LF new partner for vampire/human RP

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  1. I had started this role-play with someone else but I guess they decided they didn't want to do it, so I'm posting it up here in hopes of finding another partner. I've changed the plot up a bit too. This can be an alpha/omega sort of role-play if you'd like it to be, though it doesn't have to be!

    YC is a vampire, the current leader of an ancient coven, previously lead by his parents. After they were unfortunately killed a century ago, YC has been on the search for his mate, who is required to further the life and reign of his coven. Elijah (MC) is an 18 year old ex-student, working a dead end job with an abusive partner. While working one afternoon, YC comes into Elijah's cafe, where upon receiving his order, realizes that he's found his mate. Elijah is skittish and avoidant, and a shell of the person he used to be; he's hesitant to go along with YC, but there's something about him that he finds alluring.

    Basically it's a role-play about a vampire and a broken dude who needs help - and the vampire has the means to provide said help.

    Note: 'Rape' is checked due to the nature of Elijah's current relationship. If it occurs, it will not be played out as a sexy scene.

    The role-play has a multitude of different directions it can go; if you want it to get even darker, YC can be a giant manipulative asshole who is only looking for his mate to further his rule over the coven. If you want it to be fluffier, he can genuinely want to help Elijah for more than his own selfish reasons. Pretty open ended tbh.

    Posting Expectations:
    - I'm not hard to please, but I do ask that you have the ability to tell a good story and to keep up with it, and that you have a good grasp on grammar, spelling and sentence structure. The odd mistake I don't mind; I'm not a tyrant, in that regard.

    - I have no 'word minimums,' but I write around 2-3 paragraphs per reply on average. I don't expect anyone to inject fluff into their posts just to meet an arbitrary word count. One liners, on the other hand, I would ask we stray from. I like knowing what's going on inside a character's mind.

    - Speaking of characters: as I said, I like to get right on in there. My role-plays tend to be more character driven than plot driven, though I adore a good plot as well. I don't like shoving my characters into the 'dom/sub' archetype, either. I love things like the buff dude bro who enjoys being on the bottom and bossed around, and the waifish, shy girl that turns into a domineering menace in the bedroom.

    - Please get excited with me! I don't like having to make all of the decisions for our role-play myself. If my partner doesn't pitch in, I get sad and lose interest. :(

    - Right now at the time of posting this I'm going through some pre-winter blues where I'm kind of blah, which might mean I only get one or two replies out a day (or every two days.) Once I feel better I can get out several replies a day, though!

    That's all that I can think of for now! I'm not a scary person, I like chatting with my partners, even though I can be a bit shy. You can post here or PM me if you're interested.
  2. This seems like a plot I could do, if you still need someone. :)
  3. @That Butler
    I'm still looking! :3 I'd love to have you join.
  4. Awesome. :)
  5. Cool. Do you want me to do any sort of character sheet or anything, or just reply?

    EDIT: Inspiration ended up hitting me over the head, so I went ahead and posted. Hope that's okay.
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  6. @That Butler
    Nope, everything's fine and dandy! Just checking before I reply though, did you want this to be an alpha/omega thing or just a normal dynamic? ALSO sorry that I took a while to reply to this, been so tired the past few days. :I
  7. Lets go with normal. The alpha/omega thing kinda locks in roles, from what I understand, and I'd prefer for things to be a little more fluid between them in terms of what they do when they start having an intimate relationship.