LF active partner

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  1. I'm currently looking for a partner who can post several times a day, preferably multiples posts an hour
    I'm interested in Vampires, and other supernatural beings at the moment, but can play a wide variety of other scenarios
    There are very few things I won't write, such as:
    Smut with pregnant women
    Child porn (Loli or Shota)
    Forced impregnation
    STDs and other such, nasties
    Gore and Vore

    Other than that, I'm down for almost anything

    I am GMT+0 so just check that GMT 4PM onward is good for you, and if so, hit me up with your ideas, I can do 1x1 in PM, or public, it's up to you
  2. I enjoy vampires. Actually, it would not be too bad to get up goo vampire rp.
    If you'd want to, we could discuss further in PM?