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    I really don't mean to be rude, but if I took the time to write everything, you should at least try and read it. Trust me, I'll know if you didn't. Thank you.


    Well hey there. I'm Draum, and as the title states, I'm seeking a dark, gritty (and probably cliche) zombie apocalypse 1x1 featuring mature themes, including graphic violence/gore, profanity and sexual situations.

    This roleplay will be heavily influenced by, and have the general feel of, media sources such as Left 4 Dead, The Last of Us and The Walking Dead. This is going to a bit wordy, so bear with me!


    - I'm only seeking one partner for this, so unfortunately I'm going to have to be extremely picky. This is by no means a slight on your abilities as a writer (hell, I'm definitely no amazing author myself) but only because I lose interest extremely quickly, and I know how much it sucks when a roleplay you love gets axed. This is why I'm requesting a writing sample from anyone interested. It doesn't have to be a long one, just something that lets me get a feel of your writing style. And, in all fairness to potential partners, I'd be happy to share a writing sample of my own if you ask.

    - I generally give what I am given, but the longer the post, the longer I'll take to respond. I have done roleplays in the past where posts have gotten up to ten paragraphs in length, but the replies would only come in once a week (at the soonest). I do have a busy schedule, and sometimes awful episodes of writer's block, so gentle understanding is appreciated.

    - Adding to the above, I request a minimum of one solid paragraph per post. Quality, not quantity. I do admit, however, that I feel more relaxed when we're doing shorter posts (an average of one to three paragraphs per reply), though as I've mentioned, I am capable of writing longer.

    - I am female behind the screen, but I play both males and females. My characters (of both genders) tend to have dominant personalities, particularly so in roleplays such as this.

    - As indicated in the title, I can do either a MxF or MxM pairing. If a MxM pairing is chosen, I'd prefer our characters be "sekes" (i.e. no fixed "top" or "bottom").

    - I request that my partner play a character who can generally take care of him/herself, and will not be a damsel in distress in need of constant rescue.

    - Characters must be adults. This is non-negotiable. I will not roleplay with a character under 18. I generally prefer characters aged 21-30 (as my own age lies within that range).

    - No instamance. I love romance just as much as the next lady, but "love at first sight" doesn't fly in my book. Lust (or physical attraction), however, is a different matter entirely. As long as it works in context, I'm cool. Romance between our characters will be a sub-plot as they travel the zombie-infested ruin of the world they once knew.

    - I'd like to keep the roleplay as realistic as possible. I'm no scientist who can break the zombie virus down to explicit, accurate detail (far from it), but what I mean refers to no superpowers, flying unicorns or exaggerated anime things. If someone gets shot, they don't magically recover. They get the appropriate medical attention, or they die (and get zombified, yay!). Same applies with everything else.

    - NPCs (or other characters besides our mains) will be shared between us. So if I introduce any minor character into the story, feel free to control them as you will/use them for plot twists etc.

    - Help me world build and push the plot forward. Nothing sucks more than me having to advance the plot alone. If you have a plot idea, throw it in! I love surprise plot twists.

    - I don't usually make CSes, but if we do prior to beginning the roleplay, I will either use a text description or a real photograph with regards to character appearance. I will not use anime pictures. I expect the same from you.

    And that's it! I promise, outside of all these rules, that I am a nice person to interact with OOC. So if all that rambling above didn't scare you off, here's what I've got in mind so far:

    (Starter) Plot

    (This is definitely subject to change/alteration, as I'm too tired right now to go into further detail. We don't have to use it if you don't like it.)

    The roleplay begins several months to a year after patient zero goes down. In the time since, some of the zombies have evolved to more grotesque versions (think the differing types of zombies in Left 4 Dead/The Last of Us). "Safe zones" have been established countrywide, protected by residual members of the military. Some in the military have seen the outbreak as an opportunity, leading them to seize power and enact a "quarantine order", where people have to keep indoors after a certain hour. Corruption is rife, with some keeping supplies for themselves, starving out the rest of the survivors. Others have taken to smuggling. Gangs and cults have emerged in the wake of this new hell, littered across the destroyed country.

    Our characters are both residents in a safe zone known as "New Hope", a small town whose former name has been long forgotten. New Hope is under military protection, with one character being a veteran who has seen enough to be sufficiently wary. The other character is a civilian. One night, a young soldier makes a grievous miscalculation and allows an infected member of a patrol back into the town. All hell breaks loose, and by the time our characters can grasp what's happening, the safe zone is overrun.

    The characters get the hell out of dodge, and end up traveling together as it's a safer bet than going it alone. When the civilian is bitten, however, the pair realize he/she is somehow immune. They eventually find out that there is a research base still standing, where most of the country's remaining scientists have gathered. One of them may be able to synthesize a cure from the civilian's blood. And so they begin a long and arduous journey, facing numerous obstacles along the way. Obstacles may or may not include (outside of the zombie threat) crazed cultists, gang members, other survivors...the list goes on.

    End Note

    And that's it! Phew. If you're interested, please drop me a PM or post here with:

    - Your writing sample/a link to your writing sample
    - Whether or not you'd prefer a MxF or a MxM (and, if MxF, whether you'd prefer to play the guy or the gal)
    - The character you'd prefer to play (if you want to go with the above plot starter)
    - If you'd like me to send you a writing sample of my own (I'll send it via PM)
    - Anything else (a plot idea of your own, suggestions, etc.)

    And yeah, hopefully we can get something rolling here! I'll update this thread once I've found a partner. Also, due to my busy schedule, I'm not looking for any other type of roleplay outside this one at the moment, though that may change in the near future depending on circumstance.

    Thank you all very much for your time.
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  2. (I'd prefer an MxF and will be making a sample off the cuff so to speak.)

    It takes so little to end a life, to stop a beating heart was as easy as it was sacred. To John this was both, a string of wire that had once been called "the pocket chainsaw" looped around the sentries' head, the wire coming taut with a snap as he yanked upon the dense black handles. A grunt of effort came while his arms crossed and he turned to shove his back up to the sentry's. With a sudden lunge forward to lift the man a gargle escaped the dying man, his throat being slit by the thin wire, blood pooling as his flailing came to a slow and twitching stop.

    A crumple followed, the body lying with the last jerks of impulse even as his throat lay open to the spine. The soft rattle of cloth and plastic followed as the short barreled rifle was drawn to John's shoulder, the long black can at the end showing it's suppressed nature. His eye fell behind the glowing red circle of the sight, recoil coming weakly as shots were sent down the hall, a guard had heard the last moments of the dead man. Two rounds of .300 aac hit the man's body armor louder than they had left the end of his gun, casings clacking off the floor. A third blew out the approaching man's orbital, spilling blood behind him.

    The third guard rounded the corner in time to see his comrade fall, speckled with his blood he raised his weapon to return fire. Wild and off target John advanced, one round clipping off the armour of his shoulder, setting off his aim and putting one into the guard's arm, winging him around before another two terminated the man through the back of his head and neck.

    "Gulf one to Jester, I'm in, moving to victor. Three KIA... We'll need a cleanup team."
  3. The slot is now filled - thank you so much to everyone who applied. I'll probably be opening other topics up for roleplay in the near future, so hopefully I might get a few more roleplays rolling then.
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