorite songs as he venture more of the camp. This is the first time he's here. What more better way to know your orientation or luck than this place? Well, he had troubles with them ladies for 17 years. 17 years! Now he is, what, 23? Trying to just make a steady relationship with the girls. Total failure. Is it his lack of personality, lack of skills in bed or just plain him? Him, who cares but not the type to chase? Him, who shrugs things such as things that are not related to him even though its love or not so easily? What is he? Or its just because he just not ready for a steady relationship? Or maybe he is not attracted to women?

    "Argh!" his palms pressed against his temples, his fingers digging into his scalp, irritated by his own thoughts and questions, confused than ever. He crossed his arms, his face loses its happiness now left a annoyed looking smile instead and kept walking. He can see there are more campers arriving, "That's good." he said, not in the mood now. Maybe later.

    Or just a few seconds will do. "Take a deep breath in." he whispered, and he did. "And out." he said as he exhaled.

    And the man is back! All happy than ever. Recovering fast, see? That's his specialty alright! He chuckled softly as his own thought as he makes his way around, "Where the hell-" is this his cabin or is it the campers' or.. and.. he's lost. Well, whatever, at least he saw something nearby, a person. His arms still crossed, and as still the weirdest of the weird men with his odd personality, makes his way there.
    He walked towards the man, "Well, yellow there stranger!" he said, smiling and all. "Nice cap you got there. A question, where is am I now?" he honestly asked, really, if he had a clue where he is, he still couldn't figure it out yet.

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  17. She nodded when Valshe affirmed that she - no, he </SPAN>was transgender. Storme had no problem with that, and as long as they got on, she wouldn't unnecessarily bring it up. Storme rolled onto her stomach and pulled out her book again. Having Aspergers Syndrome, most Aspies usually had a 'specialist subject' which they would be very interested in. Storme's subject happened to be books. She adored books, and any reading. Ever since she was younger, she would be reading constantly. People teased her and called her a bookworm, geek, nerd, and pretty much any variation of the above. However, when the blue-haired girl read, she was transported to another world, and nothing else mattered for the time in which she was absorbed in the book.

    Outside, a car pulled up into the car park, and a tall brown-eyed boy with floppy brown hair got out. He hauled his bag over his shoulder and after bidding goodbye to his aunt and uncle, he made his way across the campground to what looked like the main hall. Once there, he checked the list on the door - "Blaine Aykroyd - Cabin 3." He sighed, and again hauled his heavy duffel towards the cabins on the other side of the main yard.
    Blaine was an odd guy, as many of his classmates back home thought, because Blaine was gay, but he was actually quite popular, being a sweet-natured boy and he helped out anyone who needed it, which endeared people to him. He wasn’t bullied as a consequence, which he was extremely thankful for. Hopefully this camp though would give him the opportunity to make new friends that were like him, and hopefully he wouldn’t miss his boyfriend back in London.
  18. Valshe got lost in his own deep thoughts while the music seemed like only a distant echo even if the headphones were plastered to his ears. He scrolled down the screen on YouTube, not even bothering to look at the most popular videos. Instead, he went to the inbox to check for messages. A few more chorus invitations, not that he had enough energy to join those, he barely even had time for his own covers. He sighed and pulled the headset off, closing down the screen. The laptop was put back in the drawer and instead he paced out of the room and out onto the grounds. The weather was very nice out there, but a little too warm to his comfort. Great. He hated summer above all seasons. It was just so. damn. warm.
    He sighed again, for what seemed the thousand time that day as he went around on the big open areas around the buildings. It was mostly grass and forest, nothing of interest. This camp really was in the middle of absolutely nowhere at all.
  19. Blaine caught sight of another guy not too far away, and he set his bag down for a moment while he called, "Um, excuse me? Could you maybe help me carry my bag? It's really heavy." His British accent rang clear, and he smiled in a friendly manner, hoping that he could get some help here, because seriously? Only now he realised that he may have brought too many clothes.
  20. Valshe looked up at hearing the voice, seemed like some guy with a British accent. He caught sight of the guy to his left and smiled back calmly.
    "Sure, though I don't know if I'm of much help."
    He walked over and yanked up in the left side of the bag. Damn, this was heavy. How can someone manage to even have so many clothes? Assuming that the bag was indeed filled with clothes, of course. He shook the blonde bangs away from his face once again and smiled.
    "You don't say?"
    He giggled slightly and made sure to lift with his legs and not his back. Hurting his back already now would be a little too early.