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  1. Name: Trevor Jackson
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Bi Sexual
    Species: Werewolf. "Baby, I was born this way."
    Personality: He's the loud and rowdy friend. Likes to make people laugh, but is known to be offensive, and tends to push his luck. People either Love him, or hate him; there's really no in between. Despite his loud exterior, the guy's rather sensitive. He worries, he gets offended, and he has crushes, just like any other 10 year old girl. The difference is; he strives to be an asshole, and not let his true emotions show through. Also, is completely terrified of commitment. To the point, where most people he sleeps with, he only sees once, and gags on the R word. The only real exception is; He only ever gets tattoos from one artist. Says to do otherwise would be cheating. Secretly is in love with said tattoo artist. Sorta kinda an alcoholic, and a rather huge chain smoker. Loves weed, and dabbles in other drugs. His family does not know he has any sort of interest in guys, and he's sort of worried that if they found out they would freak. Whiskey makes him black out, and he has a secret sadistic love for fighting.
    Physical Appearance: He likes to spend all of his money on tattoos, piercings, and loud stuff. Or his hair; if the guy's having a bad hair day, you will not see him. Also tends to stock up on funky contacts, being that his natural eye color is a very light grey, which he hates, and feels he doesn't even have an eye color; or in his own words "Got screwed, man." He's tall, about 6'3 and has asomewhat lithe frame, that he practically kills himself at the gym to keep "somewhat aesthetically appealing." In reality, he's built pretty well, and paired with his height, the guy can look pretty intimidating. He's also pretty well endowed, and has a Prince Albert piercing.

    History: Trevor Jackson; always the scrappy one. Wolves seemed to think that it was simply because he was the son of the Alpha, and that made him think he was hot shit. In truth, the boy could have been born a slave, and he would have rose to take the Kingdom. He had this annoying sort of charm that people would roll their eyes at, while not being entirely able to resist it. Well. For the most part, anyhow. He was Prince Charming, with an arrogant snarl. The guy was successful, aside from being the son of a powerful wolf. He worked in camps, and earned good money. Some of the pack didn't agree with leaving town just for money, but in truth, Trevor needed a little adventure in his life. His Dad expected too much of him. Trevor didn't want to run the pack, he just wanted to fuck everything that moved, and run wild forever. When he met ____, it had honestly surprised him. Not that he surprised him; not literally, anyway. It was just striking for him to meet a guy that he took notice to, and actually hold an interest in for any length of time. He had feelings for him, and aside from a cousin, and tattoo artist; that just didn't happen. At first, he thought he just wanted to get into his pants, but it didn't take long for Trevs to realize that he just had a connection to him. They got along, and he enjoyed being around the guy. A few would bother him about hanging around with a Stray, but hell; he got in enough fights for no reason to justify starting something in the name of his defense. Wolves all seemed to be bloody snobs to him, anyway.

    Warily eyeing the phone buzzing on the bed, Trevor glanced at the name flashing across the screen, triple checking it wasn't anyone he didn't want to talk to, before answering. "Hey Mom." he answered, sounding just as haggard as he was feeling. "No, I'm fine.. what's wrong?" She sounded upset. Beyond upset. It wouldn't have been the first time she had called him in tears, but she didn't usually try to hide it. Not like this.
    Her voice broke, and the waves rushed forward. That and a lot of babbling. "Mom slow do--what? What?" he didn't understand what she was trying to say. There was some muffling, and his cousin's voice sounded on the other end next.
    "Get back here you idiot. Gary's out." his cousin hissed on the other end of the line.
    "Out?" Trevor asked, sitting up, trying to shake off the hangover. "You mean like.."
    "Out out. Get your mangy ass home. Now."
    Gary was gone?
    Of all the times he had wished his father into an early, and incredibly shallow grave, Trevor hadn't ever imagined it feeling like this. He wasn't happy about it. Not after hearing how torn up his mom was over it. Hadn't he ever considered how she would handle everything?

    That was about 3 days ago. Trevor was going to just fly back, but after all of it, he was sort of nervous about going back. Plus, he really didn't want to just leave all of his stuff. He had, however, packed up that day, and left for home. Where he was currently pulling into his parents' drive. Well, his mom's now. She was sitting at the kitchen table, about 4 people on either side of her when he had shown up. They were remembering things about Gary, and he had had to sit through all of it. Every memory he hated. All the things he couldn't remember.
    "But he was such a great wolf."
    "The best pack Alpha we've had."
    "He always helped everyone."
    Trevor had resented the man nearly his whole life. Finally, he was pulled to the side; literally, and quite roughly, by the cousin that had been growling at him over the phone the other day. Jack. "What took you so long?"
    "I wasn't exactly next door."
    "You could have caught a plane."
    "I'm not leaving my shit for Gary's dead ass."
    Jack gave him a hard shove in the stomach, pushing him out the back door. "You realize you've got to get your shit together now, right? You know what this means."
    Rolling his eyes, Trevor looked away, rubbing the back of his neck in irritation. He knew. He just didn't want it. "Yeah yeah."
    "No, not yeah yeah. You've had your fun. You can't just run from this, Trevor. Jack's face softened a little. He didn't hate Trevor. Not by any means. But he had been playing the role of the guy's conscience for years. He's the Beta, you know."
    Trevor sighed, turning and reaching for a cigarette to calm his nerves. "How'd he pull that off?"
    Slapping a hand on his cousin's shoulder, Jack sat with him on the steps. "He grew up."

    He had taken the day to himself. To unpack, and get some sort of food beyond the stale cereal in his cupboards. But today, Jack was dragging him out to see her. Trevor needed to talk to her. At the very least, for the good of the pack. He needed to know what was going on.
    And so, the guy was here. Unwillingly dressed in tattered pants, scuffed boots, a raggy band shirt, and his usual patched up leather jacket, over some hoodie that he couldn't even remember. He glanced in through a window, and sighed, taking the last drag of the third cigarette he'd light since getting in his truck this morning, and snuffing it out, before walking inside. He looked.. about as tired as he felt. "Hey, ___." he said in a gruff voice, praying he wasn't going to leap over that desk at him. Trevs wouldn't have blamed him for it. He knew it was a shit move to run. That's why he had done it. Even if he had stayed, the guy would have pushed him away. It had been easier that way. At least he hadn't had to look him in the eye.

    Alrighty, so you get to be the Beta. Your character and Trevor had been best friends until one drunken night you slept together, he woke up, freaked out, and proceeded to leave town. Since his leaving you've become pack Beta, not before that. I'd prefer some badass with tattoos. No Nancy boys that play jazz flute. Be someone that isn't going to just bend over and take it from him, but at the same time, don't be impossible, because the idea is that your character wants a relationship with him, it's just going to be a little difficult getting there.
    I'm also at work right now, with nothing to really do, so I would LOVE it if I found someone to jump right into this with so I have something to do for the next 6 hours.
    Any questions or comments, let me know.
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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Name: Damien Miller

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Homosexual

    Species: Wolf

    Personality: Damien is a bit of a sarcastic individual along being hotheaded. Though he seen to be more on the calm side of things, but still sarcastic naturally. Despite how he looks he can be a bit sweet when needed, he is quite loyal once he sees he can trust you though if you break that trust he would most likely won't forgive you. Damien can hold grudge on a person days to months to maybe even years, depending how bad it is to him personally. He seen to sometimes a sick humor as well and not really much people oriented, but would put up with them if the reason his good enough. Since he is hotheaded he can easily snap if pushed the wrong way. Once you get to know he him a bit more he would show a weird fun side of him that only little close to him know about and actually showed to be pretty cool and outgoing. He can also brutally straightforward if someone wants him to.

    Physical Appearance: Standing at 6'2" and weigh about 203 lbs, he has a athletic build body for a track runner, short neck length black hair and bright light green, almost sand look, colored eyes that have been said to intimate others sometimes, so he would wear dark brown contacts instead to cover them, plus his half blind anyway. He has a tattoo that cover most his left arm and another one that is a shape like a key on his back near the shoulder blades. He also wears black gauges on each ear.

    History: A male that liked to be by himself most of the time, now and then cause trouble if he gets the chance. Though he lived a nice comfortable life being by himself and doing whatever he wanted with no if ands or buts, well until he meet someone. Damien was a Stray; key, was, until he met Trev. At first he didn't really talk much around him, but it stop him from having fun with him showing new things that wolf didn't and vice versa. Though after a while he did started open up to him more and even start trusted him with his life and did all kinds of trouble. Let's say he might've got a bit attached to him as well the time he spent with each other. Though like any other story he found himself waking up with a huge hangover from a small party with the smell of alcohol, smokes, sex, and Trevor in his room. Since then he have never been so pissed in his life.

    [I hope this is ok
    If there's something need to be change tell me]
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  3. It was sort of hard to read. Is English your first language?
  4. @DiscoPunkOnJolt

    Sorry about that love ^^;
    English is my first language, but it hasn't been so good for the past couple of years
    I guess that just what happens when you learn a different language
    And also in a house where your parents speak a language that isn't English lol
    I'll rewrite it if its that bad o-o
  5. No worries, I was more just curious.
    Uhm, I think I got everything. The only thing I'd really like to change are his piercings. The snakebites, and double eyebrow piercing seem like they'd be bulky, and Trevor wouldn't be into it
  6. Alrighty. Wanna just continue in this thread, or make a new one?
  7. Its best to do it in a new thread since this is just an request/search thread
  8. Deal. I'll post the link when it's up. Feel free to reply whenever. Just starting from Trevor showing up at the office to talk to him.
    The idea is that his pack inherits a small town just outside of a large city. On the other side of the city, is another small town run by a rival pack. Years back, the Alpha had died, only he had twins. The oldest would normally become Alpha, but the youngest was more inclined to it, so the pack split, each choosing a side. To this day, they've remained separated, and Trevor has to step up so the rivals don't take their side of the pack back.
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